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So, my feelings on the show in general for a bit (half-last season through this last one, at least) have been lukewarm at best and it's mostly Jensen's shoulders that keep me coming back.

that said... )

Can someone explain to me why this was a two-parter?

Um, tho, there was this wee bit that may fall into place with this fic I'm writing for Thursday because she prompts weird stuff... it worries me when my thinking falls in semi-line with that of the people running this show.

Hey, check it! THE WORLD IS STILL HERE. Shocking, right? Maybe the Winchesters managed to prevent this one? For a change?
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Fringe 3.03 )

Supernatural 6.03 )

Merlin tonight!!! This one's had a very happy-making and generally satisfying season so far. Let's hope this isn't the episode that breaks the chain ::crosses fingers::


10/2/10 07:52
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I am so happy right now. Like, really.

Fringe 3.02 )

Spn 3.02 )
::clutches shows to heart::

Merlin tonight!! ::sits on hands:: I'm told Gwen's face will be on it, AND YOU KNOW THAT IS ENOUGH TO GET ME TWITCHY WITH IMPATIENCE.

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I did not hate this episode, in fact I quite enjoyed it  )

So, that's as far as we go with Merlin, Supernatural, on the other hand, will have to wait until I can get around to rewatch it before any comment can be made about it, though I guess my general lack of comment so far says something about my opinion on the matter, which is not negative btw, just not properly formed yet. Which is odd. ::scratches head::

Fringe. You guys, I have nothing to say about Fringe other than OLIVIA DUNHAM IS A TRUMP CARD NO MATTER WHAT UNIVERSE YOU'RE IN. For she is another one of those women who's awesome cannot be denied since the evidence of it is just way too compelling and abundant. And also not spoilery hence the lack of a cut. So there.
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Well, that happened. But I'm sorry show, but )

There were parts to like, yes, but I'm getting my enjoyment overwhelmed by my facedesking.

Maybe I should just try not to mock their world turtle. IDK.

Further thoughts might be forthcoming. As well as possibly better framed and redacted. However, I cannot promise less capslocks, sorry.
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I think I'm having an identity crisis of some sort. Like, I'm sitting here and I realized I don't even know when Spn's coming back, which might be mostly because I'm agonizing over the lack of new Merlin...

When did I change boats? I was not notified of this in a timely fashion. Not cool, self.

But. Merlin fic, I am gorging myself on it. And I'm loving how prevalently awesome Morgana is portrayed and how Future HQIC Gwen is written and this makes me SO HAPPY because, like, yes they are.

On second thought, maybe them burning Anna up in that episode where Mary and John totally stole the show did it for me, like, I find myself not really caring one way or another, just watching out of habit, and now I wonder if I'll still be around for the next season they've been promising. I think I'll stick around to see what's new and what remains.


::goes off to hunt appropriate icon::
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So. Spn. I hate to love you, I do. Sometimes.

and here I thought hope died last )

Clearly the last couple of episodes were really not all that interesting to me, from a story-telling viewpoint. I do think they were well crafted for the most part, though.
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I, as per usual, have mixed feelings about this season's premiere.

in case you're interested )

I did enjoy it. So, mostly love?

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Comment and I will give you 3 fandoms and then you have to answer these questions.

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?

2. Do you think that you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?

4. Do you participate in this fandom (fan fiction, graphics, discussions)?

5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

Supernatural, Doctor Who and Firefly/Serenity )

Also? Is it wrong that I feel the utter need to read almost every singly book listed here?


3/27/09 16:25
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so. much. love.

Here is a meta that echoes my thoughts on the episode, and so I'll be lazy and link to it instead of pretending to come up with something original.

Though I will say how much I loved )
Those are my two cents, anyway. Thoughts?


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