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After that giant fiasco I was dragged to (the one where Franco played the wonderful, amazing, unbearably useless Oz. Let's not talk about it) ages ago, the cinema and I had not been on the best of terms. There's only ONE in this town, it is accordingly expensive AND rarely shows the films I want to see, and if it does it's only for, like, a week which is not enough time for me to even find out that they are showing my coveted film...

Anyway, I finally got off my ass and went to see Thor 2, because IMAX. And Jane Foster. (And Loki, but shhhh)

Also, I totally called it on Erik's situation. Totally.

That aside made, I just wanted to know who WANTS TO COME SQUEE WITH ME ABOUT THOR 2? We can weep over Frigga's ridic fridging, too.

So, who's with me?

(wow. Most of my icons are Merlin-related. This account has been abandoned for so long, man. It's so out of date, I'm vaguely embarrassed, tbh)
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And so I'm breaking my weeks-long lj silence (which has been happening for reasons that involve a lot of bad judgement and the consequential poor decision-making, and this is as far as we're going with this story) to link to this right here video because it has The Coulbs speaking in French and laughing her awesome laugh, and Adetomiwa Edun also speaking in French and putting impure thoughts into my head (okay, it doesn't take much for that to happen, but it's still noteworthy).

Other things:

~My foot is still a bit swollen and this is, naturally, infinitely vexing.

~My brother decided to spend the money he'd been saving for a transatlantic flight in visiting family members who aren't his sisters, which resulted in a loud silences over the phone line the last time he called. We're still being very quiet in each other's direction.

~The weather boasts a lovely 28° F today, thus going a long way to making it up to me (yes, personally) for the fact that it's Monday.

~The sister's b-day's on Friday, so on Thursday I'm hauling my ass over to have cake and take pictures and hug my family. There is joy all over my face, you guys!

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So, like, I know y'all are worried sick about my continued absence from this here land, but all's well and mostly manageable. That said:

Cas, dear, I am hitting you on all the places I know you might see this in order to make sure you, y'know, might see this.

Really, really, really hoping things have been looking up for you in the last eon since we last had communication of any kind. And if not, I'd like to take this opportunity to point you in the general direction of the giant finger I'm giving the universe on your behalf. Because you're made of awesomecakes with a frosting of cutesauce and decorated with amazeballs.

CAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!! how is you? ::tackle-hugs you::
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Me: defo my OTP.
Her:, Orgasmic Tipping Point?
Me: ♥ _ ♥ not before you called it that.

Also tagged: CANNOT UNSEE (in a good way).

OT: anybody know if there is a way to disabilitate Windows 7's little pop-up lock thing-y that ANNOYS THE HELL OUT ME whenever the capslock key is pressed? It's taken it upon itself to keep me from writing until it's gone, used to be I could ignore it and carry on happily even if it was still there getting in the way. BE GONE YE EFFER.
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Bro: Hey, listen, uh. I can drop by in a couple hours to pick the box up, yeah?
Me: Well, if you can swing such a miracle.
Bro: Huh? What're you...? Wrong number, then.
Me: Yup.
Bro: Shit.

This happens more often than I feel comfortable admitting to. On both ends.

Ugh, my schedule this semester sucks loudly. Classes from 4 to 11 pm. Work from 8 to 11.30 am. And in between, LIFE. Jeez.

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As promised, some pics from Bogotá. All taken by me, except for the ones that weren't so please excuse the lack of any kind of proficiency, yeah?
to save yer flist )

There, quick and mostly uninformative tour of some of the places I visited this summer achieved. Thank you for your attention.

Er, there may be ficcage later today? I'm considering this. DO HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.

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Apparently we get DH pt 2 trailer today????


::sits on hands::
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cell phone: displays Unknown Caller at 3.36 in the morning.

I pick up since I'm awake and all.

Me: this better not be a wrong number
Bro: it is generally believed that when one loves one's sibling and stuff, one will call every once in a while to let said beloved sibling know that they are loved and missed and oh, yeah, one is okay too.
(Please notice how our communication skills trump everything and everyone)
Me: it is also generally believed that when one is planning on inflicting sudden flights of passive-aggressiveness upon one's beloved sibling, one will, at least, take a look at the watch and remember time zones.
Bro: oh, shit.
Me: my thoughts exactly.
Bro: sorry, Eves. Call you later, yeah?
Me: OK.

Later being five-fifteen because he 'got bored waiting and, besides, everyone and their dogs know [I'm] already up at such ungodly hours' which is true but the principle remains that such ungodly hours were not made for socializing activities of any kind whatsoever. Anyway, the conversation turned to important stuff like how I'm a hobbit because I have second breakfasts and he's a delicate elf who needs his beauty sleep. Also how today's second breakfast involved carrots and tomatoes whereas his one and only was mostly burnt bacon.

Bro: like two drops of water, you and I.

Heh, I love my brother.

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32 hours of travelling later, I'm not unpacking. Or eating, or sleeping or doing anything particularly productive because I figured out how to use internet with Windows 7 even though my modem is for XP... I is so bloody cool I can totally sit here and gloat while doing nothing else but.

::gloats profusely::

Gosh, I'm tired. BUT already went to the supermarket and it seems that the acquisition of foodstuffs trumps access to internet, this is what I learned today, so it's not like the entire day was wasted. I also bought some arabian coffee which is supposed to be interesting because it has cardamom and I love cardamom so the conclusion that this coffee would also be loved was jumped into by yours truly, let cha know how that works out.

I'mma go now and gloat on the floor of my own place. Naked. Eating chocolate BECAUSE NO ONE CAN SEE ME AS I AM BACK TO MY SOLITUDE.
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[ profile] xxkezziexx  I LOVE MY PUPPY!!!!

Thanks a heap, lovely!

I'm still gone, btw.


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