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And so I'm breaking my weeks-long lj silence (which has been happening for reasons that involve a lot of bad judgement and the consequential poor decision-making, and this is as far as we're going with this story) to link to this right here video because it has The Coulbs speaking in French and laughing her awesome laugh, and Adetomiwa Edun also speaking in French and putting impure thoughts into my head (okay, it doesn't take much for that to happen, but it's still noteworthy).

Other things:

~My foot is still a bit swollen and this is, naturally, infinitely vexing.

~My brother decided to spend the money he'd been saving for a transatlantic flight in visiting family members who aren't his sisters, which resulted in a loud silences over the phone line the last time he called. We're still being very quiet in each other's direction.

~The weather boasts a lovely 28° F today, thus going a long way to making it up to me (yes, personally) for the fact that it's Monday.

~The sister's b-day's on Friday, so on Thursday I'm hauling my ass over to have cake and take pictures and hug my family. There is joy all over my face, you guys!

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Bro: Hey, listen, uh. I can drop by in a couple hours to pick the box up, yeah?
Me: Well, if you can swing such a miracle.
Bro: Huh? What're you...? Wrong number, then.
Me: Yup.
Bro: Shit.

This happens more often than I feel comfortable admitting to. On both ends.

Ugh, my schedule this semester sucks loudly. Classes from 4 to 11 pm. Work from 8 to 11.30 am. And in between, LIFE. Jeez.

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cell phone: displays Unknown Caller at 3.36 in the morning.

I pick up since I'm awake and all.

Me: this better not be a wrong number
Bro: it is generally believed that when one loves one's sibling and stuff, one will call every once in a while to let said beloved sibling know that they are loved and missed and oh, yeah, one is okay too.
(Please notice how our communication skills trump everything and everyone)
Me: it is also generally believed that when one is planning on inflicting sudden flights of passive-aggressiveness upon one's beloved sibling, one will, at least, take a look at the watch and remember time zones.
Bro: oh, shit.
Me: my thoughts exactly.
Bro: sorry, Eves. Call you later, yeah?
Me: OK.

Later being five-fifteen because he 'got bored waiting and, besides, everyone and their dogs know [I'm] already up at such ungodly hours' which is true but the principle remains that such ungodly hours were not made for socializing activities of any kind whatsoever. Anyway, the conversation turned to important stuff like how I'm a hobbit because I have second breakfasts and he's a delicate elf who needs his beauty sleep. Also how today's second breakfast involved carrots and tomatoes whereas his one and only was mostly burnt bacon.

Bro: like two drops of water, you and I.

Heh, I love my brother.

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um... hi? I'm sort of maybe back. More like, easing myself back into the swing of things in a gentle and slow way so as not to scare myself in any undue fashion.

In the interest of achieving this noble goal of mine, would you point me in the direction of the fic I may have missed while pretending to be strong and independent and failing completely at fooling anyone least of all me? (INTERNET, I MISSED YOU DON'TEVERLEAVEMEAGAIN)

And meta. Gosh, I miss meta. Anything you found interesting in this department will do.

As usual, Pendragons-to-be, Merlin in general, Fringe where there's tons of Olivia and Astrid and Walter and hopefully Charlie and Broyles and the amount necessary of Peter, I suppose. But mostly Merlin folk being awesome and lovely and Gwen trumping everything in the universe with her awesome.

I need escapism, otherwise the family will never believe me when I tell them they'll be missed when I get back home. It's important they believe me as it is the truth, but they might doubt the honesty of emotions proffered as one runs away towards the nearest airplane and shouts farewells over one's shoulder.

How've y'all been doing lately? Do tell.
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Ok, stopping by really, really quickly to let y'all know that I might be even less around than I've been lately because, while the hotel's got FREE internet for me, I am too busy being in love with Bogota and the randomness that brought us together me here.

By 'in love' I mean, I might be giving up on the male portion of the human species in order to fully commit to the belief that cities full of trees (the parts I've seen so far, that is) is where is at.  I mean it, guys, I've been to, like, a few (five) South American capitals and not one is half as beautiful as Bogota. Should you ever find yourself in the position of choosing which part of South America to visit because you're in desperate need to leave your heart behind when you return home then this is the one I most heartily recommend. Even over Buenos Aires, which is nice but not as utterly gorgeous as this here town. /sales pitch.

Also, Terry Pratchett is still awesome. Just like Italo Calvino and Isabel Allende... my mom asked me what did I do when I couldn't devote my entire day to reading, I said sitting around doing silly things like working and studying and eating was a big hit, but only as a distraction from my main squeeze life-giving activity. Do you think I need to get a life like she does? ::ponders::

Now I shall go to bed and dream about the places we'll be seeing tomorrow. In Bogota. Where I'm actually planning on moving to. As soon as possible. Yes, that Bogota.
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So, after spending the entirety of the 22nd on an airport waiting for my mom's evening flight to be properly delayed and turned into a very-early-morning flight, then spending the greater part of the 23rd on an airplane on the way here, I finally got to grandma's at dawn on the 24th.

After surviving all that, I got sick. But, my family is awesome and they don't mind some buggers on their shoulders as long as they get to hug me. Which is all fine by me. My head's stop hurting so all's well.

Also, I got internet (finally) and we all know what that can do to the ailing soul.

Politics continue to ruin my life and threaten my faith in humanity. I know I promised myself not to allow this crap to bog me down but, seriously, you try to come to Venezuela and not get involved in one form of discussion on the subject or another. Anyway, there seems to be hope somewhere since students, as it should be, are taking it up on themselves again to remain in charge of their lives and the future of the country. I don't think things will end nicely, I do believe a lot of violence is on the way, but sometimes such things are necessary to get people in motion and get things done. Still, I fear for the process/outcome.

In happier news, J deducted the whole incident with A and convinced me to talk to mom about it, I did and for the first time used the 'R' word outloud. You guys, that was so liberating, to be able to name things. The mother sort of failed to get the message of my upset (as in, why am I so upset about it, nothing really serious happened after all) but she held me and let me cry and never made me feel like it was my fault and said that no matter what, she would always love me and I could always count on her. I needed that and had no idea of how much.

Now I owe Jay some sort of payment for services rendered, or something. Won't be long before he's demanding it, either.

So, anything I missed? I'm up to skip=200 on the flist as it's still going... so point me in the direction of anything you feel I should be pointed to, it may escape my attention otherwise.

Hi, lovelies! I really hope y'all had a wonderful, love-filled Christmas (if you celebrate it), and hopefully the joy still hangs around you in one way or another &hearts
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This one's from about a week ago.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of Icon Squee!

[ profile] mfirefly10 's picks
iconses )

Hah! looking at it, nearly every icon in this selection is from/for ladies I love. If you're in the habit of making cities females (which I am, in Spanish they are), then Dallas is also a girl I love.

Taking off to Venezuela today, well, tomorrow but heading off to Buenos Aires tonight and arriving at grandma's on Thursday... I'm exhausted already just thinking about it. J is up to his eyeballs in snow and empty pockets and so he'll not be with us which leaves the count down to no dad and no Jared. At least I can hope to see the bro at some point next year, right? I foresee lots of tears in my near future. This year can sooooo be over.
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hullo! So checking how's tricks around here, since I've been a bit, uh, gone for the last couple of days.

This internet connection continues to be fickle, the Codex Alera series continues to be addictive, as well as random French police novels. Cold temperatures continue to be awesome and Sherlock continues to trickle in instead of getting downloaded properly.

To continue with the Gratitude Project, I should put down on stone, here and now, how grateful I am for the project itself, really. The world looks different, all brighter light, sharper colors and livelier sounds when you're looking at the part of your day where you're grateful for the chance you got to talk to your mom while waiting for the traffic jam to clear a bit.

Also, serendipity. I love serendipity.


8/7/10 06:31
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You guys, I'm 24!!!!!!!

Ahem, so yeah. It was nice and there were tears and laughter and some more tears and cake. So it all worked out.

Missed my dad so damn much, but my mom cried with me and held me close, and then the bro listened to me lose it over the phone all over again and was generally sweet (for him) and, well, all was as good with the world as it could be, I guess.

Huge, mayor thanks to all the lovely ladies who sent some love over the magic railway lines of the internet, [ profile] eldritchhobbit[ profile] too_rational , [ profile] robanybody , [ profile] jamesinboots , [ profile] vinylroad . It made the day even more beautiful. SO THANK YOU FOR THAT.

And Kat, you get to call me whatever you like, dollface ::bats eyelashes::

I don't think I need to specify what I'm grateful for, do I?

::is blissful::
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Just spoke on the phone with Jay, here's what he has to say for himself:

J: So, good news.
Me: shoot.
J: I don't really have to read or speak keysmash in order to live in Wales. How awesome is that?
Me: very awesome. What's the grandma say?
J: that she'll lock me up with some folk she knows, then I'll really know pain or some such.
Me: Ah, good ol' grandma.

So, yeah. That happened. Also, it'll be no time before he starts cussing in Welsh, wouldn't dare call him my brother ever again if I don't get evidence of this progress sometime next phone call...


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