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So, like, I know y'all are worried sick about my continued absence from this here land, but all's well and mostly manageable. That said:

Cas, dear, I am hitting you on all the places I know you might see this in order to make sure you, y'know, might see this.

Really, really, really hoping things have been looking up for you in the last eon since we last had communication of any kind. And if not, I'd like to take this opportunity to point you in the general direction of the giant finger I'm giving the universe on your behalf. Because you're made of awesomecakes with a frosting of cutesauce and decorated with amazeballs.

CAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!! how is you? ::tackle-hugs you::
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Hai thar! Have not been much away from the computer, or the internet for that matter, in case you were wondering. I've just been mighty distracted by shiny things going on in the Wonderful Realm of Wonderland (aka, INTERNET, in case you hadn't figured that one out)

Also, I need coffee and didn't sleep much last night despite my heartiest attempts at it. I even dug out this book that NEVER FAILS TO BORE ME TO TEARS OF SLEEPINESS and actually finally finished it (yay?) it was just as awful as I thought it would be, though (no yay?). What the hell body? It's like you want to get a migraine, you loser! Gosh.


~There have been pr0ny shenanigans taking place over at the Let's Get Arthur and Gwen Laid Campaign (with each other, people. Not with other folk. Unless it goes like A/G+Other Folk, in which case, they're all welcome and are hoped to enjoy their stay), which has been due for about three seasons now and it swiftly became my favoritest place to hang out this long weekend past. It's shiny, it's funny, it's porny and it's generally wonderful. Go check it.

~I'm coveting this hat so much. Must learn to knit.

~Tumblr continues to be lovely and provide me with gorgeousness to tide me over while another prompt gets filled in the aforementioned campaign.

untitled )

Neil Gaiman's Endless )

~Must. Stop. Casting. Kiera Knightly in every fantasy casting I come up with. I feel like it's all her and Zoe Saldana. And Angel Coulby, recently... must broaden my horizons.

~Barackles, love, how are you? ::sends smoke signals::

~You guys, I really want to sleep! like rilly rilly for realsies. ::whines::

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CAS!!!!!! Happy birthday love, you can bet that if I knew how, I'd totally sparkle up this post with, like sparkly text in a giant, flist spamming font, so there.

In further proof of my never-ending regard appreciation love for you, I've taken a picture of the general pun of many of the jokes I've been subjected to for the last few days by people with nothing better to do ) but I do not care if they mock me, they clearly do not understand your coolness, and so ::blows raspberry to their faces::

Srsly though, I'm sending lots of good vibes your way today, hope you have a great one and KEEP UP THE ADMIRABLE PHILOSOPHY WHICH I ADMIRE (because it's admirable).

::tackles you:: much love for you today, sweets!


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