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And today, on things what are good:

1. Lust, Caution. It had been recommended to me with flying colors, and I knew what the story was about and how it ended, but still. Punch. To. The. Gut. Beautifully done and acted and it features Wang Lee Hom's face. You should all go watch it. 

As long as you're over eighteen, okay? because I never ignored raitings. 

2. Fixing It. Which is pretty much the story of how I'm now maybepossiblytoacertainextentandonlyinfics/fanart shipping Makorra. Shuddup. It's very well done and, as the author says, proves how the ship could have been something really fantastic with only a few little tweaks here and there. Minimum tweaks, even. Just slight inklings of character growth and we'd have been there

This was brought to you by my conflicted feelings over Mako's general existence... ::facepalm::

Also, these are neat too:
Her Consort by Aimsaru (Korra/Mako, R)
let the butterflies cry by Nautica Dawn (Korra/Asami, Asami/Korra/Mako, R)
The Cave by masksarehot (Amon/Korra. But not like that. I mean, yes like that, but it's not creepy, nor does it have all the inherent power dynamics I would expect such a pairing to have, it's about how they have the same goals but go about achieving them in completely different directions and how they negotiate these differences, while being completely hot for each other. Bonus points for Amon's third IC being his total bff, and utterly HBIC. Oh, and Amon's not Tarrlok's brother and there is a scar on his face and going any further would be hugely spoilery. R) 

Apparently I just really want Korra to get laid. Btw, I am NOT shipping Amorra. I just really dig that fic. Because it's a good fic. 

On things what aren't so good: I still have a headache. Which meas I was only able to bag two-and-a-half hours of sleep, which explains the fic-reading, movie-watching spree. It will also explain all the jokes I'll be missing today. 

Hmmm, I'm sitting here considering the possibility of making a Zuko/Katara rec list. In case anyone on here would like to read it. By which I mean, in case PIPER would like to read it. These lands are deserted these days. 
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Lbr tho, what do you need a whole work-out/walking down the street/jumping up and down playlist for, when Sia is titanium

Think on that.
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1. I love fanfic. Like, I feel like I'm cheating my reading ambitions if there's no fanfic on any of my open tabs. It's embarrassing. 
2. I remembered my lj's password! Again! 

P.S.: Chris Evans' mom is kind of really awesome, okay? I may be fangirling her a bit more than appropriate... shuddup. 
P.P.S.: Vanessa Mae is a balm for the sleepless soul. 


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