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On the upside: I stayed up all night writing fic.
On the downside: I stayed up all night writing fic.

Idk, man. 

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1. I love fanfic. Like, I feel like I'm cheating my reading ambitions if there's no fanfic on any of my open tabs. It's embarrassing. 
2. I remembered my lj's password! Again! 

P.S.: Chris Evans' mom is kind of really awesome, okay? I may be fangirling her a bit more than appropriate... shuddup. 
P.P.S.: Vanessa Mae is a balm for the sleepless soul. 
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How much do I love that since it's sunday my neighbors have foregone all sense of propriety and have been blasting some admittedly high quality rock music since about 5.30 in the morning?

I've been up since four, so I'm cool with this, but imagine if I were sleeping peacefully and suddenly there's this guitar riff interrupting my bliss?. I would not be down with that, I presume.

zomg they're playing Incubus rightthissecond! I haven't listened to them gods in so long... maybe I'll send a fruit basket around at some point.
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Yup, still kicking. As you'd know if you're[profile] mustbethursday3 I've left some comment on one of your posts...

Anyway. I've been reading surprisingly less-disappointing-than-expected books lately and this seems to have taken over my entire week. When I'm not commenting on someone else's entries in lieu of making my own. Um, maybe I should, at some point, share my views in regards to the literature I've been indulging in lately, I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.

Here, have some pretties to make up for my neglect.

Emma )

Jasika )

Frida )

Gwen. Of course. )
Inara )

Sabrida Shing )

Chiwetel )

Aaaaaand, because there is beauty everywhere, here's something that's made my geeky heart happy.


Before I go and let you get back to, surely, more important and less useless things, I'll give you some baffling to be baffled at, yeah?
Nicaragua accidentally invades Costa Rica because of Google Doodles Maps.

Have a nice Merlin Day, aka Saturday. Whatever.

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Hai thar! Have not been much away from the computer, or the internet for that matter, in case you were wondering. I've just been mighty distracted by shiny things going on in the Wonderful Realm of Wonderland (aka, INTERNET, in case you hadn't figured that one out)

Also, I need coffee and didn't sleep much last night despite my heartiest attempts at it. I even dug out this book that NEVER FAILS TO BORE ME TO TEARS OF SLEEPINESS and actually finally finished it (yay?) it was just as awful as I thought it would be, though (no yay?). What the hell body? It's like you want to get a migraine, you loser! Gosh.


~There have been pr0ny shenanigans taking place over at the Let's Get Arthur and Gwen Laid Campaign (with each other, people. Not with other folk. Unless it goes like A/G+Other Folk, in which case, they're all welcome and are hoped to enjoy their stay), which has been due for about three seasons now and it swiftly became my favoritest place to hang out this long weekend past. It's shiny, it's funny, it's porny and it's generally wonderful. Go check it.

~I'm coveting this hat so much. Must learn to knit.

~Tumblr continues to be lovely and provide me with gorgeousness to tide me over while another prompt gets filled in the aforementioned campaign.

untitled )

Neil Gaiman's Endless )

~Must. Stop. Casting. Kiera Knightly in every fantasy casting I come up with. I feel like it's all her and Zoe Saldana. And Angel Coulby, recently... must broaden my horizons.

~Barackles, love, how are you? ::sends smoke signals::

~You guys, I really want to sleep! like rilly rilly for realsies. ::whines::

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Still alive. Tired as hell since my insomnia is back and is taking revenge for all the rain checks I've given it. It sucks pretty massively.

However, sleepless nights mean hours thralling through YouTube in the quest for soul nourishment.

Like, for example, Corinne Bailey Rae doing a cover of Led Zeppelin and The Raconteurs. My soul, you guys, it is hers. This item totally falls into the "Things I Am Grateful For" folder of my life.

Other things that belong in that folder:

* Fic. I've been up at all hours of the night reading fic which is always a plus (if you're going to be awake, anyway). And so, a rec: What Grew Inside Who, by [ profile] imigination. It's Alice through the looking glass all Camelot style, which is what it reminds me of, maybe because I've never gotten around to Lost in Austen?. Be that as it may, it's excellent and I've read it twice already (because of the wide-open state of my eyes, you see).

*Um, I've sworn off coffee for the time being, it never really had an exciting effect on me, but just in case. Besides, awake and jittery is no way to go through life. No coffee means a whole lot of tea though, which is always, always a Good Thing. Especially this Argentinian blend variety I just discovered, if you can get your hands on some, do.

*Got my hair cut, all shoulder-length and no-need-to-comb-it. It is wonderful. Because I don't need to comb it.
L: so basically, your comb has become redundant in your life.
Me: This is like finding the Holy Grail!

*My kids had a cooking project, right? and they decided to make muffins (I was secretly hoping for them to pop Bradley James out of the oven, or something. I believe in magic, ok?). Which they then thought to bring over to the rest of the staff so that we could all enjoy the fruits of their labor. Not a single one was properly done, but that was okay because it meant we got to stuff our faces with icing. Much fun was had by all.

So, flist. How goes it?

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I may or may not have spent the entire afternoon neglecting my duties procrastinating not writing stuff reading ST fic. And, um, most of it may or may not have been Sulu centric. It's not confirmed yet, the jury's still out (or refusing to come back in because they, as I, may be kind of embarrassed by the undeniably unanimously reached verdict), but I may or hey, may not, have a thing for Sulu's unrelenting awesomeness.


::patiently waits until her ST fever dies down a bit:: ::she means it, dammit::

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Oh Dark Angel, I wish I knew how to quit choo.

Except. Not really.

See? the thing with this show is how the relationships played out, and my absolute belief that, eventually, Max would have grown into the high, high role her existence demanded she took. I do belief she needed to go through with Logan for a little while, stop with the moony eyes and longing sighs, get that ball rolling, I mean, when your OTP needs such contrivances as genetically designed viruses to keep them apart thus keeping the interest and mystery going, then you know you've got a problem because, as dramatic and romantic as it might seem, it only tells you that as soon as the lovebirds get together, things are gonna stop being so smooth and you're gonna have to face them with the reality of the fantasies they'd placed on each other and the relationship.

They both thought the other was gonna be their savior, Logan was in it because she seemed like the one who'd understand his devotion to doing the right thing, while Max was interested in the possibility of normal he offered. But realistically, how long could this have lasted? How many bridges would they be able to successfully build to transit across their differences? How many bridges would this require?

I do ship Max/Logan, but only in this capacity, as an experience they both need to go through in order to move on with their lives, grow through each other and finally, ft into where they belong. Which is not to say they are not meant to be together, they are similar enough to make that work, just not romantically. Methinks.

I also ship (hardcore) Max/Alec, and this is beyond my Alec/the rest of the world ship too. Mostly I think Max needs someone like Alec to open up her eyes to the reality of what and who she really is, what the world around her is and what it could be like, he's the exact opposite to Logan in that respect., he brings forward the possibility of a different kind of fairy tale, one where Max doesn't become the princess to a normal man, doesn't get her dream of normality but she does get to become the princess of a bunch of freaks just like her, she gets to fulfill her dreams of belonging and a family. I see this a the ultimate question she'd have to ask herself, which would be best? which does she want the most? which would make her truly happy? The thing with Alec (as with Logan) is that he can make this happen for her, can channel that new self-awareness for Max without getting into romantic entanglements with her. Though I do love the platonic-ness of their relationship, it's utterly cute.

And Joshua. Man, I love Joshua. I love how every character relates so distinctly to him, and how this tells us so much about them, as much as it tells us about Josh himself. He's a great character (whom tends to get butchered in fic, I find) and he's totally one of the most missed characters for me. Him and Alec. And him with Alec, I love how they took to each other (once Max's blessing was given, of course).

And this was brought to you by my denial to study and write school-sanctioned fiction! Joy.

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I'm smashed, you guys! Last night was spent studying for this quiz that did not happen because the professor forgot about it!! ::bangs head against wall::

And then? It was a hella hot day! I'm moving to one of those corners of the Earth where the sun never freaking shines! Heard there's a lot of depression going on in those places, so there'll be job for me. I'm all set, see?

I'mma go crash now. But first, a meme:

snagged from [ profile] roguemouse
The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

Knock yourselves out!

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Since I can't breathe properly without stopping entirely, I've spent the better part of the night reading (when I wasn't toying around with layouts and such), and finished an entire book in less than one night. I'm flabbergasted. Granted it wasn't such a long book, but the feat remains a feat.

Corollary to this, is the absolute erasure of any lingering doubt that García Márquez is the love of my life my most favorite writer, above them all he stands, tall and proud, no number of dystopias, no amount of epic fantasies can compete, that's right, not even the Professor himself stands next to him.

Ironically To Kill a Mockingbird (which, btw [profile] merykey you have to get your hands on this one, you cannot die without having read this book) remains my unquestionably most favorite piece of literature, so far. You know, in a perfect world, Harper Lee would have written more than one book but, alas. Either way, that's neither here, nor there.

Point is, a great step has been taken for me today, I can now honestly say that this is the man whose work I'll take with me to be stranded on a deserted island.

And in case you were wondering, the all-nighter was Chronicle of a Death Foretold, this must have been the third time round, I think. God, I love that man.

OK then, nut case signing off!


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