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Stuff which I feel like sharing with you today.

Say, these quests are so high on the Second Hand Embarrassment Scale for me, but this one is actually kind of cute. Bradly is his usually ridiculous self with the humming and the forgetting names and the GIVING GWEN'S LAST NAME and the remembering names at the last moment. And Colin's FACE, you guise ♥ _ ♥

Bradly James. Subject: Merlin )

Still on Merlin you could at least try to look mildly shocked, people, there's some meta here by [ profile] selenak that articulates, rather nicely, the reasons why my idea of Morgana always differed so greatly from that of general fandom.

Further on Morgana, [ profile] zahrawithaz posits the reasons why Merlin telling her about his magic might not be the All-Mighty Fix-It-All some of us tend to think it would have been. I agree. Also check out her meta on privilege and power which is linked to at the beginning of the entry. Actually check out everything in that journal, yeah?

Still on the meta front, obligatory River/Eleven Feminist Manifesto, which lays down every single reason why River Song is a poem written for my particular brand of feminism.

Intelligent Design is a vid wherein there is no meta, per se, but there is Olivia Dunham shamelessly kicking ass and taking names. Which is a bit meta-y in and of itself. I would also recommend you check out [ profile] beccatoria's other entries on Fringe as they are meta-tastic and very well justified. Also she ships Peter/Alt!Olivia which I didn't think I did until she explained to me why I didn't think I did.

Sorry, the only pic of pretty for today will have to be this nebula which reminds me of why I fangirl the universe in such a hardcore way.
APOD-NGC 6357 )

Have a nice day, my loves!

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Yup, still kicking. As you'd know if you're[profile] mustbethursday3 I've left some comment on one of your posts...

Anyway. I've been reading surprisingly less-disappointing-than-expected books lately and this seems to have taken over my entire week. When I'm not commenting on someone else's entries in lieu of making my own. Um, maybe I should, at some point, share my views in regards to the literature I've been indulging in lately, I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.

Here, have some pretties to make up for my neglect.

Emma )

Jasika )

Frida )

Gwen. Of course. )
Inara )

Sabrida Shing )

Chiwetel )

Aaaaaand, because there is beauty everywhere, here's something that's made my geeky heart happy.


Before I go and let you get back to, surely, more important and less useless things, I'll give you some baffling to be baffled at, yeah?
Nicaragua accidentally invades Costa Rica because of Google Doodles Maps.

Have a nice Merlin Day, aka Saturday. Whatever.

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Yesterday I woke up to this Doctor/River shipper manifesto over at [ profile] het_reccers . Which is wonderful and glittery, not to mention the fact that short fic means that I get to read each and every one of them before even heading out to face the world. Clearly the rest of my day was colored by the knowledge that this precious little gems existed and were, somehow, a part of my life now that I'd swam in those waters. Seriously. All of the recs in there are perfect, delicate things that sent my heart a-fluttering with their well-aimed punches to the gut. It's like having autumn for a second time in the same year.

Today, after watching Inception for a second time yesterday, I came looking for fic and remembered [ profile] vinylroad   had written something which I'd mentally bookmarked in order to get to it after I'd seen the movie. Haven't read it yet, but mostly because I found a previous post of hers where there are, guess what, RECS OF FICS FOR PAIRINGS I SORT OF MADLY SHIP. So, there. Maybe today will be just as glorious (albeit in a different way, I guess, since I'll likely not be asking myself WWRSD, but WWAD [wherein 'A' stands for either Ariadne and/or Arthur, such versatility!], right?) as yesterday simply because I started with the right foot.

Bonus gratefulness for the chance to read Ursula K. LeGuin before bed last night and first thing in the morning today as I had my breakfast. GLORY, I say.
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So, it's just hit me, and entire season has gone by without me publicizing to the internets how squeeful I get whenever Eleven is on my screen.

Shame on me.

let's rectify that )

Ahem, yes. Today should be interesting. England at 11 am (heee Eleven, should I take this as a sign?) local time and then Argentina at 15.30. Seems like this Sunday is shaping up to be a Very Emotional Day for me.

Things what I've been doing: counting how many books I've read so far this year. Grand total: 47. Idek. Apparently I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE. School books not included, which is sad. So, recs to come because some of them have been truly outstanding.
Uh, disclaimer: not all of these were door stoppers, guys. Some where very short (ish) and in ebook format which makes reading them while eating and ignoring the phone rather easier. Also I have four forty-five minutes long bus rides to clock in every day so... there's the time.


Wow, I'm posting...
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Thing the First. Does anyone know whether the fic where the Doctor and River Tam met has been written? And if so, could that anyone, carrier of knowledge and jolly good news, point me in it's direction? Thank you!

Thing the Second. Um. Anna, Zo, dear ladies, would I be putting too much of a burden on your shoulders if I asked you to proof-read the other's fic? You know, the one with the visual aid. I'm mostly done with them, but I'd like a second opinion before officially sending them home to their expectant mommies. Also thank you!

This all.

Wait. No. I think it is important I let you know that, a few days ago, I saved something on my delicious account that was not ST fic. Or ST related in any form or shape. I too am proud. Of course, that was ages ago and well, times change. But that is not the point, the point is that, despite trying very admirably, ST has not managed to completely consume my brain and existence. Yet.


7/14/09 20:24
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Okay, this is me being all helpful and in my quest to make the world a better place.

The Encounter by [profile] cole_chan  deserves your total and undivided attention for the painfully short time it takes to read. Because it is lovely, adorable and utterly fangirling material. Even if you don't like/know of/fangirl to death one fandom or the other, or hey, either, you still should go and read simply for the pleasure of it. There. Um, it's a Doctor Who/Star Trek reboot crossover that makes so much sense and will leave you with the greatest starry eyes ever.

Also, went skiing, took a truckload of pictures, came home to a crashed computer, fixed the computer (because I rock, and am fearless and also desperate) by myself, uploaded the pictures and proceeded to curse a couple car window reflexions (we were moving, it was cold, I was not allowed to be wee bit happy for a wee bit second because the step father likes to castrate me like that), called my brother and gloated about how I'm basking in the snow while he's slowly cooking in his own sweat, he kindly reminded me he does not like snow as I do, I still gloated.

Um. Pics to come, and also those little stories I owe Anna and Zo.

Much love, bbs. Which you can tell by my effusive reccing of (ha!) yet another ST fic. I'll go back to Spn and J2, promise. It's just, you guys, ST is soooo shinyyyyy! and snarky.

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Comment and I will give you 3 fandoms and then you have to answer these questions.

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?

2. Do you think that you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?

4. Do you participate in this fandom (fan fiction, graphics, discussions)?

5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

Supernatural, Doctor Who and Firefly/Serenity )

Also? Is it wrong that I feel the utter need to read almost every singly book listed here?
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Thank god it's Winchester Day, man.

One of my professors resigned today, because she did not want to make us go through the process of mid-terms to then have them be invalidated because she was no longer an authority on the matter. This logic, while slightly kind of her, excludes the fact that hey, mid-terms are next week and had she quit before the semester even begun (as she actually intended to do) then it wouldn't matter because either someone else's authority would have been asserted, or our time could have been used in another class whose teacher was not going through some late quarter-life crisis. So this one is down for the count, nothing we can do this far along the semester, meaning we're screwed. Awesome.

Since we're discussing (cussing) school, I will go on ahead and inform you of the many ways in which this university is sucking my soul through my skin, inch by painful inch. I WANT MY SOUL, YOU FUCKERS!

BUT, Winchester Day, y'all! this is what's keeping me together, and like, stopping me from smashing my head against the table's edge, or killing someone (I hear they don't have cable in prison). Never thought I'd see the day when fictional characters were the only thing standing between me and total insanity.

Oh, then [ profile] maboheme  linked to these Doctor Who icons, and yeah, it's all looking up now!

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Anyway, does anybody know where can I find good meta on this show? Or am I just spoiled by Supernatural? I'd love me some meta on the Doctor right now.
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I have thoughts....

Wow, got lengthy over there...

waaait )


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