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2010-11-27 04:51 am


Look what I woke up to find this morning on my dash

via jocastadevilleneuve @ Tumblr

Not even lj cutting it. [ profile] xxkezziexx did you see this????

Must. Relearn. To. Breathe.


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2010-11-23 06:07 am

sharing is caring

Stuff which I feel like sharing with you today.

Say, these quests are so high on the Second Hand Embarrassment Scale for me, but this one is actually kind of cute. Bradly is his usually ridiculous self with the humming and the forgetting names and the GIVING GWEN'S LAST NAME and the remembering names at the last moment. And Colin's FACE, you guise ♥ _ ♥

Bradly James. Subject: Merlin )

Still on Merlin you could at least try to look mildly shocked, people, there's some meta here by [ profile] selenak that articulates, rather nicely, the reasons why my idea of Morgana always differed so greatly from that of general fandom.

Further on Morgana, [ profile] zahrawithaz posits the reasons why Merlin telling her about his magic might not be the All-Mighty Fix-It-All some of us tend to think it would have been. I agree. Also check out her meta on privilege and power which is linked to at the beginning of the entry. Actually check out everything in that journal, yeah?

Still on the meta front, obligatory River/Eleven Feminist Manifesto, which lays down every single reason why River Song is a poem written for my particular brand of feminism.

Intelligent Design is a vid wherein there is no meta, per se, but there is Olivia Dunham shamelessly kicking ass and taking names. Which is a bit meta-y in and of itself. I would also recommend you check out [ profile] beccatoria's other entries on Fringe as they are meta-tastic and very well justified. Also she ships Peter/Alt!Olivia which I didn't think I did until she explained to me why I didn't think I did.

Sorry, the only pic of pretty for today will have to be this nebula which reminds me of why I fangirl the universe in such a hardcore way.
APOD-NGC 6357 )

Have a nice day, my loves!

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2010-11-14 11:31 am

Merlin ep 3.10

AKA the one that made my week be okay.

First off, this woman is a goddess

Queen Guinevere of Camlelot )

::sigh:: one day I'll be able to make one of these and NOT make it into a TESTAMENT. One day.

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2010-11-10 09:25 am

and just like that my day has been rendered incapable of productivity


Please, I advise caution when viewing this, there are scientific studies conducted by me on significant sample groups (me) that prove, without a doubt, the brain melting effect Bradley's chest hair and Angel's lips have on all those exposed to them for any length of time. Plus, here be manly pouts and tiny flowers in beautiful, curly hair.

Future Mr and Mrs GQMF Pendragon )

Clearly these two need to reproduce ASAP. And I need more coffee and possibly some fresh air if I ever want to regain proper higher brain functions.

Carry on, then.

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2010-11-08 02:27 pm

I just need this on my lj

I may be getting my fangirl credential revoked for this, but fuck it.

Jensen, babe, you're still hot like burning. I still lose my concentration whenever there's a close-up of your face on my screen. Your smile could still solve all our global warming problems by powering the entirety of the planet for a whole month.

But I've never seen you make out with anybody and look half as hot as

this. )

Again. Sorry Jensen. But Bradley's lower lip trumps everything and everyone, I do believe. Oh, man, it feels so amazing to have a canon pairing. HEARTS IN MY EYES, I TELL YOU.

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2010-10-23 10:20 pm



The Castle of Fyrien )

Oh show, do keep it up, yeah?

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2010-10-21 05:07 am

my ear aches.

Which is my cue to spend the night rolling around in bed, actually sleepy but unable to sleep because my ear aches something awful and the ear drops I went to the pharmacy for at three in the morning are doing nothing. Agh, don't want to have to go the emergency room, but might end up there if it doesn't let up.

Anyway. My Tumblr dashboard was invaded by the pretty gorgeousness that are the new promo pics for Merlin's episode 8 (warning: link leads to extreme beauty, including Morgana's sneaky bra strap and Gwen's curls).  Pics which, FINALLY, feature new Gwen/Coulby. As you can guess, I am over the moon with an earache. And so I share. Plus some more artsy stuff I happened upon.

Audrey Hepburn )

Gwen )

Pendragons-to-be )

Um, as I sit here drooling contemplating what this journal has become, I do wonder, when did I start doing this? (posting Tumblr finds, not the whole LJ experience), I want to say something profound about mixing my current major playgrounds and bringing unity to it all BUT MY EAR ACHES AND NOW THERE'S A BEEPING SOUND THAT WILL SURELY DRIVE ME FURTHER INSANE.

Fuck this, I'm off to the ER.

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2010-10-17 05:30 am

::still doesn't know the episode's title::

So, my notes. Which I took because I decided to be nerdy and organized and stuff.

the one wherein I love almost everyone )
Um, there. I hope you'll forgive the over-indulgence my CAPS LOCKING MY WAY THROUGH ALL OF THAT represents. I'm happy, I wanna shout it from the rooftops, but in lieu of any accessible one, caps lock will have to do.

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2010-10-07 05:04 am

a veces del viento

Today's happiness sources include, but aren't limited to (it's not even dawn yet, ppl) Venezuelan coffee which my grandmother sent me through convoluted, yet marvelously effective channels; a full night's sleep, wherein 'full night' is defined by five hours of uninterrupted slumber and the next links:

woodland wig )

Angel's lovely face )

Bradley's lifestyle choices )

And, for your auditory pleasure, to be alone with you by Sufjan Stevens

This be all, have a nice day, my loves!

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2010-10-01 10:06 pm

um... so, yeah.

One day I'll not make a point of pointing out to you how utterly fantastic I think Bradders is. Today, is not that day.

Because he has excellent penmanship and also uses phrases like 'the written form of the Merlin experience'. Also, his signature here is rather badass in the best of ways. Also love how loopy Katie's handwriting is.

On less interesting, but in no way less badass news, today I took a nap, right? and dreamed that I was some sort of sidekick to a heroine who looked suspiciously like La Jolie, and while I was not actually this heroine person, I got to uncover the trap, fool the nurse while Angie kicked ass and DRIVE THE GET AWAY CAR. Yup, even my subconscious thinks I'm a BAMF. And no, this is not a JD situation in which my inferiority complex leads me to be the sidekick and NOT the hero, because I GOT TO DRIVE THE GET AWAY CAR, and obviously only the most coolest of the Cool Sidekicks get to do that, so your arguments are invalid.

Good night, y'all.

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2010-09-25 03:59 pm

what does one do on a rainy saturday?

Why, find out that Captain Wow Mr. James is ready to start doing audio work.

Which is, of course, the reason why I've spent the entire afternoon with my headphones on. Please, do stop and notice the many adjectives used to describe his voice.


::is not changing beej tag to captain wow::

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2010-09-20 05:40 am

no idea what to put here

Haven't forgotten about the Gratitude Project. Just been squeeing over Merlin busy with other stuff.

To catch up, here's a recap:

Friday. Green apples in my veggie tacos. Yes, oh god yes! Why didn't I think of this before? she wonders. Just, a world of YES.

Saturday. Bradley James' undiluted awesome led me, of course, to rewatch Labyrinth. And since I was reminiscing about the part of my childhood that was filled with awesomecakes, I also rented Neverending Story (the first one as the other two were kinda crappy). Lovely, lovely thing to do on a Saturday night, let me tell you. So, I guess I should thank both [personal profile] pandarus  for providing the original link and Mr James for providing the need to revisit  Great Moments of My Life?

Sunday. I got to crash for, like, seven uninterrupted hours, which is hugely amazing considering that for the last few days (as in nearly the entire week!) I'd only managed bouts of two to three hours of sleep. ::sigh:: Seven hours, y'all.

Monday. Well, I know it's not even properly begun yet, I mean, it's still dark outside and I haven't showered, but coffee was had and so NEW DAY, which means that I'm totally green-lighted to be thankful for The Inception Gender and Chromatic Switch Post. Because yes, this is also a world of yes.

Since we're on the topic, do you know what would be a great crossover? Inception/Fringe. Like, maybe a fusion, more than an actual crossover. I would read that.

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2010-09-18 09:42 pm
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2010-09-11 10:19 pm



I mean, crap just got serious, didn't it?

In here, where I silently lose it. With utter delight. )

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2010-08-20 07:30 pm

things what I'm grateful for

~ On Wednesday I was deeply and profoundly grateful for Inception. I don't think I need to explain this.

~ On Tuesday I thanked my lucky starts that the groceries store opened early enough for me to go un-empty my fridge before school. And for lattes.

~ Today I'm ever so grateful to the person who called Bradley James a Lust Muffin. To his face. Uh, careful with that link, it's an interview and it's spolery as only Merlin folk know how to be. Still. Lust. Muffin. Man, I'd've paid gold to see Angel's face to that one (she was there as well).

I have a headache. I've had a headache for the better (or would that be the worse) part of the day, my stomach's been upset for the same amount of time. I want this bastard to go away before I go to bed, mostly because I won't be able to actually go to bed for realsies until the headache is gone. Please brain, stop acting out, thanks.

ETA: Found this link to the above mentioned Lust Muffin thing (it's now stuck in my head with capitals, yes). No spoilers other than Bradley's observational skills.

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2010-07-26 02:54 pm

I'm home, and this is what I'm doing.

Oh, Bradley James, how are you so awesome? why do you do this to me? why is the universe so large? what is the purpose of life?

As you can see, sixteen hours on a bus have not diminished one bit my natural urges for knowledge.

Folk, I adore that dude's dorkitude like I adore cake and kittens and freakin' trees, ok? don't judge me, you love him too.

He gets a tag for his coolness is on par with Ackles' and Quinto's. He shall be my squishy Beej, because I'm lame and tired atm.


Also, and possibly more importantly, I'm wearing my new Peanuts hoodie which I love because it's so cute. So. Cute.