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The last day of the Gratitude Project came and went. It was Tuesday, btw. And I'm still finding things to be grateful for, it's become subconscious, I think, this new way to look at things. So ultimately this is what I'm grateful for the most, the possibility to keep on being reminded that every little thing counts and it's us the ones keeping score so it falls to us to not let them go by unnoticed, unappreciated.

As you guys know, this year has been tremendously craptastic for me, in a variety of ways and colors, but I think having done this gratitude thing put everything, if maybe not in perspective, in a definite contrast which, I feel, balances it all out (to a point, mind). And so. Cheers to gratefulness, man.

On another note, one of my kids was sick yesterday, and then a fight broke out during recess, so I wound up with miscellanea DNA practically all over me.

Little Boy: Miss, I don't feel too well.
Me: You do look a bit pale, what do you feel?
LB: My belly aches.
Me: think you'll be sick?
LB: Nooo (silly me, asking such embarrassing questions)
Me: well, let me get J here and you and I can go to the nurse station, ok?
LB: Ok.
I turn around to call for J to come and keep an eye on the classroom.
Classroom at large: ewww
My shoes: ewww
Little Girl in the Corner: BLEARGH (she's sympathetic like that)
Classroom at large: EWWWWW.

Yeah. We had to take the kids out to the yard so the janitor could come in and clean up. I was so embarrassed for some reason, having to call him to tidy up for me. LB just had something that disagreed with him, it's nothing contagious or deadly, it will not eat us up from the inside as one helpful kid suggested ::facepalm::. Then there was recess and two older boys decided it'd be the best thing ever to try and see who's teeth flew out first, in trying to break them up I got a punch to the arm which promptly bruised and afterward there was blood on my top from, presumably, airborne droplets when one of them succeeded in knocking a tooth out of from other one. Or maybe it was from the bloodied nose. IT TOOK FOUR OF US to break them apart. Teenage hormones, man.

So yeah, yesterday was a very eventful day. Today I'm watching Fringe because there is such a thing as balance in this universe (by this logic, next year I'll be crowned Goddess Supreme).

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Haven't forgotten about the Gratitude Project. Just been squeeing over Merlin busy with other stuff.

To catch up, here's a recap:

Friday. Green apples in my veggie tacos. Yes, oh god yes! Why didn't I think of this before? she wonders. Just, a world of YES.

Saturday. Bradley James' undiluted awesome led me, of course, to rewatch Labyrinth. And since I was reminiscing about the part of my childhood that was filled with awesomecakes, I also rented Neverending Story (the first one as the other two were kinda crappy). Lovely, lovely thing to do on a Saturday night, let me tell you. So, I guess I should thank both [personal profile] pandarus  for providing the original link and Mr James for providing the need to revisit  Great Moments of My Life?

Sunday. I got to crash for, like, seven uninterrupted hours, which is hugely amazing considering that for the last few days (as in nearly the entire week!) I'd only managed bouts of two to three hours of sleep. ::sigh:: Seven hours, y'all.

Monday. Well, I know it's not even properly begun yet, I mean, it's still dark outside and I haven't showered, but coffee was had and so NEW DAY, which means that I'm totally green-lighted to be thankful for The Inception Gender and Chromatic Switch Post. Because yes, this is also a world of yes.

Since we're on the topic, do you know what would be a great crossover? Inception/Fringe. Like, maybe a fusion, more than an actual crossover. I would read that.

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Still alive. Tired as hell since my insomnia is back and is taking revenge for all the rain checks I've given it. It sucks pretty massively.

However, sleepless nights mean hours thralling through YouTube in the quest for soul nourishment.

Like, for example, Corinne Bailey Rae doing a cover of Led Zeppelin and The Raconteurs. My soul, you guys, it is hers. This item totally falls into the "Things I Am Grateful For" folder of my life.

Other things that belong in that folder:

* Fic. I've been up at all hours of the night reading fic which is always a plus (if you're going to be awake, anyway). And so, a rec: What Grew Inside Who, by [ profile] imigination. It's Alice through the looking glass all Camelot style, which is what it reminds me of, maybe because I've never gotten around to Lost in Austen?. Be that as it may, it's excellent and I've read it twice already (because of the wide-open state of my eyes, you see).

*Um, I've sworn off coffee for the time being, it never really had an exciting effect on me, but just in case. Besides, awake and jittery is no way to go through life. No coffee means a whole lot of tea though, which is always, always a Good Thing. Especially this Argentinian blend variety I just discovered, if you can get your hands on some, do.

*Got my hair cut, all shoulder-length and no-need-to-comb-it. It is wonderful. Because I don't need to comb it.
L: so basically, your comb has become redundant in your life.
Me: This is like finding the Holy Grail!

*My kids had a cooking project, right? and they decided to make muffins (I was secretly hoping for them to pop Bradley James out of the oven, or something. I believe in magic, ok?). Which they then thought to bring over to the rest of the staff so that we could all enjoy the fruits of their labor. Not a single one was properly done, but that was okay because it meant we got to stuff our faces with icing. Much fun was had by all.

So, flist. How goes it?


9/11/10 05:19
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You guys, this comes first and foremost: A Christian church in Memphis has opened its doors to the local Muslim community, letting them worship there until construction is completed on their mosque.Which I learned about via [personal profile] tielan. Needless to say, this makes me feel so joyful. My hope in mankind, let me show you it. This I am grateful for today.

I've also learned that:
~ For some reason I can no longer read Arthur/Morgana fic. I just can't. Don't ask why, it's beyond me, clearly the hot gets completely undermined by the siblingness? Idk.
~ I can face up to people who hurt me and tell them exactly why they hurt me and where they can stuff their ill-timed courting attempts without breaking into tears. I was ever so grateful for this on Thursday. I feel so strong. Of course I did break down in the shower a few hours later, but still ::gives self a pat on the back::
~ Whenever a book goes missing, L's house ought to be searched before I go through more unlikely places, like say, my own bookshelves... I still love her though, she has a really good taste in literature.
~ Dreaming about my grandfather means I'll wake up and remember the dream and feel vaguely peaceful for the rest of the day. Thank you, subconscious for that one.
~ I am not allowed to call Max cutesy childhood nicknames in front of girls he's trying to impress. No matter how behind the general idea they get, it is not how he wants them to think of him.
~ Felix Castor's life is rather eventful. Which is awesome because London makes urban fantasy all the more interesting for reasons I cannot comprehend and, honestly, don't really care about. I love how it reminds me of A Madness of Angels in the way the city is such a character in the story, not just location. Of course, it's levels of protagonism are nowhere near those of AMoA, but I can deal because that means that Kate Griffin's originality gets to stay on its pedestal for a bit longer.

Um, Merlin comes back today, which means that I'll get some degree of Gwen, this makes me so happy. I've read reports lauding this series premier spoiler-ish + Aiiingel's smile )

So flist, how's it going?
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So, [ profile] too_rational  who is awesome and deserves so much pie for boosting the signal just linked to this fix for the newest sticky business LJ's got us into, for those of you who find this utterly incomprehensible and would really like to send LJ to a therapist or a counselor to deal with all of these self-destructive issues, while still sticking around.

In case you're tired of this cyclical crap and simply wish to whisk yourself away, I've DW codes available, so if you want them, just ask and they're yours.

On a different note, my mother called and we spoke for like fifteen minutes (we're remarkably terrible at speaking over the phone) which could be summed up with the phrase "I miss your cupcake face, child". She literally said that. That's what I'm grateful for today, my mom's love.

Let's see, yesterday I was kind of enthralled by JGL's incredibly otherworldly sheer brilliance and so forgot to post any kind of good-for-the-soul stuff, which turned out ok, considering how good for my soul he is. So thank you [ profile] robanybody   (I feel like this journal is slowly becoming your fanclub or something) for the vid provided and also, thank you universe for JGL.

Um... right. That's it. I'll go have some scones with my PB now (zomg I got PB!). Also, I feel like I need to point out how much I love this icon (Astrid!!!) so: I LOVE THIS ICON SO MUCH * ___*
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Things to be grateful for:

Saturday: Green tea with a splash of orange juice. Smooth Heaven, I call it.

Sunday: William Gibson's Bridge Trilogy suddenly sneaking its way into my peripheral vision at a second-hand books store. No need to explain the wonderful hours I've spent basking in his ability to bullseye words and metaphors, now do I? Miss Molly Millions fiercely, but I'm making do.

Monday: I had this really crazy crossover idea while in the shower, as one does. It involves (wait for it...) Merlin and (wait some more...) Inception. Uther would be the Cobb-like character, naturally. Arthur would be the point man and general badass of surprising depths of competence (and emotion, him being him and all). Gwen would be the architect because she would so love the whole creation part, and she'd also be the heart of the team while remaining quietly badass in her own adorable mixture of fumbly unflappability (say that three times fast). Morgana would be the forger, and when Uther went to get her from wherever it is she took off to, he'd have to use Arthur's name because she's loyal to her (maybe) half-brother in a way she could never be to her (maybe not) father, because this particular relationship is seriously complicated and she'd rather do without. But Arthur is her bro and she'll fight the ocean if it seems to be encroaching on him ::has her very own cannon::. And Merlin, as Gaius' apprentice, would be the chemist who would also double as the wildcard (otherwise known as the tourist) who gets things done when all the others got their hands full, and as such is essential for the team's completeness.

I don't think I'll be writing this one, though. Or if I do, it won't be any time soon. Idek. Merlin's eating my brain. I also cooked up this one scenario where Greek mythology met Dune and converged on Merlin... I would get me a new distraction but season 3 is fast approaching and so it would be an exercise in futility. Oh, well.

Tuesday: This one, yes. This morning I woke up to find in my inbox the visual of Kat's fist knocking a certain asshole's lights out, which made my day very early. I suspect this will continue to provide glee for a long while, as these things go. Thank you Kat, ILU SO MUCH!

As well as I love very muchly the rest of the perfectly fantastic ladies who've made me disregard my 'oh shit!' moment upon realizing I'd forgotten to block the comments on that last post as I intended to. Screw that, y'all rock and make me smile so hard. Come now, group hug ::hugs you all::
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Today I am grateful because I picked up my notebook and WROTE SOMETHING. Of the fannish variety, that is. And I like it.

Not sure it'll go anywhere, but since I've been spending unholy amounts of time not paying attention in class thinking up ways to crossover the Codex Alera with Merlin, I thought it would be interesting to see if it took any kind of shape if I sat down and played with it for a bit. It did?

I think. Maybe.

Though its actually some sort of patchwork thing made with elements from the Kencyrath universe, Aleran furies and my own Arthurian preferences... good luck, ye who enter here.

Whatever, I'm happy with it. Thoroughly unbeta'd as I just finished it and HAD TO TELL SOMEBODY.

OMG I WROTE SOMETHING! Thanks for inspiration, man. Really.
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Yesterday I woke up to this Doctor/River shipper manifesto over at [ profile] het_reccers . Which is wonderful and glittery, not to mention the fact that short fic means that I get to read each and every one of them before even heading out to face the world. Clearly the rest of my day was colored by the knowledge that this precious little gems existed and were, somehow, a part of my life now that I'd swam in those waters. Seriously. All of the recs in there are perfect, delicate things that sent my heart a-fluttering with their well-aimed punches to the gut. It's like having autumn for a second time in the same year.

Today, after watching Inception for a second time yesterday, I came looking for fic and remembered [ profile] vinylroad   had written something which I'd mentally bookmarked in order to get to it after I'd seen the movie. Haven't read it yet, but mostly because I found a previous post of hers where there are, guess what, RECS OF FICS FOR PAIRINGS I SORT OF MADLY SHIP. So, there. Maybe today will be just as glorious (albeit in a different way, I guess, since I'll likely not be asking myself WWRSD, but WWAD [wherein 'A' stands for either Ariadne and/or Arthur, such versatility!], right?) as yesterday simply because I started with the right foot.

Bonus gratefulness for the chance to read Ursula K. LeGuin before bed last night and first thing in the morning today as I had my breakfast. GLORY, I say.
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So, today I am braving attempting to make good and proper bread, which is to say, an actual loaf I can slice and toast and butter up like Mother Nature intended bread to be sliced, toasted and buttered up. Not one of those wussies I tend to make. The dough did not raise much at all much that I can tell, but the texture was kind of lovely so we're expecting a potentially dense (like, very dense) flat-bread. Or something. Shall we cross our fingers?

I have been grateful for a number of things lately, I've just not been letting you know.

Saturday was a good day to thank early morning phone calls from semi-estranged brothers whom have not been picking up your phone calls. He said he wasn't home when I rang. Which I did at random times for about two weeks only to get bored of the (possibly ignored) ringing. He apologized, I forgave him with severe misgivings and we moved onto bigger and better subjects such as what we've been eating.

Sunday was the day when the camera got dusted off and we proceeded to pretend to know what we were doing in front of beautiful pieces of local architecture like this one. I love taking pictures, people. This you already knew, I presume, but still it bears repeating. So I kept saying how wonderful an invention photographic cameras were and how grateful I was for them.

Monday was a tough one solely on the merits of it being Monday, but like I read somewhere (in the Codex Alera series) a snake cannot help being a snake, and so Mondays should not be blamed for being the beginning of the week. Still, happiness was to be found on that perfect muffin I shared with a former teacher whom I ran into at the coffeeshop. She was lovely as usual, but had to run and thus the sharing part, which was more along the lines of her leaving her half-eaten muffin for me to finish because she hates eating on the bus. So I lucked out. We made a note to keep in touch and she's already texted me back to tell me she's saved my cell phone number.

Today's been wonderfully cool and sunny. Unlike last week when we had 28o C ::is too lazy to convert to F:: and everybody was in a fright over the coming summer. You guys, it's going to be positively hellish. We should still have about a month left of winter and yet here I am, breaking out the t-shirts and sleeve-less tops. I do not approve. Today though was lovely enough for me to dare turning on the oven and fail at try my hand at bread.

It's out! Kind of focaccia looking? Except brown and with no onions or tomatoes or anything of the sort. It's fully done though, so that counts as a win.
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~ On Wednesday I was deeply and profoundly grateful for Inception. I don't think I need to explain this.

~ On Tuesday I thanked my lucky starts that the groceries store opened early enough for me to go un-empty my fridge before school. And for lattes.

~ Today I'm ever so grateful to the person who called Bradley James a Lust Muffin. To his face. Uh, careful with that link, it's an interview and it's spolery as only Merlin folk know how to be. Still. Lust. Muffin. Man, I'd've paid gold to see Angel's face to that one (she was there as well).

I have a headache. I've had a headache for the better (or would that be the worse) part of the day, my stomach's been upset for the same amount of time. I want this bastard to go away before I go to bed, mostly because I won't be able to actually go to bed for realsies until the headache is gone. Please brain, stop acting out, thanks.

ETA: Found this link to the above mentioned Lust Muffin thing (it's now stuck in my head with capitals, yes). No spoilers other than Bradley's observational skills.


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