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Dear N. K. Jemisin:

I am totally not parallel-thinking Wanahomen's and Hanani's story as a Zutara au. I am not. No matter what my brain says. I am also not forgiving you for pushing every single one of my narrative buttons on a regular basis

Srsly tho, reading this lady's books is like getting a double of dose of bulletproof kinks straight to the brain. Wrapped up in EVEN AWESOMER THAN I EVER IMAGINED. 

Two days ago I wasn't really all that into the dreamblood duology (as in, the story/plot/world-building are excellent with a side of ♥ _ ♥ bathed in gorgeous prose sauce. The folk in the first book were really lovely and perfectly developed and I wanted them all to have their happy endings and wound up being so thoroughly emotionally satisfied with how things turned out even if the 'happy ending' status of it is highly questionable in most cases. The characters in the second book, however, had to work to get me to warm up to them for reasons I still haven't figured out, but once they did, well, ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS, because again I want them all (except this one dude) to get their happy endings, the real clincher here is that I'm not sure what that happy ending will be like, because they have grown and evolved and interlaced their individual narratives and the stakes are really bloody high and I just know that whatever their places wind up being, when all's said and done, I'll be equally emotionally/narratively satisfied  as I was with The Killing Moon), and then BAM, stuff happens that ups my investment by like a zillion times and suddenly my free time is nowhere near enough to mainline things as a properly engrossed person would. 

This is the state of affairs on my end, these days. Also, a number of beloved fics have updated and I haven't been able to get to them because Jemisin and my emotions won't let me. 

(Wana and Hanani's collective situation is totally Zutarable, tho. I stand by this)
(also also also, apologies for the potential nonsensical quality of this here post. It's early and I'm high on feels)


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