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Happy birthday [ profile] robanybody!!!!!!!1!!!11!!ONE!!

... this is what I get for all the time I spend on tumblr. .gifs ahoy!

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Thing The First: Happy Birthday [ profile] jamesinboots!!!! Best of best wishes for you, babe! Hope all is grand and sparkly today ::blows kiss::

Thing the Second: [ profile] rainbow_connec  totally sent me this lovely kiss v-gift which I had failed to notice until it hit me it was there, staring at me in unacknowledged hurt. No more, tho. Thank you, lady, it's very beautiful and thoughtful of you ::squishes you::

Now, back to being not-really-here with me.
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The fic wherein Merlin, Gwen and Arthur have ot3 (yeh, like that) shenanigans in space.

The other one wherein Gwen and Morgana are some sort of sprites from the woods that are attracted to Merlin's magic and so they've been bffs since times immemorial and then one day Arthur is camping with Merlin and the girls pop by to say hello and Arthur accidentally stumbles into Gwen and then moony eyes happen and the other two have to team up to make things happen. And then shenanigans.

The other other one wherein steampunk reins supreme and Gwaine cannot handle Morgana's corsets (and the subsequent cleavage) and Gwen's boots (the cutesy mid-shin-high ones with the laces that go all the way up). Merlin and Arthur mock him incessantly. Also, there are shenanigans.

And the one wherein the world ends through human stupidity (aka zombies or AIs gone native) and the foursome (plus Gwaine and Elyan) have to deal. Guess what? Shenanigans ensue. Modern AU.

Oh oh oh oh and the one where the ot3 is a PI team and Morgana hires them to find out about the mysterious death of her mother and her sister's disappearance when they were both kids. Uther has no idea what's coming to him. Modern AU or Noir style. Hey! Modern AU noir style!

Also, if you could point me in the direction of Arthur/Gwen/Merlin ot3-ness, I'd be greatly appreciative. Greatly.

Gosh, Merlin! Please give me back my brain.
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So, like, I know y'all are worried sick about my continued absence from this here land, but all's well and mostly manageable. That said:

Cas, dear, I am hitting you on all the places I know you might see this in order to make sure you, y'know, might see this.

Really, really, really hoping things have been looking up for you in the last eon since we last had communication of any kind. And if not, I'd like to take this opportunity to point you in the general direction of the giant finger I'm giving the universe on your behalf. Because you're made of awesomecakes with a frosting of cutesauce and decorated with amazeballs.

CAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!! how is you? ::tackle-hugs you::
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Fic, which I wrote for [info]roguemouse ages ago when she asked for it. In typica fashion, civilization has collapsed for reasons unspecified...

And she'll know me by the sound of my hoping, PG.
2058 words.
Title taken from Josh Ritter's Empty Hearts.
Beta'd by [info]too_rational who is a sweetheart and put up with my weird 'writers are odd folk' moments. A real trooper, that lady. All remaining errors are mine.

don't let me into this year with an emtpty heart, with an empty heart.
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You know what I hate? When all the milk cartons are sticky and stinky from previously spilled milk. I mean, I don't expect them to be cleaned if the spillage happened after they were put out on the fridge (they should be), the thing is that I suspect they were already in that state before, there is never any evidence of a milky mess (other than on the cartons themselves) that would justify/explain this sorry state of affairs.

If the mess happened while in storage, then CLEAN THE MFING CARTONS UP BEFORE PUTTING THEM ON THE FRIDGE!. Be kind to your customers, dude.

Had to wipe the crackers, veggie bags, the tea box plastic wrap, EVERYTHING. And it still stinks.

Er,  I could have not taken the milk, yes. But. I'm very finicky about milk and this supermarket is the only one that carries this brand which is the only one I like the taste of... so yeah. Also, I do have to have milk, WHAT WILL I PUT ON MY CEREAL, OTHERWISE?

Er #2 Tuesday, honey? I may need some hand-holding. Stop. Send help. Stop.
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::slaps forehad:: Almost forgot!

Happy birthday  [ profile] mfirefly
No idea which is your time zone, but it's 3.30 pm here so hopefully it still counts (?).

Anyway, the intentions remain pure and I still wish you the very best and much love and joy to come your way! Here's to you, dear *\0/*
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Apparently Democrats getting their ears flicked for using inappropriate words zomg! on the House floor was all the incentive my [insert inappropriate word here] needed to remember that nature has courses to follow and stuff.

I believe this one should be filed as Things About Me You Might Have Been Better Off Without Knowing...

Also, Thursday is very lucky that I like her plentifully. I'm actually considering stuff.

Finished reading The Kingmaking a few weeks ago and only just know it hits me what bothered me about it profusely spoilery review, be warned )

In other news, the sun is hot.


2/16/11 10:25
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Whooo, so many birthday girls on my flist today ::coughthreecough::

So, the happiest of Your Day days to [ profile] winterlive[ profile] la_esmeralda and [ profile] regala_electra. You're all wonderful and awesome ladies whose journals I've been lucky enough to lurk and bask in your amazing talents, so I guess being grateful for having found you in these crazy internet world counts as a happy birthday, doesn't it?

Much love and many hugs to the three of youses, dears!

Oooooh, I knowIknowIknow GROUP HUG!
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um... hi? I'm sort of maybe back. More like, easing myself back into the swing of things in a gentle and slow way so as not to scare myself in any undue fashion.

In the interest of achieving this noble goal of mine, would you point me in the direction of the fic I may have missed while pretending to be strong and independent and failing completely at fooling anyone least of all me? (INTERNET, I MISSED YOU DON'TEVERLEAVEMEAGAIN)

And meta. Gosh, I miss meta. Anything you found interesting in this department will do.

As usual, Pendragons-to-be, Merlin in general, Fringe where there's tons of Olivia and Astrid and Walter and hopefully Charlie and Broyles and the amount necessary of Peter, I suppose. But mostly Merlin folk being awesome and lovely and Gwen trumping everything in the universe with her awesome.

I need escapism, otherwise the family will never believe me when I tell them they'll be missed when I get back home. It's important they believe me as it is the truth, but they might doubt the honesty of emotions proffered as one runs away towards the nearest airplane and shouts farewells over one's shoulder.

How've y'all been doing lately? Do tell.


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