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whose title i can't remember because my mind is pressed enough as it is.

no nutricional value whatsoever under this. ye be warned. )

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oh hello, one week mark of my on again off again migraine! how nice of you to roll by. 

now if if only this rotten headache were into being nice and just went the hell away. wouldn't that be lovely?

also, it's fucking winter, weather. there is no reason for you to be 91 damn °. none whatsoever. it is not cute, it does not add spice to our relationship; it only makes me wish you had an eye i could poke you in. 
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in which i have feels all over the place )


I need a hug. Piper, come and hug me. 
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let's start a riot

I predict feelings attack. Plenty of feelings attack. I mean, it's Korra. 
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Lbr tho, what do you need a whole work-out/walking down the street/jumping up and down playlist for, when Sia is titanium

Think on that.
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It goes like this. A while ago, I mentioned to Piper how the world seems to be sorely lacking in Katara/Zuko/Mai threesomes (which is ridic, because a) hotness, b) feeeellliiinnnggsss, and c) they have a portmanteau of their own: Maikotara, so world, up yer game) and she, very sweetly and innocently suggested I write one. Months later, this happened.

It totally has Piper's seal of approval and so I'm putting it out here for the world to see. Please note that Piper has never actually watched A:tla, but she supports my creative endeavors/shipping silliness. By which I mean, heacanon!characterization ahoy! But then again, maikotara!au in which there's maikotara... so any and all concrit is welcome. 

Playing it by ear.
1800-and-something words of feels and possibly mushiness.
Notes: I like to imagine that Mai and Katara were very curious about each other for a while because they're kind of really different and yet Zuko's a bit gaga for the both of them (and they're both aware of this because he is a horrible liar who can't hide the things his face does when his feelings are involved), so what gives? So when Katara rocked up because reasons, they circled each other, found common ground and wound up running away together to like, fight crime or something getting really close and, well, one thing led to another and these are the kind of little details Zuko misses when he's too busy being an awkward boy. 
Also, it would seem like Zuko thinks in italics a lot
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On the upside: I stayed up all night writing fic.
On the downside: I stayed up all night writing fic.

Idk, man. 

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1. I love fanfic. Like, I feel like I'm cheating my reading ambitions if there's no fanfic on any of my open tabs. It's embarrassing. 
2. I remembered my lj's password! Again! 

P.S.: Chris Evans' mom is kind of really awesome, okay? I may be fangirling her a bit more than appropriate... shuddup. 
P.P.S.: Vanessa Mae is a balm for the sleepless soul. 
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Happy birthday [ profile] robanybody!!!!!!!1!!!11!!ONE!!

... this is what I get for all the time I spend on tumblr. .gifs ahoy!

um. hi?

3/24/12 12:12
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Apparently the Hunger Games are all the rage these days and stuff, but WHO'S WITH ME ON THE KORRA TRAIN? WHO?

And, in case you wanted to know, one of my neighbors is cooking something that smells suspiciously like minestrone soup and I kindawanttogoaskforabowlofit. Because I looooooove minestrone soup.

Know what else I love? KORRA. (and Katara, and Zuko and Suki and Sokka and Toph and Mai and and and... but you already knew about those, I'm just going through some kind of FEELS ATTACK because KORRA).

I need me some Korra icons.


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