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After that giant fiasco I was dragged to (the one where Franco played the wonderful, amazing, unbearably useless Oz. Let's not talk about it) ages ago, the cinema and I had not been on the best of terms. There's only ONE in this town, it is accordingly expensive AND rarely shows the films I want to see, and if it does it's only for, like, a week which is not enough time for me to even find out that they are showing my coveted film...

Anyway, I finally got off my ass and went to see Thor 2, because IMAX. And Jane Foster. (And Loki, but shhhh)

Also, I totally called it on Erik's situation. Totally.

That aside made, I just wanted to know who WANTS TO COME SQUEE WITH ME ABOUT THOR 2? We can weep over Frigga's ridic fridging, too.

So, who's with me?

(wow. Most of my icons are Merlin-related. This account has been abandoned for so long, man. It's so out of date, I'm vaguely embarrassed, tbh)
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Dear N. K. Jemisin:

I am totally not parallel-thinking Wanahomen's and Hanani's story as a Zutara au. I am not. No matter what my brain says. I am also not forgiving you for pushing every single one of my narrative buttons on a regular basis

Srsly tho, reading this lady's books is like getting a double of dose of bulletproof kinks straight to the brain. Wrapped up in EVEN AWESOMER THAN I EVER IMAGINED. 

Two days ago I wasn't really all that into the dreamblood duology (as in, the story/plot/world-building are excellent with a side of ♥ _ ♥ bathed in gorgeous prose sauce. The folk in the first book were really lovely and perfectly developed and I wanted them all to have their happy endings and wound up being so thoroughly emotionally satisfied with how things turned out even if the 'happy ending' status of it is highly questionable in most cases. The characters in the second book, however, had to work to get me to warm up to them for reasons I still haven't figured out, but once they did, well, ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS, because again I want them all (except this one dude) to get their happy endings, the real clincher here is that I'm not sure what that happy ending will be like, because they have grown and evolved and interlaced their individual narratives and the stakes are really bloody high and I just know that whatever their places wind up being, when all's said and done, I'll be equally emotionally/narratively satisfied  as I was with The Killing Moon), and then BAM, stuff happens that ups my investment by like a zillion times and suddenly my free time is nowhere near enough to mainline things as a properly engrossed person would. 

This is the state of affairs on my end, these days. Also, a number of beloved fics have updated and I haven't been able to get to them because Jemisin and my emotions won't let me. 

(Wana and Hanani's collective situation is totally Zutarable, tho. I stand by this)
(also also also, apologies for the potential nonsensical quality of this here post. It's early and I'm high on feels)
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People, I know you were most concerned with my absence. Relax, I am still of this world.

And I am still hunting for prettyful things to share with y'all.

pencil art )

splash butterfly )


And now, stuff you don't really need to know...

~Two light bulbs went out on me this morning. Not the best way to start the week, I feel.

~Yesterday, Jay and I realized something very important, this will be our first Thanksgiving without Dad. Suddenly I am so glad I'll be alone for it.

~My kids go off on holiday break this Wednesday, so HP watching may occur on Thursday, still not sure.

~Hormones have been making a mess out of me. Apparently. Sometimes, I really really really do miss my ex.

Have a nice week, loves!

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Fiona Apple covered Elvis Costello's I Want You and it is, quite possibly, one of the best things I've ever heard/seen in my whole life. And this assertion is only in deference to the fact that I'm only 24 and like to think there's still so much more for me to live through.

Here, have a link just 'coz.
I Want You, Fiona Apple

Although, on all fairness, I think Eric Clapton and George Harrison 'covering' While My Guitar Gently Weeps is an extremely, extremely close second. Almost a tie, really.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Eric Clapton with George Harrison
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Yup, still kicking. As you'd know if you're[profile] mustbethursday3 I've left some comment on one of your posts...

Anyway. I've been reading surprisingly less-disappointing-than-expected books lately and this seems to have taken over my entire week. When I'm not commenting on someone else's entries in lieu of making my own. Um, maybe I should, at some point, share my views in regards to the literature I've been indulging in lately, I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.

Here, have some pretties to make up for my neglect.

Emma )

Jasika )

Frida )

Gwen. Of course. )
Inara )

Sabrida Shing )

Chiwetel )

Aaaaaand, because there is beauty everywhere, here's something that's made my geeky heart happy.


Before I go and let you get back to, surely, more important and less useless things, I'll give you some baffling to be baffled at, yeah?
Nicaragua accidentally invades Costa Rica because of Google Doodles Maps.

Have a nice Merlin Day, aka Saturday. Whatever.

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Which is my cue to spend the night rolling around in bed, actually sleepy but unable to sleep because my ear aches something awful and the ear drops I went to the pharmacy for at three in the morning are doing nothing. Agh, don't want to have to go the emergency room, but might end up there if it doesn't let up.

Anyway. My Tumblr dashboard was invaded by the pretty gorgeousness that are the new promo pics for Merlin's episode 8 (warning: link leads to extreme beauty, including Morgana's sneaky bra strap and Gwen's curls).  Pics which, FINALLY, feature new Gwen/Coulby. As you can guess, I am over the moon with an earache. And so I share. Plus some more artsy stuff I happened upon.

Audrey Hepburn )

Gwen )

Pendragons-to-be )

Um, as I sit here drooling contemplating what this journal has become, I do wonder, when did I start doing this? (posting Tumblr finds, not the whole LJ experience), I want to say something profound about mixing my current major playgrounds and bringing unity to it all BUT MY EAR ACHES AND NOW THERE'S A BEEPING SOUND THAT WILL SURELY DRIVE ME FURTHER INSANE.

Fuck this, I'm off to the ER.

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Today, I shall tell you about my conversation with the bro:

J:did you know your Tumblr tags are utterly user-unfriendly?
Me: pffffft.

And now, I shall spam you with pictures of lovely ladies whom are lovely. Yeah?

::picspams you:: )

And now, back to your regular programming. Have a nice day, flist 'o mine!

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I'm pretty sure M is in lurve! It's all very cute and he blushes whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. Honestly, I'm fully expecting clappy hands and squealing next time. She loves him back, which is possibly what makes me the happiest about this whole adorableness fest.

Some more artsy stuff I've come across while sliding towards entropy. Seriously, a change of pace is desperately needed. Like, yesterday.

sunken treasures )

service )

team geek )

Um, I've been committing fanfic again. This could be a good thing. Maybe.

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Hai thar! Have not been much away from the computer, or the internet for that matter, in case you were wondering. I've just been mighty distracted by shiny things going on in the Wonderful Realm of Wonderland (aka, INTERNET, in case you hadn't figured that one out)

Also, I need coffee and didn't sleep much last night despite my heartiest attempts at it. I even dug out this book that NEVER FAILS TO BORE ME TO TEARS OF SLEEPINESS and actually finally finished it (yay?) it was just as awful as I thought it would be, though (no yay?). What the hell body? It's like you want to get a migraine, you loser! Gosh.


~There have been pr0ny shenanigans taking place over at the Let's Get Arthur and Gwen Laid Campaign (with each other, people. Not with other folk. Unless it goes like A/G+Other Folk, in which case, they're all welcome and are hoped to enjoy their stay), which has been due for about three seasons now and it swiftly became my favoritest place to hang out this long weekend past. It's shiny, it's funny, it's porny and it's generally wonderful. Go check it.

~I'm coveting this hat so much. Must learn to knit.

~Tumblr continues to be lovely and provide me with gorgeousness to tide me over while another prompt gets filled in the aforementioned campaign.

untitled )

Neil Gaiman's Endless )

~Must. Stop. Casting. Kiera Knightly in every fantasy casting I come up with. I feel like it's all her and Zoe Saldana. And Angel Coulby, recently... must broaden my horizons.

~Barackles, love, how are you? ::sends smoke signals::

~You guys, I really want to sleep! like rilly rilly for realsies. ::whines::

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Today's happiness sources include, but aren't limited to (it's not even dawn yet, ppl) Venezuelan coffee which my grandmother sent me through convoluted, yet marvelously effective channels; a full night's sleep, wherein 'full night' is defined by five hours of uninterrupted slumber and the next links:

woodland wig )

Angel's lovely face )

Bradley's lifestyle choices )

And, for your auditory pleasure, to be alone with you by Sufjan Stevens

This be all, have a nice day, my loves!


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