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Me: defo my OTP.
Her:, Orgasmic Tipping Point?
Me: ♥ _ ♥ not before you called it that.

Also tagged: CANNOT UNSEE (in a good way).

OT: anybody know if there is a way to disabilitate Windows 7's little pop-up lock thing-y that ANNOYS THE HELL OUT ME whenever the capslock key is pressed? It's taken it upon itself to keep me from writing until it's gone, used to be I could ignore it and carry on happily even if it was still there getting in the way. BE GONE YE EFFER.
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Phone rings, I pick it up. It's the BFF.

Me: hey!
Him: wassup? wanna come over and play video games with me?
Me: you're home? On a Sunday? Don't you have some socializing to get done?
Him: Nah, the sister's not home so I thought I'd enjoy the place all by myself?
Me: which explains the invite to play video games. Is this your subtle way of asking me to drop by the bakery and bring you some kind of tooth destroyer or another?
Him: ...there's a spider on the ceiling.
Me. I see.

He hates spiders.

Him: can you come over and get rid of it? My sister's not around, did I mention that?
Me: dude, spiders are little things you can shoo out of places, you don't even have to splat them or anything.
Him: you mean as opposed to maggots that must be squished to death by your abnegated friend or else you'll start crying?
Me: shut up, that was low. Wait for me downstairs and I'm not dropping by the bakery, just so you know.

I'm leaving now, there might be some ice cream in my future. For the record, maggots are gross, spiders are merely many-legged.
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thoughts on merlin  )
Tomorrow there'll be more, I promise. I took notes while watching and they will NOT GO TO WASTE, dammit. In the meantime ::points above:: AM I RITE?

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One day I'll not make a point of pointing out to you how utterly fantastic I think Bradders is. Today, is not that day.

Because he has excellent penmanship and also uses phrases like 'the written form of the Merlin experience'. Also, his signature here is rather badass in the best of ways. Also love how loopy Katie's handwriting is.

On less interesting, but in no way less badass news, today I took a nap, right? and dreamed that I was some sort of sidekick to a heroine who looked suspiciously like La Jolie, and while I was not actually this heroine person, I got to uncover the trap, fool the nurse while Angie kicked ass and DRIVE THE GET AWAY CAR. Yup, even my subconscious thinks I'm a BAMF. And no, this is not a JD situation in which my inferiority complex leads me to be the sidekick and NOT the hero, because I GOT TO DRIVE THE GET AWAY CAR, and obviously only the most coolest of the Cool Sidekicks get to do that, so your arguments are invalid.

Good night, y'all.

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I did not hate this episode, in fact I quite enjoyed it  )

So, that's as far as we go with Merlin, Supernatural, on the other hand, will have to wait until I can get around to rewatch it before any comment can be made about it, though I guess my general lack of comment so far says something about my opinion on the matter, which is not negative btw, just not properly formed yet. Which is odd. ::scratches head::

Fringe. You guys, I have nothing to say about Fringe other than OLIVIA DUNHAM IS A TRUMP CARD NO MATTER WHAT UNIVERSE YOU'RE IN. For she is another one of those women who's awesome cannot be denied since the evidence of it is just way too compelling and abundant. And also not spoilery hence the lack of a cut. So there.
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Still alive. Tired as hell since my insomnia is back and is taking revenge for all the rain checks I've given it. It sucks pretty massively.

However, sleepless nights mean hours thralling through YouTube in the quest for soul nourishment.

Like, for example, Corinne Bailey Rae doing a cover of Led Zeppelin and The Raconteurs. My soul, you guys, it is hers. This item totally falls into the "Things I Am Grateful For" folder of my life.

Other things that belong in that folder:

* Fic. I've been up at all hours of the night reading fic which is always a plus (if you're going to be awake, anyway). And so, a rec: What Grew Inside Who, by [ profile] imigination. It's Alice through the looking glass all Camelot style, which is what it reminds me of, maybe because I've never gotten around to Lost in Austen?. Be that as it may, it's excellent and I've read it twice already (because of the wide-open state of my eyes, you see).

*Um, I've sworn off coffee for the time being, it never really had an exciting effect on me, but just in case. Besides, awake and jittery is no way to go through life. No coffee means a whole lot of tea though, which is always, always a Good Thing. Especially this Argentinian blend variety I just discovered, if you can get your hands on some, do.

*Got my hair cut, all shoulder-length and no-need-to-comb-it. It is wonderful. Because I don't need to comb it.
L: so basically, your comb has become redundant in your life.
Me: This is like finding the Holy Grail!

*My kids had a cooking project, right? and they decided to make muffins (I was secretly hoping for them to pop Bradley James out of the oven, or something. I believe in magic, ok?). Which they then thought to bring over to the rest of the staff so that we could all enjoy the fruits of their labor. Not a single one was properly done, but that was okay because it meant we got to stuff our faces with icing. Much fun was had by all.

So, flist. How goes it?


9/11/10 22:19
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I mean, crap just got serious, didn't it?

In here, where I silently lose it. With utter delight. )

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~ On Wednesday I was deeply and profoundly grateful for Inception. I don't think I need to explain this.

~ On Tuesday I thanked my lucky starts that the groceries store opened early enough for me to go un-empty my fridge before school. And for lattes.

~ Today I'm ever so grateful to the person who called Bradley James a Lust Muffin. To his face. Uh, careful with that link, it's an interview and it's spolery as only Merlin folk know how to be. Still. Lust. Muffin. Man, I'd've paid gold to see Angel's face to that one (she was there as well).

I have a headache. I've had a headache for the better (or would that be the worse) part of the day, my stomach's been upset for the same amount of time. I want this bastard to go away before I go to bed, mostly because I won't be able to actually go to bed for realsies until the headache is gone. Please brain, stop acting out, thanks.

ETA: Found this link to the above mentioned Lust Muffin thing (it's now stuck in my head with capitals, yes). No spoilers other than Bradley's observational skills.


7/4/10 09:01
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I've spent the second half of this week with my mental calendar on one day behind. So technically, to me, today is Saturday.

This, of course, explains how come the school next door did not have class yesterday. It's like I live under a rock or something...
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So, it's just hit me, and entire season has gone by without me publicizing to the internets how squeeful I get whenever Eleven is on my screen.

Shame on me.

let's rectify that )

Ahem, yes. Today should be interesting. England at 11 am (heee Eleven, should I take this as a sign?) local time and then Argentina at 15.30. Seems like this Sunday is shaping up to be a Very Emotional Day for me.

Things what I've been doing: counting how many books I've read so far this year. Grand total: 47. Idek. Apparently I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE. School books not included, which is sad. So, recs to come because some of them have been truly outstanding.
Uh, disclaimer: not all of these were door stoppers, guys. Some where very short (ish) and in ebook format which makes reading them while eating and ignoring the phone rather easier. Also I have four forty-five minutes long bus rides to clock in every day so... there's the time.


Wow, I'm posting...


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