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After that giant fiasco I was dragged to (the one where Franco played the wonderful, amazing, unbearably useless Oz. Let's not talk about it) ages ago, the cinema and I had not been on the best of terms. There's only ONE in this town, it is accordingly expensive AND rarely shows the films I want to see, and if it does it's only for, like, a week which is not enough time for me to even find out that they are showing my coveted film...

Anyway, I finally got off my ass and went to see Thor 2, because IMAX. And Jane Foster. (And Loki, but shhhh)

Also, I totally called it on Erik's situation. Totally.

That aside made, I just wanted to know who WANTS TO COME SQUEE WITH ME ABOUT THOR 2? We can weep over Frigga's ridic fridging, too.

So, who's with me?

(wow. Most of my icons are Merlin-related. This account has been abandoned for so long, man. It's so out of date, I'm vaguely embarrassed, tbh)
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Look what I found! Trek 2012 is a go. According to Quinto, apparently.

Spent three hours with the BFF yesterday and I can't really remember the joke. It was one of those conversations where one thing ends up in another and so and so forth until you both wind up collapsed in the floor (I was in the floor, he was in the couch because he can aim, it seems) laughing your hearts out. And then we'd look at each other randomly and just laugh and laugh. Must have been a really good joke, man.

Either that or it was so bad my subconscious decided to save me the trouble and just went ahead and blocked the  memory altogether.

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Haven't forgotten about the Gratitude Project. Just been squeeing over Merlin busy with other stuff.

To catch up, here's a recap:

Friday. Green apples in my veggie tacos. Yes, oh god yes! Why didn't I think of this before? she wonders. Just, a world of YES.

Saturday. Bradley James' undiluted awesome led me, of course, to rewatch Labyrinth. And since I was reminiscing about the part of my childhood that was filled with awesomecakes, I also rented Neverending Story (the first one as the other two were kinda crappy). Lovely, lovely thing to do on a Saturday night, let me tell you. So, I guess I should thank both [personal profile] pandarus  for providing the original link and Mr James for providing the need to revisit  Great Moments of My Life?

Sunday. I got to crash for, like, seven uninterrupted hours, which is hugely amazing considering that for the last few days (as in nearly the entire week!) I'd only managed bouts of two to three hours of sleep. ::sigh:: Seven hours, y'all.

Monday. Well, I know it's not even properly begun yet, I mean, it's still dark outside and I haven't showered, but coffee was had and so NEW DAY, which means that I'm totally green-lighted to be thankful for The Inception Gender and Chromatic Switch Post. Because yes, this is also a world of yes.

Since we're on the topic, do you know what would be a great crossover? Inception/Fringe. Like, maybe a fusion, more than an actual crossover. I would read that.

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So, on the subject of Sherlock Holmes I have an issue/question/different point of view )

So, what gives? What was your experience in this respect?
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No, really. Take a guess.

Well, ST of course.

RECS! Because I'm generous and stuff. Also, I feel my life is more complete after having read this stuff, which means I'm likely to smile more often simply by remembering bits and ends. Now, assume one of this memories jumps on the passenger seat while I'm walking down the street, assume now that the inevitable smile that takes over my face, somehow, gets passed on to somebody else and, for a little while at least, their day is that tad bit brighter.  Isn't that a nice assumption?


Y'all bow to me, now.

The following are PG, so, safe for everyone and their dogs.

Only the Good Die Young by [ profile] _seven_crows  Chekov being adorable. Also, Kirk makes sound effects, there are discussions about naked singularities, Spock takes on responsibilities that may not be quite as suited to him as originally thought. Much fun is had by all. Unless you're Chekov.

Four Consequences of the Unexpected and Unlikely Friendship Between James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura
by[ profile] trisfic  Laugh. Out. Loud. And then some. It is slightly terrifying because, zomg should this two ever become this awesomely BFFs the galaxy should tremble. There's some poetry involved, as well.

The Enterprise: of Warp Barriers, Captains, and Other Scary Things by [ profile] karanguni  some more Chekov being generally awesome, and Kirk being all-around trouble. Also featuring Spock figuring stuff out in a heart beat and being appropriately stoic about it.

A Fucking Space Opera (or Six Characters Who Didn't Board The USS Enterprise)
by [ profile] oxoniensis  Fandoms crossover ahoy! Sam and Dean are in it too.

Captain Awesome and His Amazing Enterprise by [ profile] vaingirlfic  they are in a rock band. High School AU but that's not the point, the point is: THEY ARE IN A BAND. Surprisingly? not as cracky as the premise suggests. Still, tremendously hilarious because, get this, they are in a band.

People Who Repair Quantums, or Five Planets the Enterprise Never Visited by [ profile] ignipes  This one is possibly my favorite so far. Every single piece is perfect and also? it features fandoms that I've been known to fangirl pretty hardcore. Kind of taylor-made, if you will.

Um. This is it. For now. I have to go categorize and track down put in one single place all the others I want the world to see (again, most likely). If you've already read these ones, well then go read again because they are just. That. Good.


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Dear Flist.

Your Star Trek fics, I wants them. Pimp 'em out. Even if they're not yours but you feel the world is more complete because they exist. Or, y'know, you just like them.

In short: gimme Star Trek ficcage y'all!

Much love, Me.

P.S.: ST icon pimpage is also strongly encouraged.
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Okay, so I know you've all seen it by now (and if you haven't dude, Gollum was better informed of the world outside, I mean even I had seen it, so.) but it's one of those things you (I) want to put on repeat till the cows come home.

::thrums with excitement:: Cannot. Wait.
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Apparently there's a new Dune movie confirmed, now this will either be fantastically marvelous or tremendously painful. Whichever way it goes, it's gonna be epic.

Not sure how I feel about this. I need to know who's gonna script it, direct it and such. Until then...

ETA: um, yeah, the article actually says Peter Berg will be directing it, but I still need to know who's gonna write the script and who's gonna play Leto Atreides, yis.
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Children of Men….
Just saw it. And oh God, that was touching. I actually sobbed there. Alfonso Cuarón plus Clive Owen should be a chemical formula, a mathematical equation, a physics postulate. Really.

It was beautiful, made me laugh, made me cry, made me think. It's a real work of art.
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1. Saw 300, got slashy thoughts...  I am not a slasher, that slashy the movie is. All in all, the great knowledge I came out with was: a.) spartans worked out like whoa; b.) Props to special effects unit. Really; c.) I like movies with aesthetic beauty (I don't mean the male population displayed... only), the planes, the colors, the saturation, the effects. Dudes, I swear that fying head? classy. S'all I'm sayin'; d.) I cannot remember that Faramir guy's name! its killing me, but I refuse to go to Imbd.; e.) everywhere is appropriate for flirting. Even a huge pile of dead guys. 'Cuz they're manly men, they so can flirt with each other in front a stinking pile of recently slaughtered men. 

2. This one is for [personal profile] silver_spotted, because I am incredibly awesome like that, so I sacrificed myself for ya girl. I had to go through so, so many pics of the man to come up with the one, really, I might go blind after such an exposure to all that light.



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