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Dear N. K. Jemisin:

I am totally not parallel-thinking Wanahomen's and Hanani's story as a Zutara au. I am not. No matter what my brain says. I am also not forgiving you for pushing every single one of my narrative buttons on a regular basis

Srsly tho, reading this lady's books is like getting a double of dose of bulletproof kinks straight to the brain. Wrapped up in EVEN AWESOMER THAN I EVER IMAGINED. 

Two days ago I wasn't really all that into the dreamblood duology (as in, the story/plot/world-building are excellent with a side of ♥ _ ♥ bathed in gorgeous prose sauce. The folk in the first book were really lovely and perfectly developed and I wanted them all to have their happy endings and wound up being so thoroughly emotionally satisfied with how things turned out even if the 'happy ending' status of it is highly questionable in most cases. The characters in the second book, however, had to work to get me to warm up to them for reasons I still haven't figured out, but once they did, well, ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS, because again I want them all (except this one dude) to get their happy endings, the real clincher here is that I'm not sure what that happy ending will be like, because they have grown and evolved and interlaced their individual narratives and the stakes are really bloody high and I just know that whatever their places wind up being, when all's said and done, I'll be equally emotionally/narratively satisfied  as I was with The Killing Moon), and then BAM, stuff happens that ups my investment by like a zillion times and suddenly my free time is nowhere near enough to mainline things as a properly engrossed person would. 

This is the state of affairs on my end, these days. Also, a number of beloved fics have updated and I haven't been able to get to them because Jemisin and my emotions won't let me. 

(Wana and Hanani's collective situation is totally Zutarable, tho. I stand by this)
(also also also, apologies for the potential nonsensical quality of this here post. It's early and I'm high on feels)
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Apparently Democrats getting their ears flicked for using inappropriate words zomg! on the House floor was all the incentive my [insert inappropriate word here] needed to remember that nature has courses to follow and stuff.

I believe this one should be filed as Things About Me You Might Have Been Better Off Without Knowing...

Also, Thursday is very lucky that I like her plentifully. I'm actually considering stuff.

Finished reading The Kingmaking a few weeks ago and only just know it hits me what bothered me about it profusely spoilery review, be warned )

In other news, the sun is hot.
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Oh, man. You know you need to get off your ass when an entire weekend can be qualified as productive solely because you (finally!) shaved your legs.

Although, it bears noticing that upon a second reading of A Game of Thrones, realization dawned that I really like Queen Cersei and kind of want to smack Eddard Stark around something fierce. Also Arya remains glorious and Jon Snow is still mah boy. Plus I have this new-found love, (though love is not the right word, I guess care for her arc is the appropriate concept here) for Cat Stark, the first time she, like Sansa, rubbed me in ALL THE WRONG WAYS, but I guess I'm more mature now ::coughshutupcough:: and her general situation and struggle is more interesting and resonating than before. Though I find myself hard-pressed to give my unconditional love to anybody who is not Arya or Bran or Jon. Or Dany. Yet, I keep on reading so, well played Mr. Author, well played.

Got the second book (which I've never read) in the series already lined up and everything. Will get to it right after I'm done with the current Terry Pratchett (The Truth, in case you were curious. And in this particular universe, I've no qualms with pledging my unbreakable loyalty to all and sundry. Excellently played, Mr. Author). Then I'll get back to the complicated political hijinks of Westeros and adjacent lands.

Ugh, I hate that my windows are located in such a fashion that NO BREEZE EVER GETS IN, which means that no matter how fresh outside, unless the walls themselves are cool, its an over in here and I'm sweating and getting itchy and annoyed. AUTUMN, SHOW YER FACE, DUDE.

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Dropping by really quickly to link [ profile] _autumncolours and whomever else might be interested to Neil Gaiman's reading of The Graveyard Book, as promised ages ago. Enjoy, darling(s)!

::saves link::

Good night, peeps!
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Tehanu. Because it's a beautiful book full of love and family and courageous women and impeccably fantastic story-telling.

I love how it always, always gets to me, how Tenar's struggle to come to terms with her own power in the different spheres of her life leads her to unwittingly merge them into this marvelous little act of kindness and compassion that she doesn't quite understand but fully and wholeheartedly defends. How it's all about growth and identity, choices and following your heart and recognizing that decisions made intuitively are just as valid as those made rationally.  It's such a beautiful story to read and to tell. I can't wait for my little sister to get time off so I can shove at it her recommend it to her.

I kind of want to be like Ursula K. LeGuin when I grow up.

What have you been reading, flist? Recs?


9/11/10 05:19
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You guys, this comes first and foremost: A Christian church in Memphis has opened its doors to the local Muslim community, letting them worship there until construction is completed on their mosque.Which I learned about via [personal profile] tielan. Needless to say, this makes me feel so joyful. My hope in mankind, let me show you it. This I am grateful for today.

I've also learned that:
~ For some reason I can no longer read Arthur/Morgana fic. I just can't. Don't ask why, it's beyond me, clearly the hot gets completely undermined by the siblingness? Idk.
~ I can face up to people who hurt me and tell them exactly why they hurt me and where they can stuff their ill-timed courting attempts without breaking into tears. I was ever so grateful for this on Thursday. I feel so strong. Of course I did break down in the shower a few hours later, but still ::gives self a pat on the back::
~ Whenever a book goes missing, L's house ought to be searched before I go through more unlikely places, like say, my own bookshelves... I still love her though, she has a really good taste in literature.
~ Dreaming about my grandfather means I'll wake up and remember the dream and feel vaguely peaceful for the rest of the day. Thank you, subconscious for that one.
~ I am not allowed to call Max cutesy childhood nicknames in front of girls he's trying to impress. No matter how behind the general idea they get, it is not how he wants them to think of him.
~ Felix Castor's life is rather eventful. Which is awesome because London makes urban fantasy all the more interesting for reasons I cannot comprehend and, honestly, don't really care about. I love how it reminds me of A Madness of Angels in the way the city is such a character in the story, not just location. Of course, it's levels of protagonism are nowhere near those of AMoA, but I can deal because that means that Kate Griffin's originality gets to stay on its pedestal for a bit longer.

Um, Merlin comes back today, which means that I'll get some degree of Gwen, this makes me so happy. I've read reports lauding this series premier spoiler-ish + Aiiingel's smile )

So flist, how's it going?
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Universe for yesterday's sunset on the road. It was entirely too beautiful for words. ::is speechless::

And today, I'm grateful for finding this quote in an old notebook I'd forgotten I saved from the recycling bin:

"Stories are hope. They take you out of yourself for a bit, and when you get dropped back in, you're different -you're stronger, you've seen more, you've felt more. Stories are like spiritual currency"

-by Rober Rodi, from Little Extra Smidgen of Eternity, which is a story found in The Book of Dreams by several authors.

There, my soul gets to sing loudly now.
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Ha! totally fell asleep while trying to watch Terminator Salvation on the bus ride back here (from the mountainside, you see, where I had the bestest time ever), there were way too many night scenes to watch it in broad daylight on a plasma screen, regardless on how much of an improvement said screen is over the olde half-inch screens. Did not snore, though.

Also, I'm here to wish a mega awesometastically happy birthday to [ profile] jamesinboots  who rocks on so many levels I cannot even begin to count. You're a lovely person Jimmi and I'm so lucky to have you around because your continued optimism, even in the face of hardships, is always a good thing on my days (I know you're totally being this way to make me a better person. It's all about me, you know).I hope you get all the great things you deserve in life as you get older.

Um. I'll be heading back to my apartment this evening, so pictures to come when I'm there, like tomorrow, maybe. Man, such a great time with my mom and the friend I mentioned earlier, you have no idea the amounts of dorktiemz we indulged into. No idea.

Tres awesome.

I've things to mail over to people whom know who they are, so expect my dolphin noises of glee and excitement as soon as I have accomplished the trip to the post office, yeah?

Last, but not least, [ profile] robanybody  deserves my gratitude, of the endless variety btw, because I don't know that I'd given the Codex Alera series a go had it not been for her recommendation. I LOVE IT and I'm totally picturing your dream cast kicking butt like it's going out of style. ::blows kisses your way::


8/24/09 20:41
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Okay. So, I only feel vaguely and partially bad for skipping school today (first days are never interesting, anyway) because I lost track of time reading this book I shall wax poetics about now:

Blindsight by Peter Watts has left me unable to form a coherent though that doesn't begin, end and mostly consist of oh, my God, this is pure genius. Complex setting and seemingly cheesy plot line mix and blend and twirl around each other to produce this exquisitely intricate and unpredictable treaty on human nature and how it traps us into humanity. It deals with ideas about intelligence, cognition, language...  ::loves::

When things started to get revealed, when theories were starting to take shape (not my theories, mind. They were sort of dead wrong. Or downright nonexistent, at times) things started clicking inside my head, I love how it explores all these concepts I've been engorging myself with for the last few years, ever since I learned about certain theories on the beginning/construction of the human animal as a political animal. I wish I'd have read this book before. Though maybe back then I wouldn't have had the tools (or patience) to think things through and find the core point that joins both ideas together.

Even if Psychology isn't something you're interested in, you should still read this book. It's science fiction at it's best. The style is bold and clean, hard science fiction melding with literary proficiency. The characters are so out there, so impossibly different to us that you can't help but relate, I guess this is one of those instances when the other's otherness calls to our own individuality. The story is woven and plotted in such a way that it's nearly impossible to cast predictions and expect them to be accurate.

It's simply brilliant. It depicts a background reality not so difficult to imagine. A (not so distant) future where society, apparently, has become everything we've been dreaming of becoming in a way, and it all seems as peachy as it gets, until it bites us in the ass. And doesn't unclench it's jaws.

Terrifying, incredibly original spin on the classic tale of first contact.

I'mma go and have some tea now. And feel really bad for skipping school.

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Comment and I will give you 3 fandoms and then you have to answer these questions.

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?

2. Do you think that you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?

4. Do you participate in this fandom (fan fiction, graphics, discussions)?

5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

Supernatural, Doctor Who and Firefly/Serenity )

Also? Is it wrong that I feel the utter need to read almost every singly book listed here?


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