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Hullo, new peeps! Glad to have you around and hope you enjoy the random!

Speaking of random, it's been about five minutes since school break for my kids and NOT HAVING TO WRESTLE SEVEN-YEAR-OLDS INTO APPROPRIATE CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR IS DOING A NUMBER ON ME. That's okay, though, I'll just rock myself out of despair and possibly hum myself to sleep.

Since we're stringing one paragraph into the next: Sleep. I had this dream last night, where Olivia and Astrid were raising their little adopted daughter in a farm house (tho there was no farming of any kind, shape or form going on) while still showing up at the office to team up with Walter, Broyles and Nina Sharp (who must always be referred to by her full name, unless you're Walter) to fight zombies. Shut up it made sense, even if Peter was nowhere to be found. Will be occupying my lonely boring empty free morning watching last night's Fringe, so I expect my concentration to be slightly sidetracked on account of how gorgeously cute and hot Mommy!Olivia and Mommy!Astrid looked together in my fantasy lands.

On the subject of fantasy lands (see what I did thar?) MERLIN'S FINALE IS IN TOMORROW. It's a matter of hours now. HOURS ::sits on hands::

Also, you know what I really, really want? A Lost Girl/Merlin fusion modern AU, Merlin's characters in LG's universe. Like, Merlin, Morgana and Morgause can be fae folk, Arthur can be the human son of a fae mother who is aware of this otherworld because Auntie Nimueh would not let Uther not tell Arthur and besides, they did get saddled up with Morgana and well. Gwen is the fully human sane person who wrangles this crazy bunch and does her part to keep the human population from finding out about the fae. Or or or, maybe Gwen and Merlin run a detective agency focused on fae crime and how it intersects with the human world... why can't I write my own stuff? I think I'd be happy if I could. Will try? In the meantime, Merlin, stop making eyes at every other possible thing I can cross you over with, would you?

I want cake now.

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In today's disturbing news, I've learned that the Fringe fandom has a very deep dislike of Alt!Olivia. Which baffles, because if anything, she's the living proof that Olivia is a badass in any and all universes.

So I guess it's a good thing I'm not actually active in this particular portion of the internet experience, do not need the trouble.

I happen to &hearts Alt!Olivia with her nascent moral quandaries and her ability to stick to the job even though it's kind of obvious there's a bond in the making with Peter and maybe even, to some extent, with Walter himself. Also, she can fake photographic memory, so, you know.

I'll sit here waiting for the blow-up after Olivia rescues her own awesome self and comes back to our universe and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Epic stuff is bound to happen.


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