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One day I'll not make a point of pointing out to you how utterly fantastic I think Bradders is. Today, is not that day.

Because he has excellent penmanship and also uses phrases like 'the written form of the Merlin experience'. Also, his signature here is rather badass in the best of ways. Also love how loopy Katie's handwriting is.

On less interesting, but in no way less badass news, today I took a nap, right? and dreamed that I was some sort of sidekick to a heroine who looked suspiciously like La Jolie, and while I was not actually this heroine person, I got to uncover the trap, fool the nurse while Angie kicked ass and DRIVE THE GET AWAY CAR. Yup, even my subconscious thinks I'm a BAMF. And no, this is not a JD situation in which my inferiority complex leads me to be the sidekick and NOT the hero, because I GOT TO DRIVE THE GET AWAY CAR, and obviously only the most coolest of the Cool Sidekicks get to do that, so your arguments are invalid.

Good night, y'all.


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