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Jesus, you guys seen those recent pics of Angel? The ones where she's impossibly beautiful? I mean, like, MORE GORGEOUS than usual.

Yes, they are my happy place.

like, say, these ones )

Good morning, flist!


11/27/10 04:51
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Look what I woke up to find this morning on my dash

via jocastadevilleneuve @ Tumblr

Not even lj cutting it. [ profile] xxkezziexx did you see this????

Must. Relearn. To. Breathe.


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Please, I advise caution when viewing this, there are scientific studies conducted by me on significant sample groups (me) that prove, without a doubt, the brain melting effect Bradley's chest hair and Angel's lips have on all those exposed to them for any length of time. Plus, here be manly pouts and tiny flowers in beautiful, curly hair.

Future Mr and Mrs GQMF Pendragon )

Clearly these two need to reproduce ASAP. And I need more coffee and possibly some fresh air if I ever want to regain proper higher brain functions.

Carry on, then.

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I may be getting my fangirl credential revoked for this, but fuck it.

Jensen, babe, you're still hot like burning. I still lose my concentration whenever there's a close-up of your face on my screen. Your smile could still solve all our global warming problems by powering the entirety of the planet for a whole month.

But I've never seen you make out with anybody and look half as hot as

this. )

Again. Sorry Jensen. But Bradley's lower lip trumps everything and everyone, I do believe. Oh, man, it feels so amazing to have a canon pairing. HEARTS IN MY EYES, I TELL YOU.

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As promised, here be Cas' pick-me-up. Hope you like, bb! What am I talking about, of course you'll like it.

They're only eleven, but I still wouldn't recommend it in dial-up cases.

catch it while you can, is the feel good hit of the summer )

Well, darling, here's my two cents, hope they help somehow. ::blows kisses::
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There really isn't much of a reason for me to be posting right now beyond my new icon ::points to icon::

So I though I'd make it worth your while, thusly: pic spam of the manflesh variety!

Jeff )

Kane )

Viggo )

Tennant )
And where's Ackles? I hear you ask, he'll be up next, I just have too many pics of him and this requires time and thought... ::takes time and thinks:: Though, ironically enough, if there was a man to fit my new icon ::points to icon:: it would be him...


6/16/08 13:36
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Dear flist, I'm feeling magnanimous today. So here, have some Ackles.

867-5309 )

Have a nice day!
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Have you seen this? You've seen this. But I don't care, because LOOK AT THIS

I kind of love that shirt. Please goddess, let it be his shirt. And the boots, the boots man!

:: brain short-circuits::

Oh, David

1/2/08 17:49
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You know what's interesting? Possibly a 95% of the male population of the world would look ridiculous in a red velvet suit, but on David it kinda fits. Awesomely, may I add. Dare I compare David's suits with Jen's pink shirt? Think I just did ::shrugs::

::is still not giving Tennant his own tag, nope::

I feel kinda guilty, maybe a proper Jensen picspam is in order? ::thinky face::
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Ah, man. Good things have happened to me lately, so I thought I'd share the love. Thus: Picspam.

See, I'm not a shoe loving girl, I own (this is NOT a lie) four pairs of shoes, but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a man who knows how to work a good pair of Chucks. Or boots, whichever the case might be.

So, does anybody else share the, uh, kink/fetish/whatevercakes?


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