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Which doesn't, in the middle of it, become about someone else's daddy issues. Yes, To Kill the King, I'm looking your way.

So, the utter epic awesomeness of this ep completely obliterated my lingering despondent feelings after watching Supernatural this morning. For this alone it deserves recognition. Now, onto the notes which I took while pausing obsessively on Gwen's or Arthur's faces watching.

~Five seconds in and we already have a Smirk Of Evol, from Morgana. Which is, as you know, the visual cue that this'll be an episode in which she'll be evil. Director's clever like that, dropping hints from early on for the attentive viewers to catch on to. Wink wink nudge nudge.
~Gwen goes for the fire poker, because damn if she's not putting up a fight. Of sorts.
~TWO SMIRKS. It...hurts already.
~Guinevere sounds creepy when he says it. MAKE IT BETTER ARTHUR.
~Arthur is a silly boy who knocks himself out (he totes thought the cloth had Gwen's perfume, you guize), Merlin is a silly boy who uses magic willy-nilly because he knows Arthur's a silly boy who NEVER WONDERS WHERE THE CHAIR CAME FROM.
~I love how 'Morgana' has replaced 'SORCERY' where Uther is concerned.
~Arthur + Gwen. Riding side by side. Bonding with dopey faces. Joking. Merlin grinning his little heart out at them. Awwww, show! Thank you for this moment.
~Also, Merlin will come out of this one with a serious case of wrecked nerves. Or downright bipolarity.
~The Merlin + Morgana combo was equally magnificent (though not as cute and heartwarming), 'No, you just poison them'. I love this because they both had valid points, and we can see all the little places where things went wrong for Morgana.
~MOAR ARTHUR + GWEN = SILLY GRIN ON MY FACE. She said the L word, omgomgomgomg ::hyperventilates:: and there were looks and further bonding and more looks and she lit the fire and is a blacksmith's daughter and he's completely besotted. But the important part of this moment is the fire because it's a camp fire and so I HAVE NOT BEEN JOSSED. Ha!
~Merlin: ::tries to derail conversation:: beans? ::offers them around::
Morgana's glare: DARE, I DARE YOU TO DARE.
Merlin: ::resigns himself::
~Wait. There's only four of them and still she gets away. I'd have thought they'd put up a guard or something, these forests being so dangerous and scary and stuff.
~More magic jewelry. Because the only way Morgana can ever do magic is accidentally, it seems. ::is annoyed::
~CGI snake! I see you thar.
~Hullo recycled skeletons. Hi Arthur tossing the torch to Gwen. Hello Gwen and Merlin swinging your torches to the bad guys. FU dude who's got on my shit list for putting a sword to GWEN'S NECK.
~Loved Cenred's little bow.
~'Yes, Elyan. Prince Arthur of Camelot' ILU Angel, you're the bestest and ILU. Also, Gwen cannot lie and Elyan is a speedy one (as in, not self-centered as certain Mistress and certain King) and catches on in a heartbeat and then is happy for his sis.
~And then there is Elyan + Gwen being siblings and annoying each other and being all adorable and slightly petty. My heart, show, you can has it.
~Corollary to that, um, how is it that this show keeps on casting these really great actors, has such a strong main cast and Katie McGrath is still (imho) overacting the fuck out of it whenever possible? I would have thought that three years later, she'd have pick up a thing or two from fellow cast members. I mean, yes there are moments when they're all kind of sketchy (except for ASH and Angel and Colin, those three always hit the right notes), but none as consistently as Katie. /possibly unpopular opinion. Also, do notice that I adore Katie and Morgana, just not always when put together...
~'Wonders never cease' Heeee! Also BAMF Arthur is a BAMF who hangs from the MF ceiling and drops on the silly guards who thought they'd barge in, kicking doors and pretending to be fierce and stuff. Pfft.
~See, Merlin too can think up sound plans. And help Arthur make an entrance while still not marveling at how convenient it was that those pants dropped right then.
~The sisters' are holding hands and my heart is swelling because Morgana NEEDS HUGS, ppl! Except when she's mean to Gwen, then she gets no cookie. Neither when she dismisses Arthur so quickly, that one hurt just as much.
~Cenred, stop glowering like that, YOU'RE SCARING THE CHILDREN... Oh wait. Carry on, then.
~SEVEN SMIRKS. This has, officially, reached ridiculous levels of ridiculousness. Srsly, be done with the smirking.
~Arthur, love, that sword is really not going to keep that wall of fire away, you know.
~A gazillion rocks fall on them and nobody dies! Because what are rocks to the hardships of medieval life? Those bodies are used to tougher shit, man!
~So Elyan and Merlin get to share a horse, while Arthur gets to share his idealism/naivete with the rest of the class.
~Eeeee, Elyan can swordfight and impress Arthur and be modest about it!. Also we get to keep him. Yes!
~Arthur's lip bite is distracting me ::pauses, takes a moment:: Gwen stealing dresses gets him all hot and bothered, and I approve of it. Because she has initiative and forethought and he likes this.
~OMG! Now they've both said the L Word. To each other. In the same episode. With a minimum of angst. I have died and gone to heaven, there really is no other explanation for it. ::bites fist::

Assorted thoughts include: Elyan and Gwen meeting, hugging and rocking back and forth. Cenred being forthright with his motivations and Morgause being none-too subtle while requesting what she wants, ahem. Arthur suggesting a threesome talking about the three of us to the the other two OT3 OT3 OT3 OT3 OT3. Gwen + Merlin = BFF (cue dolphin noises on my end). Morgana can has scathing words for Cenred and a shared little moment with the sis. Arthur can get his RAGE on when his friends are threatened. Morgana can has conveniently hurt ankle as an excuse to stay and check on Morgause. Arthur can has further BAMF moments. Gwen + Elyan = bickering siblings who talk about shit and have moments of comfort and mutual annoyance. Arthur and Gwen get to almost kiss after confessions and smoldering looks. Sibling dynamics get to exemplified through more than one relationship (also Morgs and Arty totes played pranks on each other while growing up, it's practically cannon). Merlin gets to learn the difference between not leaving Arthur alone with some girl and leaving Arthur alone with Gwen. Arthur, also can has strategic knowledge of enemy fortresses and planning abilities which would have actually been useful, you know, had he just gone there to have a threesome it been just the OT3

Um, I think this is it? I'm tired and hungry, so it'll have to do. Will cap it off with a major SQUEE!FACE tho. Just to make sure you got HOW HAPPY THIS EPISODE HAS MADE ME. VERY HAPPY.

Oh show, do keep it up, yeah?

Date: 10/24/10 12:54 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Merlin gets to learn the difference between not leaving Arthur alone with some girl and leaving Arthur alone with Gwen.

HAHA. This!

Arthur, also can has strategic knowledge of enemy fortresses and planning abilities which would have actually been useful,

Sometimes they write Arthur as so silly and dumb, then you realise that as silly as he is about life outside of fighting, he is really a pretty smart warrior prince.

Date: 10/24/10 13:29 (UTC)
penandnotebook: (y canto canciones de amor y furia)
From: [personal profile] penandnotebook
Important Life Lessons are important for Merlin's chances of avoiding the stocks in the future ::nods::

he is really a pretty smart warrior prince

Which makes perfect sense since this is all the world he knew and, sadly, pretty much the only value he perceives (perceived?) himself as having to his father and his future subjects. It is always a treat when he's all competent and clever, yanno?


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