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5035 words I wrote for longjackets on the most auspicious occasion of her birthday, and that mostly tell the tale of Merlin's adventures in friend-making. And his loneliness. But mostly the friend-making. And the mourning of friends made. look, it's not his fault he just won't die like a normal person, okay?

Anyhoo. I wrote something that doesn't completely suck, so here.

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This thing looks suspiciously like another fic. Which I wrote. This year. I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED, YOU GUISE. This is also unbeta'd flashfic, which I'm posting now before the courage deserts me, so be warned.

your sorrow for another coin
868 words, light R

For Piper, because she had an itch.
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Aka: P's Adventures in Coherency Are Hilarious. Btw, this was directly copy/pasted from tumblr, hopefully format won't be much of an issue.

Read more... read plenty more )

So, am I overestimating my abilities here? DO LET ME KNOW so I can stop making these things public.

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The fic wherein Merlin, Gwen and Arthur have ot3 (yeh, like that) shenanigans in space.

The other one wherein Gwen and Morgana are some sort of sprites from the woods that are attracted to Merlin's magic and so they've been bffs since times immemorial and then one day Arthur is camping with Merlin and the girls pop by to say hello and Arthur accidentally stumbles into Gwen and then moony eyes happen and the other two have to team up to make things happen. And then shenanigans.

The other other one wherein steampunk reins supreme and Gwaine cannot handle Morgana's corsets (and the subsequent cleavage) and Gwen's boots (the cutesy mid-shin-high ones with the laces that go all the way up). Merlin and Arthur mock him incessantly. Also, there are shenanigans.

And the one wherein the world ends through human stupidity (aka zombies or AIs gone native) and the foursome (plus Gwaine and Elyan) have to deal. Guess what? Shenanigans ensue. Modern AU.

Oh oh oh oh and the one where the ot3 is a PI team and Morgana hires them to find out about the mysterious death of her mother and her sister's disappearance when they were both kids. Uther has no idea what's coming to him. Modern AU or Noir style. Hey! Modern AU noir style!

Also, if you could point me in the direction of Arthur/Gwen/Merlin ot3-ness, I'd be greatly appreciative. Greatly.

Gosh, Merlin! Please give me back my brain.
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In the interest of not losing these and also because they comprise the entirety of my fanfic production in the whole of last year, here are the prompts I filled in that glorious meme of yore. They've both undergone some polishing but remain unbeta'd.

The one with the camp fire, NC-17. In response to this prompt. 

er, there's a camp fire.  )

Untitled. May straddle the line between R and NC-17, if there is such a line. Let's call it R and move on, shall we? This was the prompt. 

I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. )

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This time with actual self-restraint. Kinda )

Uh, gotta run now, but I still have thoughts on Morgana (whom I think was actually sympathetic here), Morgause  and what didn't quite work for me when I get back. Besides, this is long enough already... ::headdesk::

ETA: I have decided that I'm not eloquent enough to articulate my feelings about Morgana and so I'll point you in the direction of [ profile] selenak's reaction post in which she says everything I wanted to say with 100% less rambly incoherence and 110% more accuracy than I could ever manage.

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Hullo, new peeps! Glad to have you around and hope you enjoy the random!

Speaking of random, it's been about five minutes since school break for my kids and NOT HAVING TO WRESTLE SEVEN-YEAR-OLDS INTO APPROPRIATE CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR IS DOING A NUMBER ON ME. That's okay, though, I'll just rock myself out of despair and possibly hum myself to sleep.

Since we're stringing one paragraph into the next: Sleep. I had this dream last night, where Olivia and Astrid were raising their little adopted daughter in a farm house (tho there was no farming of any kind, shape or form going on) while still showing up at the office to team up with Walter, Broyles and Nina Sharp (who must always be referred to by her full name, unless you're Walter) to fight zombies. Shut up it made sense, even if Peter was nowhere to be found. Will be occupying my lonely boring empty free morning watching last night's Fringe, so I expect my concentration to be slightly sidetracked on account of how gorgeously cute and hot Mommy!Olivia and Mommy!Astrid looked together in my fantasy lands.

On the subject of fantasy lands (see what I did thar?) MERLIN'S FINALE IS IN TOMORROW. It's a matter of hours now. HOURS ::sits on hands::

Also, you know what I really, really want? A Lost Girl/Merlin fusion modern AU, Merlin's characters in LG's universe. Like, Merlin, Morgana and Morgause can be fae folk, Arthur can be the human son of a fae mother who is aware of this otherworld because Auntie Nimueh would not let Uther not tell Arthur and besides, they did get saddled up with Morgana and well. Gwen is the fully human sane person who wrangles this crazy bunch and does her part to keep the human population from finding out about the fae. Or or or, maybe Gwen and Merlin run a detective agency focused on fae crime and how it intersects with the human world... why can't I write my own stuff? I think I'd be happy if I could. Will try? In the meantime, Merlin, stop making eyes at every other possible thing I can cross you over with, would you?

I want cake now.

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I'm thinking I'll wait until next week before passing full judgment on this one. Then again, I might just blab about it now tomorrow. Either way IT NEEDS MOAR GWEN (this is not a spoiler because, as you know, even the Gwen heavy episodes need more Gwen, imho), though she did rock it pretty hard when she was on, so hard in fact, I may be feeling a wee bit sad for Morgana and may actually kind of possibly better understand her sudden desire for the crown.

So there's that.

Overall it was a good (ish. As in, I like some of the stuff that happened) episode. I'm just not sure I'm sold on it being a Finale Episode, you know? Hence the waiting until the actual finale comes along. Ugh two-parters, you annoy me so.

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Stuff which I feel like sharing with you today.

Say, these quests are so high on the Second Hand Embarrassment Scale for me, but this one is actually kind of cute. Bradly is his usually ridiculous self with the humming and the forgetting names and the GIVING GWEN'S LAST NAME and the remembering names at the last moment. And Colin's FACE, you guise ♥ _ ♥

Bradly James. Subject: Merlin )

Still on Merlin you could at least try to look mildly shocked, people, there's some meta here by [ profile] selenak that articulates, rather nicely, the reasons why my idea of Morgana always differed so greatly from that of general fandom.

Further on Morgana, [ profile] zahrawithaz posits the reasons why Merlin telling her about his magic might not be the All-Mighty Fix-It-All some of us tend to think it would have been. I agree. Also check out her meta on privilege and power which is linked to at the beginning of the entry. Actually check out everything in that journal, yeah?

Still on the meta front, obligatory River/Eleven Feminist Manifesto, which lays down every single reason why River Song is a poem written for my particular brand of feminism.

Intelligent Design is a vid wherein there is no meta, per se, but there is Olivia Dunham shamelessly kicking ass and taking names. Which is a bit meta-y in and of itself. I would also recommend you check out [ profile] beccatoria's other entries on Fringe as they are meta-tastic and very well justified. Also she ships Peter/Alt!Olivia which I didn't think I did until she explained to me why I didn't think I did.

Sorry, the only pic of pretty for today will have to be this nebula which reminds me of why I fangirl the universe in such a hardcore way.
APOD-NGC 6357 )

Have a nice day, my loves!


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