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Bro: Hey, listen, uh. I can drop by in a couple hours to pick the box up, yeah?
Me: Well, if you can swing such a miracle.
Bro: Huh? What're you...? Wrong number, then.
Me: Yup.
Bro: Shit.

This happens more often than I feel comfortable admitting to. On both ends.

Ugh, my schedule this semester sucks loudly. Classes from 4 to 11 pm. Work from 8 to 11.30 am. And in between, LIFE. Jeez.

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Hullo, new peeps! Glad to have you around and hope you enjoy the random!

Speaking of random, it's been about five minutes since school break for my kids and NOT HAVING TO WRESTLE SEVEN-YEAR-OLDS INTO APPROPRIATE CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR IS DOING A NUMBER ON ME. That's okay, though, I'll just rock myself out of despair and possibly hum myself to sleep.

Since we're stringing one paragraph into the next: Sleep. I had this dream last night, where Olivia and Astrid were raising their little adopted daughter in a farm house (tho there was no farming of any kind, shape or form going on) while still showing up at the office to team up with Walter, Broyles and Nina Sharp (who must always be referred to by her full name, unless you're Walter) to fight zombies. Shut up it made sense, even if Peter was nowhere to be found. Will be occupying my lonely boring empty free morning watching last night's Fringe, so I expect my concentration to be slightly sidetracked on account of how gorgeously cute and hot Mommy!Olivia and Mommy!Astrid looked together in my fantasy lands.

On the subject of fantasy lands (see what I did thar?) MERLIN'S FINALE IS IN TOMORROW. It's a matter of hours now. HOURS ::sits on hands::

Also, you know what I really, really want? A Lost Girl/Merlin fusion modern AU, Merlin's characters in LG's universe. Like, Merlin, Morgana and Morgause can be fae folk, Arthur can be the human son of a fae mother who is aware of this otherworld because Auntie Nimueh would not let Uther not tell Arthur and besides, they did get saddled up with Morgana and well. Gwen is the fully human sane person who wrangles this crazy bunch and does her part to keep the human population from finding out about the fae. Or or or, maybe Gwen and Merlin run a detective agency focused on fae crime and how it intersects with the human world... why can't I write my own stuff? I think I'd be happy if I could. Will try? In the meantime, Merlin, stop making eyes at every other possible thing I can cross you over with, would you?

I want cake now.

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Ok, first off, happy birthday [ profile] eldritchhobbit *\o/* hope you have a wonderful time and get many Virginia-kisses &hearts

Crunchy peanut butter is the best ting since sliced bread. Crunchy peanut butter AND sliced bread is most definitely the Official Meal in my personal Ultimate Utopia.

Now, there's this flirting flowchart I found in Tumblr, naturally, which sums up my style pretty accurately.

how i flirt: a flowchart )

Um, since I'm apparently rather fond of having my sexual orientation questioned, I've been sort of ogling studying the effect Angel Coulby has on me. Results have been interesting.

especially when she looks like this )

or when she does this )

Um, today's the last day of school for my kids before holidays/summer break. Which means that I'll be saying goodbye to this particular group. I'll miss their poorly aimed puke and their under-baked cupcakes. Also their drawings of my face surrounded by flowers and their cute little competitions to see who got the bright sticker of the day. ;_; Mah babies are growin' 

[ profile] robanybody babe, I'm sending good, healthful vibes your way today ::sends vibes:: Hope you get better soon and your body remembers who the hell is BOSS.

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People, I know you were most concerned with my absence. Relax, I am still of this world.

And I am still hunting for prettyful things to share with y'all.

pencil art )

splash butterfly )


And now, stuff you don't really need to know...

~Two light bulbs went out on me this morning. Not the best way to start the week, I feel.

~Yesterday, Jay and I realized something very important, this will be our first Thanksgiving without Dad. Suddenly I am so glad I'll be alone for it.

~My kids go off on holiday break this Wednesday, so HP watching may occur on Thursday, still not sure.

~Hormones have been making a mess out of me. Apparently. Sometimes, I really really really do miss my ex.

Have a nice week, loves!

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The last day of the Gratitude Project came and went. It was Tuesday, btw. And I'm still finding things to be grateful for, it's become subconscious, I think, this new way to look at things. So ultimately this is what I'm grateful for the most, the possibility to keep on being reminded that every little thing counts and it's us the ones keeping score so it falls to us to not let them go by unnoticed, unappreciated.

As you guys know, this year has been tremendously craptastic for me, in a variety of ways and colors, but I think having done this gratitude thing put everything, if maybe not in perspective, in a definite contrast which, I feel, balances it all out (to a point, mind). And so. Cheers to gratefulness, man.

On another note, one of my kids was sick yesterday, and then a fight broke out during recess, so I wound up with miscellanea DNA practically all over me.

Little Boy: Miss, I don't feel too well.
Me: You do look a bit pale, what do you feel?
LB: My belly aches.
Me: think you'll be sick?
LB: Nooo (silly me, asking such embarrassing questions)
Me: well, let me get J here and you and I can go to the nurse station, ok?
LB: Ok.
I turn around to call for J to come and keep an eye on the classroom.
Classroom at large: ewww
My shoes: ewww
Little Girl in the Corner: BLEARGH (she's sympathetic like that)
Classroom at large: EWWWWW.

Yeah. We had to take the kids out to the yard so the janitor could come in and clean up. I was so embarrassed for some reason, having to call him to tidy up for me. LB just had something that disagreed with him, it's nothing contagious or deadly, it will not eat us up from the inside as one helpful kid suggested ::facepalm::. Then there was recess and two older boys decided it'd be the best thing ever to try and see who's teeth flew out first, in trying to break them up I got a punch to the arm which promptly bruised and afterward there was blood on my top from, presumably, airborne droplets when one of them succeeded in knocking a tooth out of from other one. Or maybe it was from the bloodied nose. IT TOOK FOUR OF US to break them apart. Teenage hormones, man.

So yeah, yesterday was a very eventful day. Today I'm watching Fringe because there is such a thing as balance in this universe (by this logic, next year I'll be crowned Goddess Supreme).

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Still alive. Tired as hell since my insomnia is back and is taking revenge for all the rain checks I've given it. It sucks pretty massively.

However, sleepless nights mean hours thralling through YouTube in the quest for soul nourishment.

Like, for example, Corinne Bailey Rae doing a cover of Led Zeppelin and The Raconteurs. My soul, you guys, it is hers. This item totally falls into the "Things I Am Grateful For" folder of my life.

Other things that belong in that folder:

* Fic. I've been up at all hours of the night reading fic which is always a plus (if you're going to be awake, anyway). And so, a rec: What Grew Inside Who, by [ profile] imigination. It's Alice through the looking glass all Camelot style, which is what it reminds me of, maybe because I've never gotten around to Lost in Austen?. Be that as it may, it's excellent and I've read it twice already (because of the wide-open state of my eyes, you see).

*Um, I've sworn off coffee for the time being, it never really had an exciting effect on me, but just in case. Besides, awake and jittery is no way to go through life. No coffee means a whole lot of tea though, which is always, always a Good Thing. Especially this Argentinian blend variety I just discovered, if you can get your hands on some, do.

*Got my hair cut, all shoulder-length and no-need-to-comb-it. It is wonderful. Because I don't need to comb it.
L: so basically, your comb has become redundant in your life.
Me: This is like finding the Holy Grail!

*My kids had a cooking project, right? and they decided to make muffins (I was secretly hoping for them to pop Bradley James out of the oven, or something. I believe in magic, ok?). Which they then thought to bring over to the rest of the staff so that we could all enjoy the fruits of their labor. Not a single one was properly done, but that was okay because it meant we got to stuff our faces with icing. Much fun was had by all.

So, flist. How goes it?

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So, I'm on the phone with my brother (yes, you are allowed to look shocked and surprised at this strange occurrence) and he goes on and on about joining a gym and stuff, then asks about my routine (because he totally did not spend like three months with me an itty bitty little while ago), I told him I just did yoga for, like, twenty minutes every morning because I'm too lazy to hit a gym and also, self-conscious. So yoga studio it is, where people is nice and all peaced-out and stuff (not that there aren't types like that in a gym, they're just much more common where I'm at) and he scoffs and says that's not enough work out, where's the muscle and the sweat in that?


It is. It totally is a work out, I may not break out a sweat every single time, nor do I have nicely shaped/toned muscles, but that's because I don't feel like spending a hour in a heated room, sweating liters off for the sakes of feeling like a proper work out. I walk everywhere and I eat healthily and I'm way more flexible that he could ever dream of being. ::blows raspberry:: So there.

I was ticked, to I picked up a two liters (about 70 oz?, I'm out of practice with this whole conversions thingy) water bottle and tried some bicep curls, got to fifteen before my bicep started burning and my hand was kinda cramped. Totally the uncomfortable shape of the bottle's fault. Also, I know nothing about bicep curls and fifteen sounds minimal BUT I CAN HOLD THE ENTIRE WEIGHT OF MY BODY IN AWKWARD BALANCING ASANAS FOR, LIKE FIVE BREATHS (which is totally a long time, like thirty seconds, try it) AND LIVE TO TELL THE TALE. So shove it, bro.

Um. Wanna bake some bread, pro'lly will now that the weather seems to have gotten the memo that yes, fall is indeed here, and so it should behave accordingly, dammit!

Today I learned a valuable lesson: chickpeas are the girlfriends of the boypeas. Gender/biology lesson courtesy of the four year-old that joined my group last week. I may fangirl his awesomeness a little.

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Earlier this morning Einstein tried to jump onto my lap but slipped, in order to avoid hitting the floor in a harmless undignified heap he clung to my arm, after sound cussing and much pain, I wound up with some vaguely questionable-looking scratches on my forearm. Which in and of itself isn't such a remarkable occurrence considering that, well, I have a cat.


I also have a tendency to clumsiness and I'm prone to accidents like cutting my thumb while chopping veggies or something along those lines. Again, nothing note worthy that doesn't happen to everybody and their mamas. I do, however, have this job where I've been seen crying and where people like to assume things out of freaking thin air. Like this mother who came to bring cake for the kiddies and upon looking at the wounds wells scratches on my arm decided to go to the counselor and ask her to see me, the counselor then proceeded to ask about my life, my boyfriend, my career, my family, my potty training everything she could think of to make sure that I was not cutting myself.


I mean, it's understandable, my boyfriend works at a copy shop, my family is spread thing along the entire continent, I'm studying psychology (the forgotten, weaker, lamer cousin twice removed of any kind of natural science) in a university known for it's outstanding (ish) business school, clearly it's gotta be so sad and depressing being me. Clearly self-harm is the natural conclusion.

I wonder what would have happened had I attempted to hide the scratches, or hey, if I didn't have pictures of my cat all over the place in my cellphone. Might have gotten institutionalized right then and there.

Fortunately the counselor saw things for what they were (classicist paranoia, mostly) and let me off the hook. Things were then improved further when checking the flist and finding lovely things such as [ profile] winterlive  making people happy out of the goodness of her heart,  Mr POTUS and Mr VPOTUS being kind of awesome (as usual) and, oh yeah, this.

Comments owed and emails to reply to will have to wait until I've showered. Please, before you leave, do take a moment of your time to love on my new icon, thank you.

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Guess who got puked on today?

Nat, honey. I neglected mentioning to you in the email I just sent that tonight we will hold a staff meeting, specifically called so that yours truly can get ripped a new one because I keep on forgetting that when a child is sick you are not supposed to give him medicine, and so when the boss stops for air (or a cigarette) I shall ask about stuff pertinent to stuff you're interested in. And then the world will be ours, Pinky!

Ugh, I need a shower. And to be boiled. And then another shower.

Jesus H.

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* I had planned how this was gonna go, but since me and planning ahead don't usually get along, I have forgotten what was the first point. ::shrugs::

* The other day the flower boy and I got into a pretty big fight and have been playing phone tag since, until today when he sent a friend of his (because we are total fifth graders) with a peace offering in the form of Slavoj Zizek's How To Read Lacan. Clearly I will call him myself as soon as I get home, because I know he has no idea what he did, but he's too cute for words and I'm weak and miss him.

* Bought two new plants and named them Sarah II and Tommy. THEY WILL NOT DIE BECAUSE I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF THE UNIVERSE, DAMMIT!

* Got me a new job, which means, there will be NO TA-ing on my part anytime soon. There'll be a lot, like A LOT, of research and statistics at play now, but there won't be any freshman involved and so ::blows raspberry::

* Cas, baby, I am organizing a Jensen pic spam just for you, because I know you need it and I can give it, this is how it works. Just, y'know, be aware of the first point of this post.

* Am listening to Def Leppard because there's nothing like reminiscing your childhood happy moments and actually get the lyrics you used to sing to the top of your lungs when you were wee enough to get away with it, is there?


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