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Why, find out that Captain Wow Mr. James is ready to start doing audio work.

Which is, of course, the reason why I've spent the entire afternoon with my headphones on. Please, do stop and notice the many adjectives used to describe his voice.


::is not changing beej tag to captain wow::

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Haven't forgotten about the Gratitude Project. Just been squeeing over Merlin busy with other stuff.

To catch up, here's a recap:

Friday. Green apples in my veggie tacos. Yes, oh god yes! Why didn't I think of this before? she wonders. Just, a world of YES.

Saturday. Bradley James' undiluted awesome led me, of course, to rewatch Labyrinth. And since I was reminiscing about the part of my childhood that was filled with awesomecakes, I also rented Neverending Story (the first one as the other two were kinda crappy). Lovely, lovely thing to do on a Saturday night, let me tell you. So, I guess I should thank both [personal profile] pandarus  for providing the original link and Mr James for providing the need to revisit  Great Moments of My Life?

Sunday. I got to crash for, like, seven uninterrupted hours, which is hugely amazing considering that for the last few days (as in nearly the entire week!) I'd only managed bouts of two to three hours of sleep. ::sigh:: Seven hours, y'all.

Monday. Well, I know it's not even properly begun yet, I mean, it's still dark outside and I haven't showered, but coffee was had and so NEW DAY, which means that I'm totally green-lighted to be thankful for The Inception Gender and Chromatic Switch Post. Because yes, this is also a world of yes.

Since we're on the topic, do you know what would be a great crossover? Inception/Fringe. Like, maybe a fusion, more than an actual crossover. I would read that.


9/11/10 22:19
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I mean, crap just got serious, didn't it?

In here, where I silently lose it. With utter delight. )

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~ On Wednesday I was deeply and profoundly grateful for Inception. I don't think I need to explain this.

~ On Tuesday I thanked my lucky starts that the groceries store opened early enough for me to go un-empty my fridge before school. And for lattes.

~ Today I'm ever so grateful to the person who called Bradley James a Lust Muffin. To his face. Uh, careful with that link, it's an interview and it's spolery as only Merlin folk know how to be. Still. Lust. Muffin. Man, I'd've paid gold to see Angel's face to that one (she was there as well).

I have a headache. I've had a headache for the better (or would that be the worse) part of the day, my stomach's been upset for the same amount of time. I want this bastard to go away before I go to bed, mostly because I won't be able to actually go to bed for realsies until the headache is gone. Please brain, stop acting out, thanks.

ETA: Found this link to the above mentioned Lust Muffin thing (it's now stuck in my head with capitals, yes). No spoilers other than Bradley's observational skills.

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Oh, Bradley James, how are you so awesome? why do you do this to me? why is the universe so large? what is the purpose of life?

As you can see, sixteen hours on a bus have not diminished one bit my natural urges for knowledge.

Folk, I adore that dude's dorkitude like I adore cake and kittens and freakin' trees, ok? don't judge me, you love him too.

He gets a tag for his coolness is on par with Ackles' and Quinto's. He shall be my squishy Beej, because I'm lame and tired atm.


Also, and possibly more importantly, I'm wearing my new Peanuts hoodie which I love because it's so cute. So. Cute.


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