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Look what I found! Trek 2012 is a go. According to Quinto, apparently.

Spent three hours with the BFF yesterday and I can't really remember the joke. It was one of those conversations where one thing ends up in another and so and so forth until you both wind up collapsed in the floor (I was in the floor, he was in the couch because he can aim, it seems) laughing your hearts out. And then we'd look at each other randomly and just laugh and laugh. Must have been a really good joke, man.

Either that or it was so bad my subconscious decided to save me the trouble and just went ahead and blocked the  memory altogether.

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here at

Um. How come this picture has me so over the moon? It's like a supernova going off in my face right now, for reasons I don't care to delve deeper into unknown to me I can' t stop grinning.

I think this makes up for Einstein's utter fail at holding up his end of a quantum mechanics conversation. But then, I'm not very good at that either. Also? wth, brain? Is it wrong of me to want to find the link between quantum physics and human psychology? if for no other reason that not feel like I missed the target with the career choosing thingy.


Baked a cake the other day, and it wasn't until I tasted it's saltiness that I realized the sugar hadn't even been measured out to begin with... I continue to win at life, as you can tell.

Also? and probably the entire point of this post, aside from the Quinto-Obama appreciation bit where's Cas? Cas, where are you? I MISS OUR PROFOUNDLY INTELLECTUAL AND METAPHYSICAL CONVERSATIONS, WOMAN. I CAN HAS MY BARACKLES NAO? kthkz

I'll just be here, living vicariously through movie stars for a little while, if anybody needs me.


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