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Dear Bryke, 

You are not cats, stop trying to play with yarn balls. Also, neat little bows are really not as satisfying as common opinion would have them, especially not when they are ALL PUT ON THE SAME EPISODE, there is only so much you can fit into 22 mins, after that shit just starts falling off the side. There is such a thing as 'entirely too convenient', yanno? I guess this is the equivalent of Random Avatar State-Unlocking Rock Protrusions. And lastly, why do you insist on writing stuff you have no hand for? (which is to say, I want all the Iroh/Korra fic now. Because while Makorra could have been epic  [as we've been repeatedly told and beat over the head with], it remains a huge, giant COULD HAVE BEEN). 

Sincerely underwhelmed/heartbroken/facepalming, Me. 

P.S.: is this your way of telling us that Bumi is actually king Bumi's kid, and Aang and Katara just adopted him? Or are you really telling us that Katara had an affair with Bumi of all the Zuko people? Though I guess what you're really really telling us is that THERE ARE MANY THINGS WHOSE INNER WORKINGS YOU DO NOT QUITE GRASP. Genetics being a big one, but not the most relevant.  

On a personal note:
  • Aang felt tacked on? (what is wrong with me?), as was Bumi. Who was DEFINITELY tacked on. 
  • BUT Korra airbent! 
  • And LIN LIN LIN LIN!!!!! I'm so glad she was there with them, as well as Korra's parents. But where was Iroh? was he not worried that his future wife was in severe trouble? what was the point of him, at all? like, really, I dig him oodles, but this is a serious question, what did he do, other than be a bamf, that added anything of import to the plot? (in the spirit of full disclosure, I did miss chunks of the first ep, so there might have been something I didn't watch), he was just there, consuming screentime and setting my undies on fire (geddit?)
  • Also IROH, MARRY ME! or Korra, I'm not picky. I am not ashamed to admit that reckless valor and odd voices sheer bloody-mindedness totally win me over. Unfailingly. See: Korra, Katara, Zuko.  
  • HOW does bloodbending sever the bender's connection with their element? why was airbending, and not the avatar state itself, unlocked? WHY DID THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT FEEL LIKE NOTHING WAS TRULY EARNED? why?
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