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Oh Dark Angel, I wish I knew how to quit choo.

Except. Not really.

See? the thing with this show is how the relationships played out, and my absolute belief that, eventually, Max would have grown into the high, high role her existence demanded she took. I do belief she needed to go through with Logan for a little while, stop with the moony eyes and longing sighs, get that ball rolling, I mean, when your OTP needs such contrivances as genetically designed viruses to keep them apart thus keeping the interest and mystery going, then you know you've got a problem because, as dramatic and romantic as it might seem, it only tells you that as soon as the lovebirds get together, things are gonna stop being so smooth and you're gonna have to face them with the reality of the fantasies they'd placed on each other and the relationship.

They both thought the other was gonna be their savior, Logan was in it because she seemed like the one who'd understand his devotion to doing the right thing, while Max was interested in the possibility of normal he offered. But realistically, how long could this have lasted? How many bridges would they be able to successfully build to transit across their differences? How many bridges would this require?

I do ship Max/Logan, but only in this capacity, as an experience they both need to go through in order to move on with their lives, grow through each other and finally, ft into where they belong. Which is not to say they are not meant to be together, they are similar enough to make that work, just not romantically. Methinks.

I also ship (hardcore) Max/Alec, and this is beyond my Alec/the rest of the world ship too. Mostly I think Max needs someone like Alec to open up her eyes to the reality of what and who she really is, what the world around her is and what it could be like, he's the exact opposite to Logan in that respect., he brings forward the possibility of a different kind of fairy tale, one where Max doesn't become the princess to a normal man, doesn't get her dream of normality but she does get to become the princess of a bunch of freaks just like her, she gets to fulfill her dreams of belonging and a family. I see this a the ultimate question she'd have to ask herself, which would be best? which does she want the most? which would make her truly happy? The thing with Alec (as with Logan) is that he can make this happen for her, can channel that new self-awareness for Max without getting into romantic entanglements with her. Though I do love the platonic-ness of their relationship, it's utterly cute.

And Joshua. Man, I love Joshua. I love how every character relates so distinctly to him, and how this tells us so much about them, as much as it tells us about Josh himself. He's a great character (whom tends to get butchered in fic, I find) and he's totally one of the most missed characters for me. Him and Alec. And him with Alec, I love how they took to each other (once Max's blessing was given, of course).

And this was brought to you by my denial to study and write school-sanctioned fiction! Joy.

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Uh, yeah. This one's for [personal profile] winterlive , from nearly a month ago...

::hangs head in shame::

Well, you guys know how difficult being a genius is, I mean, this kind of stuff, it just slips out of our very, very busy minds ::cough::

I'm gonna go now, go back to do geniuses stuff. It's a tough life, mine.

ETA: Oh yeah, forgot:
1. Reply that you wish to take part, and I will pick four of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee!


6/1/08 06:27
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I know not a whole lot of you watch this one, but the few that do I have a great deal of love for, not that I don't love all of you, it's just, they watch Doctor Who, so. Yeah.

In deference to them :

Spoilers! )

Completely unrelated: I've been mainlining Dark Angel this weekend, and man, that show had so much potential, but then it became all about the woes of Doomed Lovers. Honestly thank god for Alec and Joshua. And to think James Cameron wasn't too fond of Alec, clearly he's an idiot.

To close this on a happy note: Ackles, Jensen Ross. Just think about that.
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So, caught this one while browsing for, get this, Spn meta, and obviously had to share because it's so worth it. The author describes it as character study with a healthy dose of comedy. And well, it is Max and Alec, where would we be without comedy?

Really interesting, especially because it's sprinkled with S1 Max which further supports my theory that Max and Alec are, at the end of the day, pretty much the same.

Author: dooski. At
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Title: Dancing in the Moonlight
Author: Paola
Rating: R
Word Count: 2.367
Disclaimer: If I owned this; do you think I'd be resorting to fanfiction to see things happen?
Summary: they were not above this.
A/N: Titled after "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Thin Lizzy, as performed by Jeff Buckley because the original version? Sucks. Hopefully now that this is out of my system, the muses will stop it with the bratty behavior and will get their asses in gear before Mousey decides to fly all the way down here to kick my ass.

::: )
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Title: Light a Match in a Dark Room...
Author: Paola
Rating: PG
Word Count: 587
Disclaimer: If I owned it, FOX would have had nothing to do with it. Trust me. Also? I'm poor, so if you sue, you'll waste your time.
A/N: completely and entirely un-betaed, so feel free to point out to me whatever you feel should be pointed out.
Summary: you don't appreciate what you could lose, until you realize you don't have it.

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So, [profile] alethialia as usual has been stimulating my brain and so, I've decided meta should be written on why do we like certain pairings over others. Not that I'm doing it now, this should be considered as a Recon mission, okay? Okay

Having said that : 
These will do. Discuss

But you know, I'm particularly interested in Max/Alec, because I kinda like the idea of them, even if I know that they are extremely different people, and well, I kinda have this conception of Max before Logan and then Logan's Max which sadly makes her look weak. But then Alec walks in and, for some reason, sets about opening Max's eyes about Logan and the world in general, actually. I still don't know why is it so important to me that he does, or why would he even bother, seeing as how nice Max is NOT with him... and how realistic Alec is, he's not the type to go around lying to himself or being something because somebody else wants him to be.
Imo there are two key moments in this whole M/A dealio, first when he calls her Max for the fist time, like he's acknowledging her condition of human being, of a woman who's worthy of his time and energy, you know the moment, when he walks out of her cell sporting his brand new name and he says "see you around...Max" there was a certain investment in that, a certain something that puzzled me, like he was seeing soemthing in her he hadn't seen before and it pissed me off that Max hadn't picked up on that (in that very moment I was all about M/A) and the second moment was right after Max gives Alec a lift to that check point in "Two" and he has to go on his own illicit ways to cross it because he doesn't have a sector pass, he lingers and when Max announces she's a Jam Pony messenger, Alec's look... is more than "Heh, I know where to get one of those now" of course he made it seem like the whole point of him dropping by JP looking for a job was to get himself a sector pass, but still, there was something about his look that made me think that he too was a Max/Alec shipper...
Or, you know, I could be seeing too much in it, we usually see what we want to see, so it is entirely possible that I'm looking for something more than just two pretty creatures hooking up for the heck of it. In fact my personal Holly Grail is to write the "how did they come to be Max/Alec" and I'm trying folks.

So, I'd like to know your opinion in the subject, since it could clarify some points for me, or could even bring into consideration pointers that I'm missing and that might be of a great help for my writer's ambitions. 
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As usual, the title sucks out loud. But the rest of it? I heart.
I actually went through the entire process of re-writing it, and the final result pleases me very much ::nods:: I'm kinda proud of this one, peeps.

Title: Its unlocked, anyway.
Author: Paola
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2770
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nada, niente, so suing is really not the smartest move, okay? Okay.
Sumary: Alec was not her friend. Friends didn’t kiss like this, friends didn’t feel so warm, friends didn’t... they just didn’t.

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Be proud y'all. I finished Max's part!

Title: Veni, vidi... velcro (I came, I saw... I got stuck)
Author: Paola
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1.191
Disclaimer: its no secret I wish I owned Alec... but alas. Also? no money is being made with this. I swear.
Summary: All it took was for her to open her eyes and see what was there, see him.

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Also made this, a while ago. And I'm kinda tired of seeing it just sitting there, doing nothing productive.
Title: Tempus Fugit
Author: Paola
Rating: ...uh PG? less?
Word Count: 438
Disclaimer: If I owned any of these characters... things would so, so different. Still not getting any money out of it.
Summary: Time is a self-centered bastard.


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