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So, my notes. Which I took because I decided to be nerdy and organized and stuff.

That crib, on a table, gently rocking by itself, completely unsupervised... am I the only one who though it was GOING TO TOPPLE OVER AS SOON AS THE BABY SO MUCH AS BREATHED HARD?. Who came up with that idea? Is this why infants' death statistics were so high in the middle ages?

Uther, clever coward that he is, decides to spring this one on Arthur in front of the entire court (sans Morgana and Gwen, apparently)... he clearly knew how well this was gonna fly with Arthur. WHOM, BTW, TOTALLY MOUTHED THE "WHAT THE F" IN 'WHAT THE FUCK'... I hearts you Bradley, I doooo. I also adore ASH's acting and his desperate hope that Arthur would catch his meaning so he wouldn't have to 'splain himself in front of the entire court.

Wait. Arthur can pull back his own bedding? And tuck himself in? I am shocked. Further down the scene, boys are being boys and Uther walks in to deliver speeches of duty and stuff and send Arthur shopping. I NEED MORE FATHER/SON INTERACTION BECAUSE THEY ROCK ON ALL LEVELS AVAILABLE (as in, Arthur-Uther and Bradley-Tony)

Someone explain to me the whole point of the magic sparkly dust. I don't get what the function was. Appease the sleeping fay? Here, have a snack and don't take over the girl's psyche quite yet?

SCREEN: scene of Grunhilda in the lake::
SHOW: Oh look, we can has CGI and budget for it. Wheee!

Elena, dear, I decided I wanted to keep you since the shoelessness, but then your little wave with the flower put me in mind of kittens and frolicking with puppies and yeh. Here, you can have the part of my heart that's not occupied by Gwen. And I was wondering were the chaperone was, I mean, you don't just let two youngsters whom are supposed to be getting married in, like, three hours go off alone into the forest. Do you?

Uh, Bradley's mouth has been distracting me throughout the entire episode. I thought you should know.

OMG, KIDDIE SHOW, you don't make such comments/eyebrow waggle/gestures in a kiddie show!

Oh, Merlin, you creepy creeper. This time with added phallic imagery and references to length... ::refers to previous point::

Grunhilda: ... for the brawn ::gestures::

Colin Morgan, ILU, 'Oooh that is disgusting. Imag- imagine if she kissed you! Augh'. ::draws hearts all over him::

Yes! Morgana caught that! YES, SHE CAN HAS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT SHIT GOING ON AROUND HER THAT EVEN A BLIND MAN CAN SEE. Um, I kind of hate that I have to wonder what she will do with that...

Books! Research! Clappy hands!!!

Morgana, are you being mean for the sakes of it? Are the silly little lives of people who aren't you and their hopes and ambitions really that easily poked at just because they aren't your own pain and suffering? WTF? YOU DON'T MAKE MY GWEN CRY AND EXPECT TO RETAIN MY RESPECT. You just don't.

Arthur/Gwen Scene of Utter Angst happens and I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry. These two. They break my heart while making it twice it's size because all this emotions and honor and strength and and and. SUCH EPICNESS HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE, just sayin'. Also, Angel is my favoritest ever and Bradley is so right there with her. THEY HAD TEARS IN THEIR EYES AND THEIR BREAKING HEARTS WERE THERE FOR ALL TO SEE. ::clutches heart::

Okay, so. Merlin needs to stop killing/exploding/obliterating people, magic or otherwise, because the other day I got asked in class why was it okay for Merlin to let someone fall off a horse and into a broken neck, but they were not allowed to play with insects. How do you answer this question to a seven y-o?...

Okay, Merlin did have some sound advice to provide, which ARTHUR ASKED FOR AND LISTENED TO. Because they are friends and they both know it and are comfortable with it. Well, as comfy as Merlin's ever going to get without coming out and telling someone, ANYONE (Arthur or Gwen, I mean) about his magic.

Then Arthur breaks off the wedding because he doesn't love her and it's not right and she doesn't love him and it's not right. And he never knew about her pixiness which makes it even better because his motivations were entirely honorable and honest and Gwen-related. I respect this and am okay with Merlin going off to save the day by his semi-lonesome and not telling anybody about Elena's inner child pixie. Just because of this.

Then the stairs scene happened. I exploded with joy. THE CUTE, THE ADORABLE, THE ADORABLY CUTE. THE CUTE ADORABLE. THESE TWO! Gwen's little happy smile, Arthur's skip at the top of the stairs. I SHIP 'EM SO HARD, YOU GUYS. SO HARD.
Um, there. I hope you'll forgive the over-indulgence my CAPS LOCKING MY WAY THROUGH ALL OF THAT represents. I'm happy, I wanna shout it from the rooftops, but in lieu of any accessible one, caps lock will have to do.


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