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Oh Dark Angel, I wish I knew how to quit choo.

Except. Not really.

See? the thing with this show is how the relationships played out, and my absolute belief that, eventually, Max would have grown into the high, high role her existence demanded she took. I do belief she needed to go through with Logan for a little while, stop with the moony eyes and longing sighs, get that ball rolling, I mean, when your OTP needs such contrivances as genetically designed viruses to keep them apart thus keeping the interest and mystery going, then you know you've got a problem because, as dramatic and romantic as it might seem, it only tells you that as soon as the lovebirds get together, things are gonna stop being so smooth and you're gonna have to face them with the reality of the fantasies they'd placed on each other and the relationship.

They both thought the other was gonna be their savior, Logan was in it because she seemed like the one who'd understand his devotion to doing the right thing, while Max was interested in the possibility of normal he offered. But realistically, how long could this have lasted? How many bridges would they be able to successfully build to transit across their differences? How many bridges would this require?

I do ship Max/Logan, but only in this capacity, as an experience they both need to go through in order to move on with their lives, grow through each other and finally, ft into where they belong. Which is not to say they are not meant to be together, they are similar enough to make that work, just not romantically. Methinks.

I also ship (hardcore) Max/Alec, and this is beyond my Alec/the rest of the world ship too. Mostly I think Max needs someone like Alec to open up her eyes to the reality of what and who she really is, what the world around her is and what it could be like, he's the exact opposite to Logan in that respect., he brings forward the possibility of a different kind of fairy tale, one where Max doesn't become the princess to a normal man, doesn't get her dream of normality but she does get to become the princess of a bunch of freaks just like her, she gets to fulfill her dreams of belonging and a family. I see this a the ultimate question she'd have to ask herself, which would be best? which does she want the most? which would make her truly happy? The thing with Alec (as with Logan) is that he can make this happen for her, can channel that new self-awareness for Max without getting into romantic entanglements with her. Though I do love the platonic-ness of their relationship, it's utterly cute.

And Joshua. Man, I love Joshua. I love how every character relates so distinctly to him, and how this tells us so much about them, as much as it tells us about Josh himself. He's a great character (whom tends to get butchered in fic, I find) and he's totally one of the most missed characters for me. Him and Alec. And him with Alec, I love how they took to each other (once Max's blessing was given, of course).

And this was brought to you by my denial to study and write school-sanctioned fiction! Joy.

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Two things: that I took away from this episode )

Kitty pics tonight. ::sticks tongue out at Mousey::

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As promised, here be Cas' pick-me-up. Hope you like, bb! What am I talking about, of course you'll like it.

They're only eleven, but I still wouldn't recommend it in dial-up cases.

catch it while you can, is the feel good hit of the summer )

Well, darling, here's my two cents, hope they help somehow. ::blows kisses::
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I would be original and say I had thoughts and theories and questions and stuff, but instead I will only say that I have )
Jesus Christ, it's so overcast that at 10.30 in the morning there is no light coming in whatsoever. None. The sky? is golden. I cannot get my fancy jacket wet! So, cross your fingers that it stops raining before three in the afternoon, would you?

::blisses out some more::

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You know what I love about children? When you tell one of them he's been a good boy today and give him his good boy sticker, he'll wait patiently until his mama comes to see him and the first thing he'll do will be puff his chest out and proudly slap himself over his sticker and say "Look mama, I was good today!" And then, when you leave some four hours later, you'll catch his face through the glass door and he'll still be smiling like a hero.


The flower boy was in one of his awesome feminist moods today and finally cave in to me and got himself some Erykah Badu songs for his iPod. He actually tapped his fingers to the beat against the steering wheel. And then burped, but that's not important. What is important is how he can't come up with a decent remark to mock/question Jensen's manhood when presented with this picture, he has a smart-ass comment for every single one of them, but this one leaves him at a loss of words, I blame the MAN!arms, I mean, did you see that WRIST? It's definitely the MANLY arms ::nods::

[profile] roguemouse, where the hell are you? [personal profile] silver_spotted, still alive sweety? Haven't heard zip from either of you in like forever. I miss your faces! (not that I've ever seen them, but)
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::jumps up and down:: OMG, OMG, OMG I've accomplished fic(s). Eeeeeee!

Now, here's the thing. since I'm trying to get the handle on things again, I need you guys to help a bit, 'kay? As usual my main issue is characterization. But in general, it's been a while for me, so ye be warned.  /insecurities.

mustang horses, champagne glasses. RPF JA/OFC. 
2162 words of PG -ness.
Thoroughly unbeta'd.
Title from Foucault's Northbound 35.
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Hey y'all! How's it going?.

Well, I'm home (though it's not really home, it's just a house where they make me sleep in an inflatable matress ::pouts::) and, um, heating actually works here and I never thought I'd miss my shitty heater back in my place (where I get a bed) but Jesus, it's smoldering in here! Sorta.

Also, I have recs. I'm awesome, I know.

Apples and Expectations
by [personal profile] pr_scatterbrain. Is an RPF that pairs Jensen with Eva Green. I made noises even though it is thoroughly PG-13. Great voice, lovely style and well, it gives the visual of EG standing next to the Ackles, and um, exactly how do you turn that down?

Cover by [profile] alethialia. It's a M/A with a very snarky Alec (is there any other kind?) and a Max that goes along because really, it's Alec. Anywya, A wrote it so you should, like, go read. Now.


6/16/08 13:36
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Dear flist, I'm feeling magnanimous today. So here, have some Ackles.

867-5309 )

Have a nice day!
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Just finished reading this fic I'd had on my to read list for way too long. But, man, was it worth it.

It's just. It's so hardcore South, ya know? It's Texas in a way that I've never seen before, and I'm all over that, is about missing Home and knowing that no matter how many times, how often you go back, it's never gonna be the same because you're not the same, and while there's this warmth spreading all over your heart because you're home and you missed this stuff, there's also that cold ball setting down in your stomach because you shouldn't have to miss it, you should never realize how ingrained it is, it should never be not-granted, you know?

It captures all that. It's post-DA-but-pre-Smallville Jensen and Chris Kane. Plus there's some Steve Earle tossed in the middle of all that. Pure love.

The House Rules
by [personal profile] ethrosdemon . Jensen/Chris.
This is vintage stuff, but so, so good. It's Jensen/Chris fuckin' Kane man, no amount of J2 will ever equal the perfectness of J/C. None.


6/1/08 06:27
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I know not a whole lot of you watch this one, but the few that do I have a great deal of love for, not that I don't love all of you, it's just, they watch Doctor Who, so. Yeah.

In deference to them :

Spoilers! )

Completely unrelated: I've been mainlining Dark Angel this weekend, and man, that show had so much potential, but then it became all about the woes of Doomed Lovers. Honestly thank god for Alec and Joshua. And to think James Cameron wasn't too fond of Alec, clearly he's an idiot.

To close this on a happy note: Ackles, Jensen Ross. Just think about that.


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