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Because it was my birthday recently and being a quarter of a century old makes me feel like I should really show off the stuff I've accomplished. Which are few and thus, this is mostly about me telling myself that THEY ARE NOT LITTLE BECAUSE THEY'RE IMPORTANT TO ME. It kind of worries me that these are conversations I keep needing to have with myself.

Fair Warning: Extremely amateur photography ahead.

I guess it would also be fair to warn for many 'this is my mommy and she sincerely believes in making me happy which means letting me take pictures of her' type of pics, plus the fact that I've just discovered some of the cool things I can do with GIMP. There are eighteen (18) pictures under the cut, so  beware of my ego ye dial-up users.

it would help if you kept your expectations reasonably low. But not, like, insultingly so, THIS IS A BIT OF AN EGO THING FOR ME, OKAY? )

And that's that. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed yourself and your eyeballs aren't bleeding. I'll come back later to regale you with tales about my phone conversations with the brother, as requested by Sonam, as well as to answer some questions [ profile] misscam left for me in a meme-thing ages ago.

Love y'all lots! And please, stay safe if you're anywhere near a riot site in England. Please.

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As promised, some pics from Bogotá. All taken by me, except for the ones that weren't so please excuse the lack of any kind of proficiency, yeah?
to save yer flist )

There, quick and mostly uninformative tour of some of the places I visited this summer achieved. Thank you for your attention.

Er, there may be ficcage later today? I'm considering this. DO HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.

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Ok, first off, happy birthday [ profile] eldritchhobbit *\o/* hope you have a wonderful time and get many Virginia-kisses &hearts

Crunchy peanut butter is the best ting since sliced bread. Crunchy peanut butter AND sliced bread is most definitely the Official Meal in my personal Ultimate Utopia.

Now, there's this flirting flowchart I found in Tumblr, naturally, which sums up my style pretty accurately.

how i flirt: a flowchart )

Um, since I'm apparently rather fond of having my sexual orientation questioned, I've been sort of ogling studying the effect Angel Coulby has on me. Results have been interesting.

especially when she looks like this )

or when she does this )

Um, today's the last day of school for my kids before holidays/summer break. Which means that I'll be saying goodbye to this particular group. I'll miss their poorly aimed puke and their under-baked cupcakes. Also their drawings of my face surrounded by flowers and their cute little competitions to see who got the bright sticker of the day. ;_; Mah babies are growin' 

[ profile] robanybody babe, I'm sending good, healthful vibes your way today ::sends vibes:: Hope you get better soon and your body remembers who the hell is BOSS.

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Yup, still kicking. As you'd know if you're[profile] mustbethursday3 I've left some comment on one of your posts...

Anyway. I've been reading surprisingly less-disappointing-than-expected books lately and this seems to have taken over my entire week. When I'm not commenting on someone else's entries in lieu of making my own. Um, maybe I should, at some point, share my views in regards to the literature I've been indulging in lately, I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.

Here, have some pretties to make up for my neglect.

Emma )

Jasika )

Frida )

Gwen. Of course. )
Inara )

Sabrida Shing )

Chiwetel )

Aaaaaand, because there is beauty everywhere, here's something that's made my geeky heart happy.


Before I go and let you get back to, surely, more important and less useless things, I'll give you some baffling to be baffled at, yeah?
Nicaragua accidentally invades Costa Rica because of Google Doodles Maps.

Have a nice Merlin Day, aka Saturday. Whatever.

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Today, I shall tell you about my conversation with the bro:

J:did you know your Tumblr tags are utterly user-unfriendly?
Me: pffffft.

And now, I shall spam you with pictures of lovely ladies whom are lovely. Yeah?

::picspams you:: )

And now, back to your regular programming. Have a nice day, flist 'o mine!

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Today's happiness sources include, but aren't limited to (it's not even dawn yet, ppl) Venezuelan coffee which my grandmother sent me through convoluted, yet marvelously effective channels; a full night's sleep, wherein 'full night' is defined by five hours of uninterrupted slumber and the next links:

woodland wig )

Angel's lovely face )

Bradley's lifestyle choices )

And, for your auditory pleasure, to be alone with you by Sufjan Stevens

This be all, have a nice day, my loves!

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Lovely beauty for the day ::sigh::

Lady Orlando )

The World on an Island )

Zoe! )

And, for your hearing pleasure, Florence + The Machine - Heavy in your arms.

Have a nice day. And feel free to share the beauty you've found today with me, too.


9/11/10 05:19
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You guys, this comes first and foremost: A Christian church in Memphis has opened its doors to the local Muslim community, letting them worship there until construction is completed on their mosque.Which I learned about via [personal profile] tielan. Needless to say, this makes me feel so joyful. My hope in mankind, let me show you it. This I am grateful for today.

I've also learned that:
~ For some reason I can no longer read Arthur/Morgana fic. I just can't. Don't ask why, it's beyond me, clearly the hot gets completely undermined by the siblingness? Idk.
~ I can face up to people who hurt me and tell them exactly why they hurt me and where they can stuff their ill-timed courting attempts without breaking into tears. I was ever so grateful for this on Thursday. I feel so strong. Of course I did break down in the shower a few hours later, but still ::gives self a pat on the back::
~ Whenever a book goes missing, L's house ought to be searched before I go through more unlikely places, like say, my own bookshelves... I still love her though, she has a really good taste in literature.
~ Dreaming about my grandfather means I'll wake up and remember the dream and feel vaguely peaceful for the rest of the day. Thank you, subconscious for that one.
~ I am not allowed to call Max cutesy childhood nicknames in front of girls he's trying to impress. No matter how behind the general idea they get, it is not how he wants them to think of him.
~ Felix Castor's life is rather eventful. Which is awesome because London makes urban fantasy all the more interesting for reasons I cannot comprehend and, honestly, don't really care about. I love how it reminds me of A Madness of Angels in the way the city is such a character in the story, not just location. Of course, it's levels of protagonism are nowhere near those of AMoA, but I can deal because that means that Kate Griffin's originality gets to stay on its pedestal for a bit longer.

Um, Merlin comes back today, which means that I'll get some degree of Gwen, this makes me so happy. I've read reports lauding this series premier spoiler-ish + Aiiingel's smile )

So flist, how's it going?
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Oh, Bradley James, how are you so awesome? why do you do this to me? why is the universe so large? what is the purpose of life?

As you can see, sixteen hours on a bus have not diminished one bit my natural urges for knowledge.

Folk, I adore that dude's dorkitude like I adore cake and kittens and freakin' trees, ok? don't judge me, you love him too.

He gets a tag for his coolness is on par with Ackles' and Quinto's. He shall be my squishy Beej, because I'm lame and tired atm.


Also, and possibly more importantly, I'm wearing my new Peanuts hoodie which I love because it's so cute. So. Cute.
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Ok, you crazy bunch. We've been doing some practice in my writing shop, and one of the prompts was to write a little piece to a provided photograph. I, being me, feel like taking this to the next level since I feel that doing this just once was not enough for me to fully enjoy it, you know, sample the textures and play around with it for a little while. I felt vaguely cheated out of it.

Now, the deal a present to you is as follows: you prompt me with two words, the first one I will use as a reference theme for a photograph, and the second will be the actual prompt for the written part of the composition. You can provide fandom, character or whatever else you feel would bracket the field.

Fandomwise, the usual suspects apply; original work is always a pleasure and the length would be kind of ficlet-ish (believe me, I could be more vague here).

Another option (because I really like you) would be for you to provide the photograph and the second word of the prompt. I want to work on my picture-taking skills a bit, yes, but I also want to expand my creative horizons, you see.

How 'bout it? Would you help a lost little soul out?


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