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Me: defo my OTP.
Her:, Orgasmic Tipping Point?
Me: ♥ _ ♥ not before you called it that.

Also tagged: CANNOT UNSEE (in a good way).

OT: anybody know if there is a way to disabilitate Windows 7's little pop-up lock thing-y that ANNOYS THE HELL OUT ME whenever the capslock key is pressed? It's taken it upon itself to keep me from writing until it's gone, used to be I could ignore it and carry on happily even if it was still there getting in the way. BE GONE YE EFFER.
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32 hours of travelling later, I'm not unpacking. Or eating, or sleeping or doing anything particularly productive because I figured out how to use internet with Windows 7 even though my modem is for XP... I is so bloody cool I can totally sit here and gloat while doing nothing else but.

::gloats profusely::

Gosh, I'm tired. BUT already went to the supermarket and it seems that the acquisition of foodstuffs trumps access to internet, this is what I learned today, so it's not like the entire day was wasted. I also bought some arabian coffee which is supposed to be interesting because it has cardamom and I love cardamom so the conclusion that this coffee would also be loved was jumped into by yours truly, let cha know how that works out.

I'mma go now and gloat on the floor of my own place. Naked. Eating chocolate BECAUSE NO ONE CAN SEE ME AS I AM BACK TO MY SOLITUDE.
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Stuff which I feel like sharing with you today.

Say, these quests are so high on the Second Hand Embarrassment Scale for me, but this one is actually kind of cute. Bradly is his usually ridiculous self with the humming and the forgetting names and the GIVING GWEN'S LAST NAME and the remembering names at the last moment. And Colin's FACE, you guise ♥ _ ♥

Bradly James. Subject: Merlin )

Still on Merlin you could at least try to look mildly shocked, people, there's some meta here by [ profile] selenak that articulates, rather nicely, the reasons why my idea of Morgana always differed so greatly from that of general fandom.

Further on Morgana, [ profile] zahrawithaz posits the reasons why Merlin telling her about his magic might not be the All-Mighty Fix-It-All some of us tend to think it would have been. I agree. Also check out her meta on privilege and power which is linked to at the beginning of the entry. Actually check out everything in that journal, yeah?

Still on the meta front, obligatory River/Eleven Feminist Manifesto, which lays down every single reason why River Song is a poem written for my particular brand of feminism.

Intelligent Design is a vid wherein there is no meta, per se, but there is Olivia Dunham shamelessly kicking ass and taking names. Which is a bit meta-y in and of itself. I would also recommend you check out [ profile] beccatoria's other entries on Fringe as they are meta-tastic and very well justified. Also she ships Peter/Alt!Olivia which I didn't think I did until she explained to me why I didn't think I did.

Sorry, the only pic of pretty for today will have to be this nebula which reminds me of why I fangirl the universe in such a hardcore way.
APOD-NGC 6357 )

Have a nice day, my loves!

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Apparently there's a new Dune movie confirmed, now this will either be fantastically marvelous or tremendously painful. Whichever way it goes, it's gonna be epic.

Not sure how I feel about this. I need to know who's gonna script it, direct it and such. Until then...

ETA: um, yeah, the article actually says Peter Berg will be directing it, but I still need to know who's gonna write the script and who's gonna play Leto Atreides, yis.
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The best friend produced this article about a math code that had been finally solved after 38 years, and of course there is a reason why this guy is my BFF, he knows me, so he knows that stuff like this attracts my attention in inexplicable ways and for equally ineffable reasons.

Which is all very good, you know, in the spirit of learning and expanding horizons, etc, etc. Except. We dragged my boyfriend into it, and now the three of us find ourselves knee-deep in enemy territory wherein the only form of communication is through meaningful glances that mostly mean: what in the hell is this? Or the variation: why are we spending our saturday night doing this?, although my personal favorite is: why in the name of God am I thinking about this?

We are still trying to figure out whether The Road Coloring Problem actually translates into anything in real words. We refuse to give up, I'm taking this as a sign of extreme hard-headedness (pun probably intended, I'm not sure yet) as well as temporary insanity.

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of work because, uh, I may have recently (as in thirteen seconds ago) become the not-so-proud owner of a copy of DeVour. Shut up.

 I swear to God, if I ever meet the Ackles, he is so getting a request to hand over my soul back, thank you very much.

I mean, wtf Evangeline?

DeVour.  Don't think I need to tell you how much headdeskery is going on around here, do I?

De-effing-Vour. Shut up, I said.


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