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So, my feelings on the show in general for a bit (half-last season through this last one, at least) have been lukewarm at best and it's mostly Jensen's shoulders that keep me coming back.

that said... )

Can someone explain to me why this was a two-parter?

Um, tho, there was this wee bit that may fall into place with this fic I'm writing for Thursday because she prompts weird stuff... it worries me when my thinking falls in semi-line with that of the people running this show.

Hey, check it! THE WORLD IS STILL HERE. Shocking, right? Maybe the Winchesters managed to prevent this one? For a change?
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In today's disturbing news, I've learned that the Fringe fandom has a very deep dislike of Alt!Olivia. Which baffles, because if anything, she's the living proof that Olivia is a badass in any and all universes.

So I guess it's a good thing I'm not actually active in this particular portion of the internet experience, do not need the trouble.

I happen to &hearts Alt!Olivia with her nascent moral quandaries and her ability to stick to the job even though it's kind of obvious there's a bond in the making with Peter and maybe even, to some extent, with Walter himself. Also, she can fake photographic memory, so, you know.

I'll sit here waiting for the blow-up after Olivia rescues her own awesome self and comes back to our universe and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Epic stuff is bound to happen.
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So, [ profile] too_rational  who is awesome and deserves so much pie for boosting the signal just linked to this fix for the newest sticky business LJ's got us into, for those of you who find this utterly incomprehensible and would really like to send LJ to a therapist or a counselor to deal with all of these self-destructive issues, while still sticking around.

In case you're tired of this cyclical crap and simply wish to whisk yourself away, I've DW codes available, so if you want them, just ask and they're yours.

On a different note, my mother called and we spoke for like fifteen minutes (we're remarkably terrible at speaking over the phone) which could be summed up with the phrase "I miss your cupcake face, child". She literally said that. That's what I'm grateful for today, my mom's love.

Let's see, yesterday I was kind of enthralled by JGL's incredibly otherworldly sheer brilliance and so forgot to post any kind of good-for-the-soul stuff, which turned out ok, considering how good for my soul he is. So thank you [ profile] robanybody   (I feel like this journal is slowly becoming your fanclub or something) for the vid provided and also, thank you universe for JGL.

Um... right. That's it. I'll go have some scones with my PB now (zomg I got PB!). Also, I feel like I need to point out how much I love this icon (Astrid!!!) so: I LOVE THIS ICON SO MUCH * ___*
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I just named a plant after Tom Welling...

Danners is to be held personally responsible for this.

Have a nice day.

Love, me.

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After expending the entire day freezing my ass off sorta babysitting for the neighbor, I come home and call my sister, it seemed like the thing to do, you know?

Much conversation is had and when the well of "all the things I've done with my winter break" runs dry this exchange follows:

S: So, anything interesting happened to you today?
Me:... I stubbed my toe?
S: (with all the wisdom of a ten-year-old) You're so silly sometimes. I meant something really interesting. And cool.
Me: (getting it) Oh, right, like all the interesting and cool things that constantly happen to you. Is it? Well?
S: Um, don't tell Dad yet, but I joined a rock band.
Me:Wow. I stubbed my toe.

I'm old, y'all! While my ten-year-old sister is out there, running around in her colorful parka and her rock band membership, I'm home early, stubbing my toe. ::headdesk::
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of work because, uh, I may have recently (as in thirteen seconds ago) become the not-so-proud owner of a copy of DeVour. Shut up.

 I swear to God, if I ever meet the Ackles, he is so getting a request to hand over my soul back, thank you very much.

I mean, wtf Evangeline?

DeVour.  Don't think I need to tell you how much headdeskery is going on around here, do I?

De-effing-Vour. Shut up, I said.


9/20/07 16:49
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Is it wrong that when walking down the street, I see men and deem them "not so attractive" if they're not, at least a little, bowlegged?


Oh, Ackles, the shit you've done to me. It's scary.
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-But the important one is:

Dear Flist:

I love y'all to death, but please to be stopping with the so-darn-active behavior when I'm not around to condone your spamming tendencies. Thank you.

Lotsa love, me.

-Moving on. We had to do this sex-ed thing in that high school I used to counsel for, and oh my god! the things a gilr's gotta listen to get her license to actually listen. There was this one girl who approached me personally after the main event (a lecture on safe sex, the advantages and procedures of, and then some Q&A session that featured the little genius who was yet to figure out how very not-pregnant anal sex can get you) and asked me about the common, early symptoms of pregnancy,  to then sigh in relief when I failed to include dry hands into the enumeration.

There was a lot of restrain on my part -and I really feel like I deserve a medal or something- in order to quash the impulse/need of repeatedly hitting my head against the desk right there because of forms and also, the girl really didn't know, and this is where my beef is, she was having sex (actively, as this one would appear to be at least the second freak out about a possible pregnancy) and not know what to look for in case there's something to be looked for, not to mention to allow that case in the first place! (clearly I did make a point out of individual hormone cycles and body chemistry, it was possible that in her, dry hands could mean a significant change in her body balance, but since I have very basic knowledge on that area it wouldn't be wise to just stay with my opinion and go to a doctor, then she specified it had been five months since her last period. That is just out of my hands, sent her to a doctor anyway, because it is a reason to be worry)

It's sex people, it is a serious issue and it is a big deal. Why is that so hard to understand? With sex comes a number of responsibilities that just cannot be overlooked in favor of praying and dancing under the moon, because that's just way less blush-inducing than going to a local library and borrow that little book with pictures in it. I mean, information is right there, all you gotta do is get over yourself and just go get it.

A guy came over after that and asked me if being a christian (I wear a crucifix around my neck) I considered sex a sin/crime. I asked him if he had a regular partner, if said partner was somebody else's official partner, if there had been raping involved, being these cases, imo, the ones that would step into sin/crime scenery (also the ones I could come up with at the moment to illustrate the point). Other possibilities involved ill intentions towards his partner and/or a possible third party, fear and insecurity in his relationship with his partner, insecurities about his own sexuality and some other potential situations that would have more to do with personal conceptions and, maybe, morality, than with the more general rules of religion and/or laws. Needless to say, after this I was pulled out from the table by the head professor to be lectured on the proper ways of answering that kind of dangerous questions. In his opinion, such questions should be answered in home, but then again, if there were answers back home, why would sex-ed be necessary in the first place? If there were answers back home, why would these questions be posed at all? So, in conclusion, the educational system kicks the ball into the family court, and the family neatly dodges it dumping the responsibility back on the school.

At the end of the day, it's the kids' fault that the hospital needs a especial wing to treat the ever-increasing amount of pregnancies and STD cases in teens (with an age range of thirteen to twenty-one years old)

I came home to sulk. Oh, the state of this world!


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