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So, my feelings on the show in general for a bit (half-last season through this last one, at least) have been lukewarm at best and it's mostly Jensen's shoulders that keep me coming back.

that said... )

Can someone explain to me why this was a two-parter?

Um, tho, there was this wee bit that may fall into place with this fic I'm writing for Thursday because she prompts weird stuff... it worries me when my thinking falls in semi-line with that of the people running this show.

Hey, check it! THE WORLD IS STILL HERE. Shocking, right? Maybe the Winchesters managed to prevent this one? For a change?
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so, who's the brave soul that's gonna explain this whole Rapture business to me?

Whomever it is, though, remember there is no better time than the present time, since apparently there'll be no more present time, or something.

Whatever, if you need me, I shall be spending my possibly remaining time getting plastered and getting Arthur and Gwen laid for the last time(s).
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Bro: Hey, listen, uh. I can drop by in a couple hours to pick the box up, yeah?
Me: Well, if you can swing such a miracle.
Bro: Huh? What're you...? Wrong number, then.
Me: Yup.
Bro: Shit.

This happens more often than I feel comfortable admitting to. On both ends.

Ugh, my schedule this semester sucks loudly. Classes from 4 to 11 pm. Work from 8 to 11.30 am. And in between, LIFE. Jeez.

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32 hours of travelling later, I'm not unpacking. Or eating, or sleeping or doing anything particularly productive because I figured out how to use internet with Windows 7 even though my modem is for XP... I is so bloody cool I can totally sit here and gloat while doing nothing else but.

::gloats profusely::

Gosh, I'm tired. BUT already went to the supermarket and it seems that the acquisition of foodstuffs trumps access to internet, this is what I learned today, so it's not like the entire day was wasted. I also bought some arabian coffee which is supposed to be interesting because it has cardamom and I love cardamom so the conclusion that this coffee would also be loved was jumped into by yours truly, let cha know how that works out.

I'mma go now and gloat on the floor of my own place. Naked. Eating chocolate BECAUSE NO ONE CAN SEE ME AS I AM BACK TO MY SOLITUDE.
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This time with actual self-restraint. Kinda )

Uh, gotta run now, but I still have thoughts on Morgana (whom I think was actually sympathetic here), Morgause  and what didn't quite work for me when I get back. Besides, this is long enough already... ::headdesk::

ETA: I have decided that I'm not eloquent enough to articulate my feelings about Morgana and so I'll point you in the direction of [ profile] selenak's reaction post in which she says everything I wanted to say with 100% less rambly incoherence and 110% more accuracy than I could ever manage.

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Stuff which I feel like sharing with you today.

Say, these quests are so high on the Second Hand Embarrassment Scale for me, but this one is actually kind of cute. Bradly is his usually ridiculous self with the humming and the forgetting names and the GIVING GWEN'S LAST NAME and the remembering names at the last moment. And Colin's FACE, you guise ♥ _ ♥

Bradly James. Subject: Merlin )

Still on Merlin you could at least try to look mildly shocked, people, there's some meta here by [ profile] selenak that articulates, rather nicely, the reasons why my idea of Morgana always differed so greatly from that of general fandom.

Further on Morgana, [ profile] zahrawithaz posits the reasons why Merlin telling her about his magic might not be the All-Mighty Fix-It-All some of us tend to think it would have been. I agree. Also check out her meta on privilege and power which is linked to at the beginning of the entry. Actually check out everything in that journal, yeah?

Still on the meta front, obligatory River/Eleven Feminist Manifesto, which lays down every single reason why River Song is a poem written for my particular brand of feminism.

Intelligent Design is a vid wherein there is no meta, per se, but there is Olivia Dunham shamelessly kicking ass and taking names. Which is a bit meta-y in and of itself. I would also recommend you check out [ profile] beccatoria's other entries on Fringe as they are meta-tastic and very well justified. Also she ships Peter/Alt!Olivia which I didn't think I did until she explained to me why I didn't think I did.

Sorry, the only pic of pretty for today will have to be this nebula which reminds me of why I fangirl the universe in such a hardcore way.
APOD-NGC 6357 )

Have a nice day, my loves!

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I wonder how did I ever manage to go through life without Tumblr. It's one of those mysteries that might never be solved.

This person may be on the right track, if owning my heart is the goal.

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Things to be grateful for:

Saturday: Green tea with a splash of orange juice. Smooth Heaven, I call it.

Sunday: William Gibson's Bridge Trilogy suddenly sneaking its way into my peripheral vision at a second-hand books store. No need to explain the wonderful hours I've spent basking in his ability to bullseye words and metaphors, now do I? Miss Molly Millions fiercely, but I'm making do.

Monday: I had this really crazy crossover idea while in the shower, as one does. It involves (wait for it...) Merlin and (wait some more...) Inception. Uther would be the Cobb-like character, naturally. Arthur would be the point man and general badass of surprising depths of competence (and emotion, him being him and all). Gwen would be the architect because she would so love the whole creation part, and she'd also be the heart of the team while remaining quietly badass in her own adorable mixture of fumbly unflappability (say that three times fast). Morgana would be the forger, and when Uther went to get her from wherever it is she took off to, he'd have to use Arthur's name because she's loyal to her (maybe) half-brother in a way she could never be to her (maybe not) father, because this particular relationship is seriously complicated and she'd rather do without. But Arthur is her bro and she'll fight the ocean if it seems to be encroaching on him ::has her very own cannon::. And Merlin, as Gaius' apprentice, would be the chemist who would also double as the wildcard (otherwise known as the tourist) who gets things done when all the others got their hands full, and as such is essential for the team's completeness.

I don't think I'll be writing this one, though. Or if I do, it won't be any time soon. Idek. Merlin's eating my brain. I also cooked up this one scenario where Greek mythology met Dune and converged on Merlin... I would get me a new distraction but season 3 is fast approaching and so it would be an exercise in futility. Oh, well.

Tuesday: This one, yes. This morning I woke up to find in my inbox the visual of Kat's fist knocking a certain asshole's lights out, which made my day very early. I suspect this will continue to provide glee for a long while, as these things go. Thank you Kat, ILU SO MUCH!

As well as I love very muchly the rest of the perfectly fantastic ladies who've made me disregard my 'oh shit!' moment upon realizing I'd forgotten to block the comments on that last post as I intended to. Screw that, y'all rock and make me smile so hard. Come now, group hug ::hugs you all::
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Yesterday I woke up to this Doctor/River shipper manifesto over at [ profile] het_reccers . Which is wonderful and glittery, not to mention the fact that short fic means that I get to read each and every one of them before even heading out to face the world. Clearly the rest of my day was colored by the knowledge that this precious little gems existed and were, somehow, a part of my life now that I'd swam in those waters. Seriously. All of the recs in there are perfect, delicate things that sent my heart a-fluttering with their well-aimed punches to the gut. It's like having autumn for a second time in the same year.

Today, after watching Inception for a second time yesterday, I came looking for fic and remembered [ profile] vinylroad   had written something which I'd mentally bookmarked in order to get to it after I'd seen the movie. Haven't read it yet, but mostly because I found a previous post of hers where there are, guess what, RECS OF FICS FOR PAIRINGS I SORT OF MADLY SHIP. So, there. Maybe today will be just as glorious (albeit in a different way, I guess, since I'll likely not be asking myself WWRSD, but WWAD [wherein 'A' stands for either Ariadne and/or Arthur, such versatility!], right?) as yesterday simply because I started with the right foot.

Bonus gratefulness for the chance to read Ursula K. LeGuin before bed last night and first thing in the morning today as I had my breakfast. GLORY, I say.
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Yesterday I was entirely too grateful (is there such a thing as too grateful?) for green apples, for they are tart, juicy, crunchy paradise, I am convinced. Yes.

Today I'm very, very grateful for holidays-I've-yet-to-memorize. Today, Monday, we're celebrating (one day ahead, mind) either the death or the birth of San Martin here in Argentina, I, being the awful little person I can be, have not actually bothered looking up which one exactly, nor have I bothered learning historical stuff of relevance about this country even though I've been consuming it's resources for about six years now.

All of this, however, does not prevent me from being grateful for the extra day of laziness. I think you'll agree.

P.S.: the death, we're celebrating his death. Or should that be honoring his death by not concerning ourselves with the vagaries of normal weekdays?

Also commas. I love commas and am always grateful for them.


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