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And in today's dose of random:

guy: you look kind of Indian
me: huh?
guy: yeah, like your eyes, or something. I don't know, maybe some ancestor of yours was Indian?
me: huh?

While it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility, considering just how mixed my ancestry actually is, it still baffles me. Totally out of the left field!

Also, got rejected (by someone else, not the guy mentioned above) on the basis of my not being quite as blond as expected. That one kind of hurt. But bleh, to each their own.

Nothing else to report other than it's raining and I caught myself scouting for tattoo parlors today, which is a pretty strong indicator of my readiness to get inked again. Finally!
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Things wot I have learned from Love in the Time of Cholera Manticores Dragons.

my thoughts, let me show you them. )

In conclusion: CAN I HAS NEXT WEEK NAO, PLZ?

Fandom, we need to stage a moral support group for those of us ::coughmecough:: who can already see themselves loosing their hair and biting their nails to the darn quick in anticipation.

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zomg [livejournal.com profile] nyoka  look what I found!

In fact, you should all go there and be amazed at the genius of this man. Really.

I actually know a girl who does something similar with phone books, she's not in the internet though, still, I could probably go and snap a few pics of her work in her stand at the fair and then show it to you.

Ah, creativity, how you make my days.

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Day's been kind of rollercoastery, you guys.

Things of the ugh:

~ The former mother-in-law invited me over for her birthday lunch (it's their tradition), I wasn't really expecting an invite and then I wasn't really expecting to go but when I caught myself paying for the earrings I bought her, well, yes. I went. It was nice, I really do miss that part of my relationship with S, he's big on family stuff (in case you hadn't figured that out) and so am I, we used to bond over this. He was there, of course, and it wasn't half as awkward as I thought it would be, but I kinda wish it had been because now I'm all depressed because I really fucking miss him. Cue buckets of tears upon arriving home.

~ random person: so you write, I'm told.
me: uh, yeah I do. Who told you?
rp: M, she says it's not bad.
me: well, I do always appreciate ringing endorsements.
rp: aw c'mon, its not like what you write is real stuff, anyway.
me:... real stuff?
rp: yeah, like, it's not like some politically relevant essay or some kind of future literary gem. You know what I mean.
And he wasn't even being mean about it. I do know what he meant, but still, screw you asshole, you've never read a word I've written and how can you tell it's not politically relevant? (it isn't) or an actual piece of future literary gem?, maybe when I rule the world it'll become so. Stoopid people that hurt delicate feelings are stoopid. ::stomps foot::

Things of the  aw
~Max: you could totally be a hand model.
He's random like that.
~ PB&J sandwiches for breakfast. I loooooove peanut butter.
~ This site which Mousey led me to discover. Thanks babe!
~ The uni's counselor. She's such a sweetheart, I had no problem talking to her about my reasons to be there. At all. And, since we're on it, I got an email from my tutor letting me know my "feeling uncomfortable" around a single member of the group was enough for him to reassign me elsewhere. The wording and tone of the whole thing makes me think he might have clued in or at least suspected what my request was really about, which ups his brownie points with me considerably. You've no idea the relief this is.

Gonna go now because there're some things I need to deal with. Let you know how that works out. Love y'all heaps and heaps!


9/1/10 05:44
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You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get when the phone wakes you up at three in the morning and your first thought is that something's happened?


And then, after nearly knocking yourself out with the edge of the bedside table, slipping on the mat and freezing your feet after you've achieved the living-room in one piece, you pick up the phone and it turns out to be a wrong number. Which the person on the other side (who, unlike you, sounds totally awake and not thoroughly annoyed) tries to deny by means of telling you it is completely normal to be disoriented, after all you did get dragged out of bed just recently, now could I please put my mom on the phone?

Yeah. Thoroughly annoyed, flist. At three in the morning. I don't even want to know what was this person hoping to achieve by waking up and entire household at oh-so-early in the morning.

I did go right back to sleep though, so that's something.

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Yesterday I was entirely too grateful (is there such a thing as too grateful?) for green apples, for they are tart, juicy, crunchy paradise, I am convinced. Yes.

Today I'm very, very grateful for holidays-I've-yet-to-memorize. Today, Monday, we're celebrating (one day ahead, mind) either the death or the birth of San Martin here in Argentina, I, being the awful little person I can be, have not actually bothered looking up which one exactly, nor have I bothered learning historical stuff of relevance about this country even though I've been consuming it's resources for about six years now.

All of this, however, does not prevent me from being grateful for the extra day of laziness. I think you'll agree.

P.S.: the death, we're celebrating his death. Or should that be honoring his death by not concerning ourselves with the vagaries of normal weekdays?

Also commas. I love commas and am always grateful for them.
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So, dear, lovely, awesome, unparalleled ladies of my flist I come here today to suck up to you ask you a very serious question of great import: what do you think a matriarchal society should have/be like/work like? Why? (okay, so two questions, then).

I'm sort of playing around with world-building sandboxes and this may never percolate into anything beyond a mental exercise, so be warned. However, isn't this a great mental exercise? (hint: it is)
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I think I'm having an identity crisis of some sort. Like, I'm sitting here and I realized I don't even know when Spn's coming back, which might be mostly because I'm agonizing over the lack of new Merlin...

When did I change boats? I was not notified of this in a timely fashion. Not cool, self.

But. Merlin fic, I am gorging myself on it. And I'm loving how prevalently awesome Morgana is portrayed and how Future HQIC Gwen is written and this makes me SO HAPPY because, like, yes they are.

On second thought, maybe them burning Anna up in that episode where Mary and John totally stole the show did it for me, like, I find myself not really caring one way or another, just watching out of habit, and now I wonder if I'll still be around for the next season they've been promising. I think I'll stick around to see what's new and what remains.


::goes off to hunt appropriate icon::
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So, on the subject of Sherlock Holmes I have an issue/question/different point of view )

So, what gives? What was your experience in this respect?
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I, as per usual, have mixed feelings about this season's premiere.

in case you're interested )

I did enjoy it. So, mostly love?


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