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5035 words I wrote for longjackets on the most auspicious occasion of her birthday, and that mostly tell the tale of Merlin's adventures in friend-making. And his loneliness. But mostly the friend-making. And the mourning of friends made. look, it's not his fault he just won't die like a normal person, okay?

Anyhoo. I wrote something that doesn't completely suck, so here.

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This thing looks suspiciously like another fic. Which I wrote. This year. I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED, YOU GUISE. This is also unbeta'd flashfic, which I'm posting now before the courage deserts me, so be warned.

your sorrow for another coin
868 words, light R

For Piper, because she had an itch.
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It goes like this. A while ago, I mentioned to Piper how the world seems to be sorely lacking in Katara/Zuko/Mai threesomes (which is ridic, because a) hotness, b) feeeellliiinnnggsss, and c) they have a portmanteau of their own: Maikotara, so world, up yer game) and she, very sweetly and innocently suggested I write one. Months later, this happened.

It totally has Piper's seal of approval and so I'm putting it out here for the world to see. Please note that Piper has never actually watched A:tla, but she supports my creative endeavors/shipping silliness. By which I mean, heacanon!characterization ahoy! But then again, maikotara!au in which there's maikotara... so any and all concrit is welcome. 

Playing it by ear.
1800-and-something words of feels and possibly mushiness.
Notes: I like to imagine that Mai and Katara were very curious about each other for a while because they're kind of really different and yet Zuko's a bit gaga for the both of them (and they're both aware of this because he is a horrible liar who can't hide the things his face does when his feelings are involved), so what gives? So when Katara rocked up because reasons, they circled each other, found common ground and wound up running away together to like, fight crime or something getting really close and, well, one thing led to another and these are the kind of little details Zuko misses when he's too busy being an awkward boy. 
Also, it would seem like Zuko thinks in italics a lot
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On the upside: I stayed up all night writing fic.
On the downside: I stayed up all night writing fic.

Idk, man. 

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Fic, which I wrote for [info]roguemouse ages ago when she asked for it. In typica fashion, civilization has collapsed for reasons unspecified...

And she'll know me by the sound of my hoping, PG.
2058 words.
Title taken from Josh Ritter's Empty Hearts.
Beta'd by [info]too_rational who is a sweetheart and put up with my weird 'writers are odd folk' moments. A real trooper, that lady. All remaining errors are mine.

don't let me into this year with an emtpty heart, with an empty heart.
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In the interest of not losing these and also because they comprise the entirety of my fanfic production in the whole of last year, here are the prompts I filled in that glorious meme of yore. They've both undergone some polishing but remain unbeta'd.

The one with the camp fire, NC-17. In response to this prompt. 

er, there's a camp fire.  )

Untitled. May straddle the line between R and NC-17, if there is such a line. Let's call it R and move on, shall we? This was the prompt. 

I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. )

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My friend, who does not like that "that sifi-fantasy CGI mental handjob business" has just uttered this one:

R: in the immortal words of one Jimmy T. Kirk: bullshit.
Me: *_* heeeeeeee!!! I've totally roped you in. I've totally roped you in. I've totally roped you in.
R: Crap. So this is what being corrupted feels like. Well, at least Mr Kirk is a hotass.

Also, this post is for my girl [ profile] maboheme  whom I promised some reccing of the type I've been neglecting. Hence:

Were you looking for a magical kingdom inside that wardrobe by Netgirl_y2k over at AOOO  Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen. In which there is absolutely no ravishing. Of anybody, at all. No matter what Arthur says. Kind of relentlessly hilarious with a touch of awesome and some seriously fantastic dynamics.

Through the dark by [ profile] kepp0xy  . Wherein Morgana hones her magic and Merlin lends a helping hand (I may have a thing for this particular idea, I think you'll notice). Incidentally, this author has a wonderful array of fics I think should be checked out since they span all tastes and possibilities.

Drastically Redefining Protocol
by [ profile] rageprufrock . I think the chances you haven't read this one are slim, however in case you haven't here, have some. Arthur is Crown Prince of England, Merlin works at a hospital and Uther passes out in ottomans. Also Gwen and Morgana are kind of stellar. Satisfying long fic, this one. Arthur/Merlin of the boy-on-boy variety.

Peppermint Wind by [ profile] miakun . Another Merlin/Morgana one, this one being several times more awesome on account of it taking place in the present and over exotic fruit. Not an AU, btw.

Behind Closed Doors by [ profile] miakun . Insanely hot A/G/Mer piece where they're private investigators and also a totally hot threesome as often as possible. Like, really. So very NC-17.

What Happened When The World Fell Apart
by iambic. This one is a really good read, takes place in a steampunkish universe and it's structured in such a way that the story is told both as if read from the official history book and the POV of the characters involved. It doesn't seem to make much sense at first, but then you get into it (if you do get into it) and it pays off beautifully. One of the first fics I read in this fandom.

Ever Mine
by [ profile] blackmamba . She has a number of beautiful fics, I think I could simply rec you everything she's written in this fandom, actually. This particular one  has an ethereal quality to it you can almost touch (figure that one out! hehe), from all the characters' POV as they experience a series of supernatural moments that closely relate, one way or another, to Morgana and her ability. Lovely way to look at relationships dynamics.

An Ever-fixed Mark by [ profile] imperfectcircle . I think this is my most favoritest one so far. They're a seduretu and if you don't know what that is, there's a brief explanation in the fic, if you do know what that is, then what the hell are you doing still here? you should be over there getting drunk on plot and love and pitch perfect voices. If there is one fic on this list you want to read and ditch the others, this is the one. Trust me.

in omne tempus by [ profile] giddygeek . Of power and what it means to be a woman in this male dominated world of Morgana. Tremendously sensual Morgana/Gwen.

A Cautionary Tale About Tomatoes (and zombies) by Netgirl_y2k. Wildly hilarious, I mean there are zombies in it, but that's not even the part where it gets ridiculously funny.

A Little Knowledge by [ profile] bluflamingo . Morgana and her sheer fierceness save the day.

Don't Be Sorry by [ profile] sparky77 . Another one where everybody loves everybody and Arthur used to climb into Morgana's bed at the age of five because some things are always right in the world.

Aaaaaand Five Lessons by Selena. Because I couldn't NOT include this one. Five lessons Arthur's learned that shape the sort of man he is. It's a beautiful character study piece.

Um, yeah, since you don't know the sacrifices I've had to make, I'll just point you to my delicious tag on these four so that you can go there, if you're still interested.
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I have a conundrum.

I wrote the fic I owe Zo first because DARK ANGEL!!!11! ::ahem:: and then stored it to come back to it because I wasn't quite pleased with the result. We'll come back to this as it is the root of all evil the very reason I'm so behind on posting these fics.

Then I wrote Anna-Mousey's prompt and I was quite pleased with it (ask Zo) and then I stored it away until I'd fixed my relationship with other one, so that I could post them both simultaneously, or at the very least as close to each other as possible as I am all about equality.

A few weeks ago my computer acted out and erased several files it had no business erasing, since many, many of them were school related I tended to those first, it wasn't until about a week and a half later that my conscience kicked in and I decided enough was enough, I would patch things up with the first fic and we'd come out of it stronger for it, our love would be reignited and this would become a source of strength in future difficult experiences. The fic was erased with the other files and my heart was broken in millions of tiny itty bitty little pieces never to be fully gathered again.

So, CONUNDRUM, should I appease my guilt and post Anna-Mousey's fic regardless of the readiness, or lack thereof, of Zo's? Or, should I soldier on (I'm still soldiering on) and fully re-write Zo's fic first before posting either?

Both of this solutions carry the same pros and the same cons, they would both make my soul a better place, and they would both weight further down my conscience as they are not the absolute best possible solution. I'm torn. Suggestions?
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I may or may not have spent the entire afternoon neglecting my duties procrastinating not writing stuff reading ST fic. And, um, most of it may or may not have been Sulu centric. It's not confirmed yet, the jury's still out (or refusing to come back in because they, as I, may be kind of embarrassed by the undeniably unanimously reached verdict), but I may or hey, may not, have a thing for Sulu's unrelenting awesomeness.


::patiently waits until her ST fever dies down a bit:: ::she means it, dammit::

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Ok, you crazy bunch. We've been doing some practice in my writing shop, and one of the prompts was to write a little piece to a provided photograph. I, being me, feel like taking this to the next level since I feel that doing this just once was not enough for me to fully enjoy it, you know, sample the textures and play around with it for a little while. I felt vaguely cheated out of it.

Now, the deal a present to you is as follows: you prompt me with two words, the first one I will use as a reference theme for a photograph, and the second will be the actual prompt for the written part of the composition. You can provide fandom, character or whatever else you feel would bracket the field.

Fandomwise, the usual suspects apply; original work is always a pleasure and the length would be kind of ficlet-ish (believe me, I could be more vague here).

Another option (because I really like you) would be for you to provide the photograph and the second word of the prompt. I want to work on my picture-taking skills a bit, yes, but I also want to expand my creative horizons, you see.

How 'bout it? Would you help a lost little soul out?


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